zaterdag, december 01, 2007


hi girls
Well thursday was a sad day, don't wanna tell too much about it just that I cried like a baby (that happens every now and then I guess). I decided I could be sad that day and should be back on my feet again the next day. And I did. The only thing left to say about this is: you will be missed.

So yesterdaymorning I got up, took a shower, took my meds just in case, put on some nice clothes and make up and went out. It was hard but I did it anyway, still trying to concer fear. I managed well I must say! I bought some clothes, shoes, and visited a befriended pharmasist and we tried out samples, perfumes etc, that did me good! I got a lot of samples and took them home and tried them ofcourse!
I was still on the shoe-hunt for my weddingshoes but couldn't find them but there was 1 shop left here in this small village so when Igor got home, and my sushi was ready, we went to that shop! Also not the right shoes so hopefully I will be able to go to Amersfoort next week and find them! I also bought some christmasgifts and ofcourse wrappingpaper!

Igor will be 30 soon and I thought this couldn't be "just" another birthday so I am trying to arrange different things, everybody is helping out and I love it! He will be so surprised (he's not reading my blog only if I ask him). I talked a lot on the phone yesterday to family and friends and that also strengthened me!

And today! I don't have to do anything but vacuumclean! So I watched a dvd (woke up at 6 am) and took care of the pets! Love to do that so they are spoiled rotten again! Now I am hungry again so I will dig in to my "stash" of sushi!!!
Have a great weekend!

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~Nancy~ zei

Hang in there girl! Hope you'll be feeling a little better soon.. and it's not bad at all to be sad and cry like a baby!!! XOXO

Anoniem zei

It's a shame that people have to react this way, acting without thinking of the consequences,but keep your head up girl, now you know who your true friends are!
Count me in!
I really hope things will still work out girlie.

angel zei

thnx girls!
I am really ok, too bad things happen but can't let it ruin my every day life and fun towards the wedding ofcourse! It's sad it happened but can't change it.
Got company this afternoon, we're off scrapping now!!!