zaterdag, december 29, 2007

My favorite photo's of 2007

Ok here are my fave's of 2007, well actually they are only pics that I took.

Do you feel that this time of year it's all about thinking? I have been thinking a lot the past few days about this past year, and what I want and wish for next year, how to achieve that, making new years resolutions but not the standard kind like "losing weight" (although I wouldn't mind) or exercise more (I know I should) but really like goals or achievements. Please tell me yours?!


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Sarah C. zei

Gorgeous photos! I especially like the cat ones. :) I'm with you on the wt. loss & exercise more. Also, I'd like to focus on my scrapbooking more. It's such a relaxing, de-stressing activity for me that sometimes gets shoved aside for everything else I *have* to do. Yet, I need that time to rejuvenate myself.

china59 zei

Wow ! these pics are beautiful ! The cats, the forest pics...gorgeous !

melissa zei

cute pics!

I was just thinking about the same thing..I think my goals for this year will be-
1.take tennis lessons
2.take time to relax/"me time"
4.go on at least one vacation
5.focus on furthering my knowledge in my career

Tonya zei

Love the cat pics.

Debbi zei

I totally love the littel Gecko lizard guy. He's all cute and snuggly. I do not usually do new years resolutions as I tend to break them and that just frustrates me.

:: gingerkitty :: zei

LOVE LOVE LOVE CATS!!! I have been to the Netherlands, Actually I love it there. I just went to Amsterdam for the museums. I love Vondelpark (did I spell that right?) An amazing country what I saw from the train. You are so LUCKy to have a home, pets, a garden, and a (soon) husband. YOU ROCK! Bless you.

jp zei

Great photos! Love the kitty faces! And I also feel retrospective at this time of year...I think a lot about what I've done and want to do for the year ahead. Still working on that.

Happy New Year!