woensdag, juli 29, 2009

Pixie Canvas

And again a post from me showing off my pretty girl, well actually a picture I scrapped about her! This is a canvas I made that I will hang in her room on a big empty wall! I made this already when I was pregnant but couldn't show it because her name was on it already!!
So yesterday I picked up an order of pictures and today I finished the canvas. Isn't it cute? Ok I am still madly in love as you can probably tell ;-)
Thanks for looking

(click on it for bigger picture/view details)

dinsdag, juli 28, 2009

Scrapping and baby

Hey Hello!
Look at this face! Isn't she lovely?! I am so happy to be her mommy and so proud!
* Enjoy her little face and expressions when she sleeps;
* Love it when she falls asleep on my chest;
* Love her little smiles eventhough it's by accident;
* Love it to nurse her and looking at her;
* Love it to look in her eyes when she's wide awake;
* Love showing her off;
* Love dressing her up pretty, bathe her;
* Love shower together with you, as do you!!!
* Love overloading you and your little cheeks with 100.000 little kisses;
* LOVE being a MOMMY

Today we went to Doorn to Paper and Pictures to buy a little scrapstuff for me to make an album about Pixie, got 100.000 ideas. This is what I bought. I love the new Basic Grey Lemonade line! I found this magazine of simple scrapbooking about making mini's in 1 evening. I really would like to learn that as I usually take more than a week to finish it!! I really found some useful tips in this one and got great ideas!

Well again this is it for now!! Wishing you a good night!!

zaterdag, juli 25, 2009

Presents, loads of them!!

Hello again,
Wow Pixie is getting so spoiled! We got loads of gifts already (will show them later on) but these 2 we got the last few days. The package are 6 onesies that we got from my uncle from Curaçao and the other one from Ans, a sweet friend, such cute stuff don't you think?

Then I made gifts too! A little bragbook kind of thing for the grandparents. I already made the books when I was pregnant (in week 38 I think) but couldn't show them ofcourse since the babys name was on it and the parents couldn't see it yet. We will give them tomorrow but I am not afraid they'll see it before that as they never visit my blog anyway ;-) I saw this book on 2peas and loved it so much I lifted it as I totally lacked of inspiration back then!

Today was another day home alone for me as Igor is out for the day. I managed pretty well actually! I went for a walk with Pixie in the sunshine to the petstore and also buy some new cartridges. That was a big walk for me and I was so tired when I got home! Also little lady decided to keep us up til 1.45 am!! So I took a nap with her at noon! Lazy mommy right?
Well off to do some household before daddy comes home ;-)

ps before I forget, look at our little cutie naked ones, they are not so little anymore!!! I love these funny photos of them. The one with both of them on it is just before their bath! Dirty little funnies!

vrijdag, juli 24, 2009

Some pics to share

So I have some time to myself every now and then in between nursing and cleaning and resting! I started processing the pics I made of Pixie, which are a lot!!! Here are some of the ones I processed already, just playing with psp and cs3.

I am lucky to be recovering so fast, ok I still need to take time off and rest but the wound and body are recovering fast! I already fit my old clothes again and it doesn't seem like I need to work out a whole lot to get back into shape! So I am one of those lucky woman, sorry to you woman who aren't that lucky!!!

Pixie is doing great as well, she's growing fast but still fits her first clothes, the small size! She still has bad cramps but we manage to help her out luckily! I changed the way I nursed her and it's already a lot better, we'll see what tonight does!

Igor has had 3 weeks off now, just 1 more week to go, I am already sad about that, I hate to let him go next week! But we're going to do fun stuff, as a little family! I feel loads of pics coming up again ;-) We'll probably visit the zoo in Amersfoort as it is nice close to home. When I can't walk on anymore we are at home pretty fast (like in 10 minutes) so that's a good thing. We'll also visit the scrapstore in Doorn and maybe even walk the parc there around the castle which is so pretty!

We can go, all 3 of us now as we bought a car yesterday! We only had Igors car from work but there's only room for 2 as it is like a van kind of thing. In the back there are no seats, but we bought a pretty Misthubishi Eclipse, a red one and it looks pretty cool to me! Igor will probably airbrush it somehow but I don't mind! In September I will probably start taking driving lessons again 'cause I really would like to have my drivers license now! I actually need to! So a lot is going on and I love it. My little "health-issue" is slightly improving too! I am taking steps on my own without hubby now which feels good, ok they are babysteps but still....

This is it for now! Hope to show more pics soon!!

zaterdag, juli 18, 2009

Pixie Lynn part 2

Here I am again with a little update on the baby. She's doing so fine!!! She has little cramps every now and then but no complaints but that. If she cries a lot at night, she sleeps in in the morning and so does mommy!!!
Here are some more pics from Pix! Isn't she adorable?

vrijdag, juli 10, 2009

The first pics of Pixie Lynn

Hello!!! Well finally here are the first pics of our girly, taken by DH 30 minutes after she was born, this was my first meeting with her after my C-section.

Me and my little girl, first contact, taking a closer look and she is smiling and looks like a little buddha!!!
She's so wide awake and looking smart, she's a very happy little girl.

As I told before I had a C-section after a horrible couple of hours, but after all it was all worth it ofcourse! I had her at 4.33 and this was about 30 minutes later. She was on my naked body till 11 pm and then she got dressed and put in her crib next to me. I had to go to sleep as well. The next morning the bathe me, not her as she was being nausious all the time due to some water she got in. I will place updates per day soon! Hopefully I can start tomorrow!

zondag, juli 05, 2009

And there she is....

Our little girl!! She's born on:Sunday July 5th. at 4.33 hrs. It was quite a delivery but it was worth it (how cliché right?). I ended up with a C-section We are enjoying one another, getting to know each other, getting the hang of things and learning things, relaxing, cuddling, playing and being so incredibly proud!
And here name is...... (drumrole please)....


which means fairy of the waterfall in different (mainly English/Welsch/Irisch and Keltic) folklores. We so love the meaning of this as she really is our fairy, our little princess. We always say that the story about Igor and I coming together is like a fairytale with a happy ending so this name is just perfect for our lives and to add to our lives!

So if I am not around as much on the blog of board, this is what we are occupied with ;-) CU soon again! I will post some pics soon too!!!


vrijdag, juli 03, 2009

in the kitchen

Another pre-baby update! Nope still no little girl in my arms here, too bad. It's still really hot out here so her coming out would be a very good thing as I am blowing up like crazy, my feet and leggs are really bad! I almost sleep all day and am awake all night, well a few hours. I do stay in bed most of the time to rest but like this morning I had to go to the toilet at 4 and then decided to do some laundry! A pregnant womans crazy things right?

Yesterday I came along to our veg-patch that DH kept and maintained over the past couple of weeks on his own. It's not that I didn't want to help (cause I really really do!) but I just couldn't anymore, my belly hurted a lot after I worked there so I had to give that up. We just went before dinner to get some veggies and boy does the garden look magnificent! I am so proud of him! We got some great veggies for dinner. Here are the pics.

Then today I got my order from an online pie/cupcake baking shop. Someone reminded me how much fun I used to have making those and since I am bored out of my mind I decided to at least order a book on decorating, so I did and it came in today. This is the one I got:
I also ordered some paper cups, a tip, glitter, icing and powder for buttercream. So if tomorrow there's still no baby, I will make some pink cupcakes in cups with hearts on them and pink glitter on the white buttercream! Just trying out some fun stuff!

The cats are doing great too! Tim is absolutely their favorite as he is a big cuddle, he accepts them and cuddles them back too. Misty is their playmate, they chase his tail around a lot and he loves it! He's a kitten all over again as well although he is 3 times their size! And you would think it's hot, the cats might be hot too right? Nope! Eos is still sleeping under the covers/sheets!!

Well this is it for today, hopefully I will be back soon with finally some baby-pics but I think she's doing fine in here and not ready/willing to come out yet!