maandag, mei 18, 2009

What I made

Hi back again!
No update on the DT call yet, but at least I can show the lo's that I made!
This one was made as "clarity" was the theme for last month's kit and I loved it and it inspired me loads to think and make stuff!

I sometimes have a hard time and I don't shine, especially now people expect you to shine because there's a miracle growing inside of me, and on the day that I took this self portrait, I felt great! And I think it shows somewhat ;-) (eventhough I still look tired!)

I love this simple lo, made with porcelain of Basic Grey! Nice and clean and simple, it goes straight into my pregnancybom. It's about life plans that I made, I wanted to be a mommy before I turned 30 but now I am pregnant at 30. On the back is a lot of journaling about my life plans.
And another lo for my pregnancyBOM. This one is about that I wished I could become a mommy one day and now that I am, I must admit it's not always easy, so the big wish came true but also came with loads of doubts which are apperantly normal when your pregnant. They are just short-term doubts that come and go with the hormones ;-)

Well those are the pieces of art I made in different styles and moods I think to show diversity. I really hope I made the team but because I haven't heard from them yet, I don't think I made it! Better luck next time right? Well.... to the other girls who did made the team: congrats!!!

zondag, mei 17, 2009

Scrapstuff and other things

Here's update #2 for today!

Last friday I finally got my package from the states that I ordered a while back and this is what's in it! I soooo love the new prima stuff! I am sure I will make fun stuff with it!

Then we went to a cattery last sunday, a sphynx cattery, nudies!! We went to visit these cuties and after a lot of doubting we decided, after talking to the owner, that both of them will come and join our cat-family! Don't they look awesome? I love these little uglies! Sunday May 24th we will go and visit them again and 3 to 4 weeks later they'll come and join us! Just about 2 weeks before our little girl will be born! Love it!
This is the little girl, now still called Eos but we are thinking of another name, she's fierce, has a personality and we love that as our little Daisy has that too!This is the little fellow and he's now called Eros. He's cute and a cuddle, he prrrr's straight away when he's talked to or cuddled! I am soooo happy we can have these 2 as a new addition and give them a home! Can't wait!
Then last but not least, I applied for a DT call and hopefully tomorrow the new team will be announced!! So excited! I hope I made it to the team ofcourse as I love their concept, but I'll have to wait 1 more day (or maybe 2 due to the time difference).
I will show what I made for the call tomorrow! I made 4 pretty lo's, well I think they are pretty ;-)!!!

Baby update May 17th


I'll do 2 updates today, 1 baby-update and 1 about the rest including scrapping stuff!

First of all, our nursery is totally ready! Only some stuff needs to be removed like the stoller, box, carseat and crib for our room. But because of the cats we'll keep it there for a little more. Here are 2 pics of the room and bigger crib. Don't they look cute? I love love love being in that room and feel curious and anxious to meet our little girl!

The closet, her clothes, well most of them, the oncesies are in the drawers in the pic above!

Then some new belly-shots, made today at 33 weeks and 4 days pregnancy. It's huge and it's still growing! I am outgrowing my clothes! They are too short! Still no stretchmarks by the way! This friday I'll have a check up again, and Igor is coming with me! Love that too!

Can you tell I am happy with my belly!? I love it although it's really heavy now! I didn't gain a lot of weight, just 4 kilo's (8 to 9 lbs).

I bought a tiny little cute swimsuit for our little girl as I LOVE swimming but daddy doesn't all that much so we can go swimming just the 2 of us and daddy can take us there! Great deal right?
Everything is going well with baby and mommy to be! Everything is ready as well. I do feel tired a lot and my belly is getting heavy. Getting up (or down) is a whole project so it seems ;-) and getting in and out of bed a huge project!! Cleaning the house isn't that easy but DH is pitching in really well, without complaining! He's the best ever! He's making me food, getting me drinks, brings me to bed if I need some help, does little chors around the house, I love him! Here's a pic from the shoot of the both of us, or should I say the 3 of us?

zondag, mei 10, 2009


Wow our photo's came in yesterday!!! It should take 1 more week but Eshter worked hard to finish the shoot! I love how the pics turned out, here are 3 of them, but I have loads more! If you live in the Netherlands and are thinking about a great photoshoot then check her out! Here you can find her !!!

Baby-girl is doing fine, just a little over 7 weeks to go! I had my check up this friday and she's growing fast but still a good size, average as she called it! Her movement are not to miss as you can see every single one of them on the outside and I can feel them ofcourse!! She has a lot of hick ups now which is funny! Well I am off to the veg patch to help my sweet husband out. He let me sleep in for mothersday!! He's such a QT!!!

Today we are going to visit a Cattery! I am so looking forward to that! I can do a little photoshoot of the kittens they have and if there's a click we might decide to add 1 more member to the family! I'll show the pics of the kitties soon!!!

maandag, mei 04, 2009


So the happy days are over again! Well at least for this week ;-) Igor had a very long weekend due to holidays here in Holland and I soooo love it having him around! We did a lot of fun stuff again like work the vegpatch, our own backyard, the pond an waterfalls are working again, we went shopping at Ikea for the baby and bought a lovely bed, hung up the last things and now the nursery is totally ready!!!

Yesterday we had a photoshoot, here in our own home with Femke and we felt right at home with her so I think there will be some nice pics, it will take about 10 days for her to get them ready! Can't wait!

Then we will probably have a new addition to the family soon! This sunday we will visit a cattery for Sphynx cats! It's a dream of ours and we would LOVE to have one added to the cat family!! We can choose between a male of female and they both look so pretty and their characters are both fun too! Either one of them will fit just right in!!! So we'll go and see them and find out which one chooses us! They are a little over 7 weeks then.

This week I need to get the check up again on the baby ánd we'll have an intake for the nurse that will help us the first week (kraamzorg) which is uncommon in the rest of the world but we are provided with that luxury! The babygirl is just doing fine, growing and growing and playing with our hands and movements! Just 8 more weeks (and 2 days) and I'm so curious! I feel great now so I am not complaining! I am enjoying it most of the time and I have been sleeping perfectly well the past 4 nights so I am happy and in a good mood, am able to do a little more than I am used to. I still hardly gained any weight which is funny 'cause my belly is big! When you see me on my backside, you would say I am pregnant! I am really happy and proud about that!
I have no pics to show you for now but I will soon I promise! CU next time!