donderdag, april 26, 2007

I couldn't resist...

buying there cute little ballerina shoes! My neighbour Marit got them, gold ones and they were soooo cute I had to have them too! So this morning I went and bought black blingbling shoes!

Our birds got babies! We've got 3 babies so far, this is what they look like!

They remind me of the freggles!

woensdag, april 25, 2007


Good morning to all!!
Wow I have been so inspired and energetic, it is almost tiring! What happened.
Well opportunities are around the corner and both Igor and I need to work hard to
use them and take them, so we are, it is mostly on creative side and I love that! We are making sketches/designs for airbrushassignments. We need to do a kermitfrog on the hood of a car, 2 vespa scooters (and probably a third) a oxygentank for a diver, a helmet and we will be trying out making canvasses. I have some cool ideas for t-shirts too but first things first, the scooters! So not much scrapping is being done here!

I've been tagged by Fauve
I have to tell 7 random/weird things about myself and then tag 7 more people!
So here we go....

1) I love love love scented candles! I burn them a whole lot and fresh laundry and herbs are my favorite or coffee smells good to and cinnamonrolls as well hmmmm I guess a whole lot will do except for the awfully sweet (and nausiating) smell of strawberries.
2) I love aboriginal art! (I sketches a lizard kind of like that way)
3) I am a sucker for guys with long hair! (love you igor!)
4) I love tickles on my back (and massages ofcourse) it makes me feel so relaxed and yummy!
5) I am a jealous person, but in a good way! Yes that also excists! I am jealous of people who can do things that I can't and really want to!
6) I love walking on bear feet! Especially at the lawn or on moss, it's so soft and tickely!!!
7) I can't resist chunky monkey ice cream of ben and jerries (can anyone?)

Here are 7 people I tag: Hilde Lynn Nienke Kruimel Sabine Sheila Sonja

maandag, april 23, 2007

Loving it!!

Well that has been a while! I haven't sit still but I can't show all. I started making my christmasgifts and one of them was a minibook about my mum with her childhood pics, there aren't that many and I found the perfect book, a chipboard minibook from Maya Road and used Cosmo Cricket and some blue paper that I don't know the name of. It turned out great I think! You can find it in my personal album on 2p (link at the right). So I can't show it here as it wouldn't be a gift anymore mum now would it? hehehe

The other thing I have been doing is receipe swap. I've made 2 receipe's and I love them so much I actually don't want to send them off!!! Here they are:

Now I will go and make a LO about spring for the scrapfever monthly contest and then finish my little Rusty Pickle book "the story of us" just 3 more pages. I also started making cards with fun prints from my cricut. I made some sunflowercards and probably will finish them today as well and send them off too! So I am busy heheh! Love to know what you are working on! Inspire me
take care
love angela

donderdag, april 12, 2007

2 new lo's and an album

good morning everyone!
What a lovely weather it is!!! This weekend it will be summer here!!!
Here are some pics of an album I made, it's not all ready yet but just to give you an idea.

These lo's were half finished as I didn't have the right paper to finish them so now I did and I finished them. Orange is a color I really never use but I got some great embellishments in my birthdayRAK and got 3 pics with orange in it so I decided to make them this way. I love them. They are warm and sweet and peaceful!
I am off going outside!

dinsdag, april 10, 2007

Walk in the parc

I am having such a great day today! I woke up at 8.30 am totally rested! Got up, took a shower and went to the supermarket on my bike to do a whole lot of groceries. All good and healthy food and fruits yummie! I made myself a smoothie first and then took a walk in the parc behind my house. I took my camera with me and enjoyed the sun. Now it's all clowdy and it looks like it is going to rain!
I have been very busy scrapping loads last weekend! I can't show it just yet, but I will soon! I am making a mini album for my mum so can't show it here!

zondag, april 08, 2007

Deck of me part 2

hi all,
How are you? First of all a very happy Easter! The weather is sooo great! Tomorrow will even be better! Yet I am inside all day. Why? Well got a major scrapmood!! Everything is going very well and it looks great if I may say so myself!
Can't show it yet because it isn't finished yet. I am making a mini book.
So I will leave you with 2 of my "Deck of Me" cards I promised. It's still not done, I have some weeks to catch up, but that will be ready soon I think! Click here to see all of them. If you click on one of them in that album you'll see the backside too! Take a look!

zaterdag, april 07, 2007

my birthday

I am in a super duper good mood!! Why? Well I got soooo spoiled for my birthday ;-)))The first picture is of what Igors sister bought me for my birhtday, I love the stuff!!!

On my actual birthday last thursday my sweetheart took me for a walk in Doorn at the castle and it was great! After that we went to Paper and Pictures and I wanted to spend the money I got for my birthday. Instead Igor payed all and also bought me..... a CRICUT!!!!! I am sooooo spoiled! These are pics of the other stuff I got from him! Don't you just love it? I love him to pieces!!!

zondag, april 01, 2007

Finally the Fancy Pants paper came in at Scrapfever so I could finally order. And I ordered big time! The mail even came early yesterday! Normally it is around 5.30 that packages are delivered here but now it was 2.30. I didn't have a lot of time to enjoy it yet but tomorrow I will!!!! (click on it to enlarge)