vrijdag, december 07, 2007

Day 8 of Christmas

What's on the top of your tree?

Well nothing yet! I hope this monday that will change! Now there are just 3 raindeer mini stuffed animals haning in there! So I hope to find a wonderful pretty thing!

I did some christmas shopping today and got pretty much all gifts in now! Just 1 more gift. Then there are a few people not certain if they will make it so if they do, I need to do more shopping!
And then there's food; I already know what we will make and even bought some stuff that can be kept in the freezer or have a long expiredate. That saves me a lot of stressfull shopping near christmas when stores are crowded! Love it! I even went out to buy the wines already, bought a lovely white and red one. A gift and Bacardi for Igor and now I am at home, everything wrapped, put away and ready! Now I will go and do an hour of Pilates and maybe some yoga after that as well. We'll see! Have a great saturday everyone!!

2 opmerkingen:

Jan zei

Wow--shopping almost done, gifts wrapped, food shopping started, and you still have the energy for an hour of Pilates! I am soooo impressed. Do you send Christmas cards in the Netherlands? In the states we do, and I have about 100 cards to address and mail. It is one tradition I would not mind giving up!

Cricket zei

good job having so much done! I still have a ton to do LOL!! Hope you find something for the top of the tree!!