donderdag, mei 31, 2007


wow I am so on a role! I decided to make a freestyle one, inspired again by a lo I saw this morning on 2p. This is my result, I am not really happy with it actually, but hey can't always make pretty lo's right? Photo's are clickable for better view

#101!! Sweet Tim

hiya! Wow it feels like a new start! post 101 how fun is that!
Well here's one of my lo's again! It's about our sweet tim, he's the only cat without a typical ras that we have. This lo is inspired by one I saw a long time ago on 2p. I am on a role! I am off again making another pretty lo just as long as this mood lasts!

woensdag, mei 30, 2007

Post #100!!!!

It's a whole lot!!! Never thought I would keep up! But I did, just a few months and I already have got 100 posts! Unbelievable! I just saw it when I wanted to post my new LO! What a surprise!
Well this is my new lo that I finished this morning and it's from a sketch that I found on 2P. It's about the sweet presents I got from Nicole!

dinsdag, mei 29, 2007

A scrapped present for me!!!

Soooo sweet! I got this in the mail today from Nic Don't you think it is adorable?! I love love love it Nic!!! Thanks a whole bunch!!! You are such a sweetheart!!!!


I made this sweet lo about nic and her family, well just 1 of the kids!
I love how this orange Fancy Pants paper matches her shirt makes it a very warm lo. Now I am scrapping on of our other photo's we have together! Also Fancy Pants paper by the way! Love those!!! Oh and Elsie's paper is sooooo close now!!!! just 1 or 2 more days of patience!
Last saturday we went to a scrapstore and I was a little disappointed about the paper they had. They have a whole lot to choose from, so that's not it! But there was nothing appealing to me! Bugger!!! so I bought a present for Nic and the RAK for Hilde, which wasn't all that easy! But I succeeded anyway!
Well off scrapping again! The weather is lauzy anyway so time enough!!!

maandag, mei 28, 2007

And finally

we meet!!! A few weeks ago I met this great woman on the messageboard of Scrapfever called Nicole and we clicked instantly. We started talking on the private or personale message thing and kept on going! We discovered that we had soooo much in comon and had similar hobby's, interests, complaints (heheh) and more.
We decided to set a date to meet, which was a big thing for us both as we suffer from pannick attacks. We set July 1st and were already looking forward to that! But then we decided it was too far ahead and couldn't wait to meet! so we chose this sunday and there she was with 3 of her great kids! We had a great time, laughed a lot it still clicked an all. She gave me this lovely sai baba insence and a guardian angel pin to keep with me all the time to bring me good luck, love it!
The kids scrapped upstairs, we talked and talked and talked and laughed a whole lot we thought we were so "tough"!!! So now July 1st would be the second "date" and I and Igor would go to her, but we still think it is too far ahead! so we are nagging at Igors head, sorry babe!
Here is 1 pic of us

woensdag, mei 23, 2007

Sweet present of a sweet friend

hi there!
Yesterday the mailman came to deliver a package that Nic had sent me. We were both so disappointed when I unwrapped it, and it was all to pieces! It was wrapped up very very good but still it broke! So we were sad about that especially because it meant so much to the both of us. Luckily she found a pic of how it should be and this morning I picked up some glue and after a struggle I finally did it, it's finished and looks great!!!
This is the result:

I love it! Thanx sweetie!

Me at 28

I finished another minibook yesterdag called "me at 28" it's kind of a mixture between Elsie's culture study ánd the usual "me at.."lo's. I am planning to make these every year and see how I evolve or something. Here are a few of my fav's again and the rest is hereat my 2P album

Still enjoying the new cam and figuring out how it all works, and ofcourse which lenses I would love to have!

zaterdag, mei 19, 2007

1 book is finished

2 more to go! I started all these mini albums, about the birds, about me, a flagbook and haven't finished them yet. Sheila send me some bird chipboard and that came in yesterday so this morning I finished my birdbook.
You can see all pictures here
Here are just my favorites

vrijdag, mei 18, 2007

me = happy!

As happy as a little child on it's birthday!!! Why? Well today our new camera was delivered! The Canon EOS 350D and boy do I love him!!! It makes the most pretty pictures without having to do much more that point and shoot! And on top of it all, my sweetheart also bought me a standard ánd a big bag to take it with me! Love you honey!!!!
Here are a few of my first shots (already 108!)

woensdag, mei 16, 2007

My art??

Still flexible

Finally I got some inspiration and Ideas to use the scrapkit of Scrapfever and first of all I made this lo.
Now I can use all the other stuff to make a little book about me at 28! I like it so much I plan to do it every year! See how I change.
Well I did some shopping today! Finally I did and went down town Amersfoort. That has been a great while! I went to the local craftstore, to the Rituals store and to the bodyshop. Then I visited mom who had a small operation on her hand yesterday and finally got back home again, dead tired but still determined to scrap! So that's what I'll do!

zaterdag, mei 12, 2007


I started making a recipe album with all my favorite caupcake recipes. I love them soooo much! Here are the first few. The album I made myself with Kitty Lou Paper of Cherry Arte, the first recipes are made with 3bugsinarug the coco, the rest of the inside will be done with Cherry Arte as well.
Now I started my birds-book since I had no more pics of cupcakes! I am using Scenic Route Laurel I got in my April RAk from Sheila of Scrapfever. So I am off scrapping again, btw I am allowed to! I cleaned the house ánd did my exercises for 1,45 hours!

vrijdag, mei 11, 2007

Deck of me # 8 and #10

I am trying to catch up on the deck of me from emily falconbridge.
Here are 2 more cards. Just the front. The back you can see at my 2P gallery

I am also working on a flagbook, the workshop "be creative" of Pien and making some cricut stuff for someone, doing so many things at once and still don't feel like I am getting there!

donderdag, mei 10, 2007

Not much

Do you know the feeling of being soooo tired and not wanting to get up? When you do you wonder when you can go back to bed again? Well that's me right now! I haven't been feeling well for the last couple of days. Like I have the feeling to come down with the flu but it doesn't hit me! I feel so tired, dizzy, don't want to do anything! Before I keep blabbering on about this, I will just leave you with these 2 lo's. I both made them for the scrapfever contest of April (didn't win!)I first made the violets one but I wasn't sure about it so I made another one. I asked for advise and finally turned in springwalks in the parc.
Goodbye for now!

donderdag, mei 03, 2007

As promised some pics of our new birds, it was a bit more than just the "mousebirds" or whatever they are called in English.
These are "papagaai amadines" very very tiny!

This is our "goudvink" he is so curious and totally not afraid of people!

These are a couple of "vuurbuikjes" even smaller than the other ones!! So cute they are!

Our waterfall in our birdhouse

And last but not least the mousebirds

woensdag, mei 02, 2007


What a great days we have here! Sun is shining like crazy and plants are blooming! I love it! We've got a lot of perfumed roses, they smell so great! Some of them are in bloom already and they smell sweet. You smell them as soon as you walk out the door!

We've got 4 new birdies, here are 2 of them, they are gouldsamadines. They are so pretty and colorful and really curious and not afraid of me so it seems! The other 2 are mozambique's but can't get a great pictures of them.

We now have 10 baby kanaries!!! And there are 2 more females on eggs! They are like rabbits this year!!!! Tonight Igor is getting 2 more birds called " mousebirds" they are so funny!!!