maandag, december 03, 2007


It's monday again, I feel that weeks fly by, but I don't mind though! Our wedding will be very soon then! We made some changes in our day and it will still be great, even greater and I am so looking forward!
I also scrapped a little. I tried to make samples for our "thank-you" gifts and decided what I am going to make!
Then there was this last week of the workshop and I made this lo, plain and simple as the picture and title says enough. Journaling is written along the edges.
And then some more wonderful news! I am getting published again!
This time in a Dutch magazine and today I send of 5 (!!!) lo's to be photographed! I am so happy!! Can't stop smiling! More info soon!!!

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a.l. clark zei

Congrats, congrats! Definately pulled ahead of me in the publishing world ;-) Very deserving.