vrijdag, juni 29, 2007

Getting there

how are you? I am getting there finally! After one week feeling louzy and like crap, I am finally starting to feel alive again!
Today and yesterday I got these great little get well soon gifts, cards and a RAK!!! That always helps a great deal don't you think? Here are pics of them!

Today I even started scrapping a bit! Well I tried powders and paint of Blonde Moments and really love them! Can't wait to make some more stuff with that! I also finished 3 "deck of me" cards yesterday and today! I am way behind!

zaterdag, juni 23, 2007

A bit sick

hi peeps,
sorry for not blogging but I feel like crap at the moment! I have a stomachflu I think. Last Tuesday and wednesday I spend painting all day, the fence and the bedroom but wednesday at 4.30 when I stopped for the day I felt ill. I got high fever that only raised during the night, I can't remember anything of that night but it must have been horror if I may believe Igor.
Now I still have cramps like crazy and visit the toilet way to often so no pics or scraps to show you, hope to be back on a role soon again

donderdag, juni 14, 2007

no scrapworks...

this time! I started drawing again! I used to draw a lot of mandalas but somehow that vanished to the background when I started scrapping. In our hall we've got 3 framed mandalas but I was bored with them so decided to draw new ones! So I already did 1 which was from an example in a book as I liked it so much! 2 more to go;-)

I also stopped my other blog and decided to only focus on this one! Also because this one is in English and I know some of my penpalls also read this blog! The other one was in Dutch, a bit difficult for them hehehe

vrijdag, juni 08, 2007

some stuff i finally finished

This is my flagbook, a little online workshop I took at Piens, I decided to make it about our garden as we have loads of pics about that!

This is the front of my handmade album that I will use as a BOM. We are making it together on Scrapfever. I still have to do the first 2 assignments but hadn't had the inspiration yet. I used Love Elsie paper for it! Oh and magic fibers, love those!!! The "stamp" is bella's but I drew it as I didn't want to order the stamps!

Last but not least a lo I made last night. It's a lift by the way as I loved the colors she used (I don't know her name by the way.

What's up next? Probably the 2 assignments for the BOM and a scrapfever contest lo and maybe more scraplifting as I find it really inspiring lately!

woensdag, juni 06, 2007

spread with *love Elsie* stuff

Besides starting my BOM I made a lo inspired again by a lo I saw on 2peas, but I decided to make a spread of it! Here it is!

maandag, juni 04, 2007

new look!

as most of you know, I just LOVE *love elsie*! I was soooo happy when my package arrived with the lovely stuff! Currently I am lifting a lo I saw on 2p, I adored it and had to make it myself with elsie paper. As soon as it is finished I will place it out here ofcourse!!! For now I will leave you with my new Elsiestyle blog, loving it! Elsie thanks for all this great and inspiring stuff! Can't wait to see what you came up with for your next lines!!!
take care
Love.... Angela!

zaterdag, juni 02, 2007

a little bird told me....

Isn't Daisy adorable!? I love her to pieces, crazy, funny princess! Well actually Duchess!!!