maandag, december 31, 2007

New years eve

Hi Girls!

This is a bit of a "double" sided log. On the one hand I am so happy it's new years eve tonight. We call it "oud en nieuw" (old and new) here. A new year, a new start, a fresh start, new plans etc. But I am sad as well as our bunny Mr Bojangles went up to bunny heaven. His "palace" is empty, no big bunny coming to greet you, that makes my eyes water :-( We only had him since august 5th this year.

I am still not done with my resolutionslist, as I just really want to work with it this coming year. It's actually funny but sometimes confronting to mirror yourself! I just feel this year will be great in all ways possible! I really hope you will have this same feeling and may the new year have in store all that you are hoping for!
Big hugs and loads of love to you all!

4 opmerkingen:

china59 zei

Oh, sorry about your bunny. My godmother has just lost her dog yesterday morning, and she isn't doing very well with it either.

I don't have any resolution this year, but I was thinking I should probably go back to studying Dutch seriously. I had started a bit on my own, but I know there are classes around here (I live in the North of France, so it's a useful language, plus my SIL is from Gouda).

Sarah C. zei

So sorry about Mr. Bojangles. :( It's never easy losing a furry friend.

Love your beautiful photograph. Best of luck on the list. Happy New Year!

Theresa zei

Sorry you lost your furbaby.

Hope you have a happy, healthy and safe New Year

Karen zei

So sorry about your bunny!

Hope 2008 gets off to a great start for you though.