donderdag, december 13, 2007

Day 13 of Christmas

When did you learn the truth about the "magic" of Christmas?
As a child we always celebrated a Dutch holiday similar to Santa Claus. So we didn't have Santa bringing us presents. We do have a " magic" feeling at Christmas as it is so bright and lovely down the streets with Christmaslights all around the place! I love decorating a lot, but Igor doesn't (yet ;-)). This year we bought some real Christmasornaments. Last year it was a trial as we have cats and didn't know how they would behave around the ornaments and all, but they left it!!! So this year I bought some cute stuff!

Igors shoppingplans with Adam have been pushed back 1 week. And... my weddingdress will be delivered today! So excited! Hopefully it will be soooo pretty!! I also bought the shoes today! Lovely colored! Ssstttt won't tell anymore now

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Shalay zei

Congrats on getting your wedding dress! That's so exciting. I'm going shopping for mine next month!