vrijdag, december 07, 2007

Day 7 of Christmas

What's your favorite holiday tradition?
Well I love everything around Christmas! First of all unpacking all the deco and ornaments. We used to have these very old silver with glitter houses. They were from my mothers grandmother. We loved unpacking those!

Then there were Christmassocks that were in our closets waiting for Christmas all year and around that time we could finally wear them again!
Oh ofcourse making Christmas centerpieces at school with candles and all! And Christmasdinner at school as well.

Let's see what else? Oh this year (or actually last year) I decided that we are going to buy a few christmasornaments each year, just what we like best so we have a whole different set of ornaments, not all in 1 color or design! Now our tree is still a bit bold as last year we first had a christmastree. We have cat's you see and I thought they would love to hit all the balls out! But they don't! So I hope this monday we will go and visit the Christmasshow at the local garden centre and buy some pretties!

I got 1 recipe finished for the swap now, I will try and get the other one finished today. I used my cricut and the "christmas cheer" cartridge and thought it would be easy, well guess again! But it looks lovely though! Have a great day all!

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Magpie zei

I am enjoying hearing about your Christmas traditions. We have had our tree up for almost 2 weeks now, but have not yet gotten the ornaments on it. Just lights and a paper garland so far! I was not in the mood to do it before, but reading your blog has made me want to get out my ornament collections and decorate!

Sharmaine zei

Our tree has been up a couple of weeks too, knew it would be busy now so it just had to go up then lol. Our house is covered in lights, even in the bathroom!!!
Thanks for dropping by my blog and have a super weekend :)