maandag, september 29, 2008

Finished and filled summerjournal

I finally finished my summerjournal, put all pics in and filled all the tags out and added some ephemera (like tickets and receipt and stuff) and here it is! I loved it already but now that it's filled and done I love it even more!!!

woensdag, september 24, 2008

And another one!

And again a LO for my BOM.
This one is about my love for Igor, he's not only my husband, lover, biggest support but also my very best friend ever and the most favorite person in the whole world!
The text on the strips is a part of a Dutch song. It's kind of like the translation of wind beneath my wings of beth midler but not exactly.
Sunday night I was watching "In search of Joseph" and one of the contestants, John, sang this little piece and he moved me to tears, so I knew it was the right thing to put on this lo.

dinsdag, september 23, 2008

Another LO

For my BOM. I thought I had used up all of my blue awning papers but I found these (ok they are the green sheets) still in the box so I had to use them ofcourse! Maybe I can even squeeze one more lo out of the left-overs LOL!

Not much going on today, just taking a day off for myself, scrapping, drinking tea, listening to music, talking to some scrapfriends and cuddling my pets. I feel tired but I always do when fall hits us so don't think much of that, just go to bed early, even take naps if possible and eat right and take extra vitamins and I'll be good!

zondag, september 21, 2008

Some new BOM lo's

Hello girls!!
Here are a few new LO's. Well 2 of them I made a while back but didn't show them and the middle one I finished yesterday.
I really planned for a scrapweekend but unforunately I'm having trouble with my printer! I tried 2 different cartridges and he seems to not want them so I ordered a new printer and it will be delivered this Tuesday!
So yesterday I copied some pics onto my USB stick and went to the HEMA (big store) to have them printed immediately. I did 4 and only 1 of them is processed now so I have 3 more to go until tuesday!

We spend a lot of time in the garden, especially today! I already did some cutting and preparing for winter but today we did a whole lot! Igor helped which I am really thankful for as it is a lot! Tomorrow I'll go to the gardencentre and buy a load of bulbs again. Igor made a path of big tiles at the side of the pond today so no more wheeds yeah!!! I hope the weather will be kind on us as it was last week! I will be finished then by the end of this week! It took me 2 weeks then! Not constantly though but a little every day.
Oh and I harvested the carrots, papriks and more strawberries today!!! All so sweet!!!!

dinsdag, september 16, 2008

canvas sister

Yeah today the pics came in and I spend most of my time scrapping this canvas for my sister and brother in law. I so love it that I don't even mind if they don't LOL!!! But as curious as my little sis is... she already got a pic of it and she likes it too!

Little details

and some more...

Not much more to tell today!

maandag, september 15, 2008

I finally scrapped again + other fun pics

Here I am again on the first day after our holiday, I am so not enjoying this day! I miss my DH loads! We've had such a wonderful time together, laughed till our jaws hurt, did tons of fun stuff, went on outings a lot, etc and we really enjoyed it all that time together!So we both feel a bit sad and awkward today without one another. So I just have to make the best of it, I already took 2 long walks with the dog! I scrapped, I did some household and groceries so I am not bored but still... a part of me feels empty today.

Anyway.. enough selfpitty, I finally scrapped again! The first lo is about Igor, thanking him for the wonderful holiday, his patience, his support and help and love and cuddles!

The second one is about Misty, a fun sweet crazy cat who is with us for almost 3 years now. He's been a lot of work to socialize, he was shy and scared and he grew sooo fast when he was a kitten so it must have hurt too. Now he's a big cuddle to us and makes us laugh a lot, he's so heartwarming and talks a lot too!

Then yesterday we took some pics of our crazy pets! This one is at my parents. My dad thought it would be funny to put him in the laundry basket

I'm not sure Yazz agrees with him but it sure was funny!

And this is what we found when we got home! We've got turqouise pillows and doors etc and a lime plaid on the couch that we forgot to put in the closet before we left, misty loved it and wrapped it around him!

So all in all we had a pretty good holiday and we are both very much looking forward to the next!!!

vrijdag, september 12, 2008

and again!

Another update! We are having so much fun together I am sad to think of monday when he needs to go back to work! Well today another great day!
We started by going to Almere to Dolls and Decorations, wow what a great store that is!! Love it! The space, the stuff, how they decorated the place everything! So I bought a lot of paper again! I bought everything of the new bo bunny lines, so in love with them! They are probably also for Lilys canvas. I bought some red and black and white paper for my sisters weddingalbum, I got the threading water punch from Igor and some other stuff! Here are the pics (and detailed pics)

Fun stuff! I love the angel-wing book!

Black/white/red paper for my sis'wedding album

Total pic of all bo bunny papers I bought

detail 1

detail 2

Detail 3 And 3 graphic 45's After we visited the airbrush-store for Igor, we went home again and drove at the lake-side and just had to stop and relax and enjoy! The weather was great! No wind, nice temp! Oh the clothes I wear are the ones I bought yesterday! The light was so bright it hurt my eyes!

One of my sweetie! The sweetest DH in the world!

Us together!

After this we went back to Leusden and went to the local lunchroom and had a wonderful lunch and then the fun ended as it started to rain like crazy!!! So now I am behind my pc to print some pics and work on my holiday/travel journal!

donderdag, september 11, 2008

New holiday update

Another Holiday update with pics ofcourse!
Last Tuesday we went to Rhenen Zoo, we hadn't been there together so that's why we chose that one, we loved the ride there too as it was beautiful! The zoo was great too and the weather was awesome, a real present for us! So here are a few pics of the zoo

Yesterday we went shopping in Utrecht, that had been a while! I loved it! We had lunch there (toast with smoked salmon) and I showed Igor the churchyard that was originally done by monks and contained mainly herbs and spices. I love this place, it feels so peaceful and it's so pretty!
And last but not least... I passed all my exams and my study of 3.5 years is all done, so I decided I earned a pretty pie and I chose this one, a chocolate/fruit one with passionfruit filling and Oh my Goodness it's yummy!!!

After we got home we bought some flowers for my mom and visited them and stayed for dinner, she made lovely gadogado!!! And as a dessert we ate this pie. There's a little left for today ;-)

In a few minutes we'll leave to go down town Amersfoort to shop some more, then I will also order some pics and scrap a canvas for my sis! We will pick them up from the airport this saturdaynight, they'll arrive at 00.30 am! (so in fact it's sunday) and we'll take them home.