zaterdag, juni 27, 2009

updates on babies!

Well hopefully this is my last pregnancy-update! I am 39 weeks and 3 days today, just 4 more days untill my due-date and I am tired! I really want her to come out now! But she doesn't agree so it seems! Anyway, yesterday I thought labor had started so I took some last-minute bellyshots, only it all stopped after a short while, so she tricked me again! Here they are:

It's really warm and humid at the moment here, it has been for the past 3 days and I seem to be coping well actually, but I sweat a whole lot, so another excuse to take extra showers ;-)

And then our kittens, what a lovelies they are! I am still madly in love with them! We are getting to know them pretty well and they both have totally different characters! Eros is the big cuddle and wants to cuddle and sleep all day long!! He loves eating as well, but preferably our food instead of his own!

Eos is a very bright and playful little girl who really lives up to her name (Eos is a God of the wind) and sprints through the whole house like the wind! She likes to tease the other cats as well. They are both doing great and they make me laugh a whole lot. They are so adorable! Our other cats seem to think so too after 1 week! Misty can't let them out of his sight and follows them where ever they go! Tim is often used as beanbag/pillow and he doesn't mind at all.
This is little Eros, pretty boy!
Tim and Eos, look at the difference! He looks twice as big now!

I have decided to update my pet-blog as I haven't used it in a long time, nice way to waste time while "waiting" for our baby to arrive! So that's what I'll be doing these couple of days I guess! CU next time, with hopefully some cute baby-pics! In the mean while I'll keep on enjoying our 2 little funnies!
Little Eos, being in a playfull mood here

dinsdag, juni 23, 2009

Little kitty update

Finally Sunday our kittens came and we had so much fun! They are doing sooooo well! I am falling in love with them a little more every day, which actually is possible so it seems! I am getting to know them bit by bit and I love them like crazy already!
This pic was taken yesterdaymorning, about 15 minutes after I got out of bed and had my check up at home from the midwife so I was only dressed and had brushed my teeth so don't mind the hair please! The kittens both love to spend time on my chest and belly and they did that a whole lot yesterday! I didn't mind at all, nice and warm and soft and cuddly!

This one was taken later on in the afternoon, it's their sleeping basket which they love a whole lot, there's still a lot of room to have to both of them in there. They know this basket as the cattery has the same one! aren't they gorgeous? I love the color of their eyes!
This one was taken today, this afternoon. The little girl was fast asleep and this little fellow was feeling brave enough to explore the big outdoors all on his own between 3 of the 4 bigger and hairy cats! He enjoyed the sun a lot but can't be in there too long as he can get sunburn. So now DH is buying some sunscreen so he can go out again tomorrow if he likes! The night went well, contact with the other cats is improving by the hour, our ragdolls think they are a bit scary though but they'll get used to it.

Still no baby yet, it's taking a long time but to be honest, I am not due before another 8 days so I have to be patient don't I? Everyone is curious to meet this little addition to the family and ofcourse so are we! I really really really want to hold her, love her, take care of her, kiss her silly and ofcourse.... show her to the world but most important to her Daddy!!! So come on little one, please come out, it's great out here too! And it's going to be warm as well this week! And grandpa really wants you to be born before his 60th birthday which is saturday so humor me and show!!!

zondag, juni 21, 2009

some scrapping done!!

Wow I amazed myself the last few days... why? Well I actually got some scrapping done!
First of all this lo, I scraplifted it as I loved it so much. It's for our little girl and her name is on it as well underneath the 2 white stripes but I didn't want to spill the beans just yet ;-)

Then today our kittens will be brought over by Cris en Ben. Just about 1 hour from now and I wanted to thank them for everything so far as they have been really kind and friendly. We also need to pay ofcourse (the last bit) but I hate that moment, just so cold to hand over the money while it's about kittens! So I decided to make it fun! I made this card to put the money in. The card will be in an envelope and in the lid of a box of chocolates!

And here's the box of chocolates, very simple yet cute I think. It says "thank you" in Dutch on the lid.

The baby is still in my belly, I think she likes it way too much in there! Nice and cosy and warm and provided with food and everything! Ok officially I still have 10 days to go. If all goes well I will have a check up tomorrow again!.
Now I am off waiting for our kittenbabies and ofcourse I will show pics soon!!! Any name suggestions are still welcome!

dinsdag, juni 16, 2009

Hi again!

How's life? Life here is full of expectations! To our 3 babies! Yes 3! Ofcourse our own little baby girl (who again has the hick ups right now, you should see my belly!!) And our 2 little kittenbabies! Here are 2 new pics at 12 weeks, aren't they adorable. I am so happy Cris keeps on sending us these cuties! Just 5 more sleeps ;-)

I am actually scrapping today! Yes I am! It has been a while again but I really wanted to do something before the little girl comes and I might not have time to do so for a long while! So I started a lo for her album already, I just need to add the pic then. It's not finished yet as I am a slow scrapper!

My health is still ok but my hips and pelvis aren't. They hurt like crazy and I can't walk a lot nor stand up a lot. So I feel a bit handicaped now and need to accept the fact that I can't do much anymore but take it easy and wait for her arrival. I really need to go back to the store 1 more time as I took the wrong thing and need to bring it back, and hopefully I can make it! The other things I need to do will be done or someone will help me do them! I am happy to have friends and family to help me out!!
I have a busy week this week but I love it, makes time fly! Keeps the waiting do-able! Tomorrow my friend Kelly comes for dinner again which I love so much as I haven't seen her in over 5 years and 2 weeks ago she came over, and now she will be here again! So happy!!! At night we need to take the other 2 cats to the vet for their shots.
Thursday's program is the hairdresser Nienke!
Friday in the morning I need to take Daisy to the vet to get her teeth fixed, and a blood checkup, my dad will take us there (thanks dad!) and Igor will pick her up at the end of the afternoon. At 14.15 hrs I need to get my own checkup at the midwife's again and hopefully it's the last one!!
Saturday is just an easy day after all this, no plans but do a little household and stuff like that, take it easy. And sunday is the big day... our kitties will come!!!
Here are 2 new bellyshots of yesterday at 37 weeks and 5 days! Isn't it huge? I LOVE it!

vrijdag, juni 05, 2009

update 36 weeks and 2 days

Well here are some new pics of me and my belly ;-)

Today I had another check up, (from now on every week until she's born) and I am ok again. My bloodpressure was fine, the babys heart sounded ok and she's gone all the way down and ready to come out! The midwife said it won't take long before she does. I think she's right as I had some cramps and stuff going on for the past 3 nights! I need to keep her in for another 5 days otherwise I have to deliver in hospital and I really want to do this at home!
I still feel fine, I still can enjoy the little girl inside of me and I am still not tired of it! I don't mind if she will be born early but I don't mind at all if she will hang in there for a few more weeks!
It's friday again which means lazy food and lazy evenings! I love those! We will get a roasted chicken down town, a baquette, some herb-butter, and fresh salads and fruits from the veggiestore and yummy that's our meal! Usually we watch a dvd or something we taped. At night there's dancing with the stars which we both enjoy too! Igor usually comes to bed with me then as my belly gives up and gets tired around 8.30 pm. So we have a cozy night ahead of us!
BTW Igor is such a sweety, he takes care of me so well! He does the heavy groceries and other duties, helps me out, helps me get up, does everything I ask him to and more! And... he's a bit nervous hehehe so cute and sweet! But he is so looking forward to meeting his daughter, it's adorable!!! I love him to pieces!
Well, have a great weekend, enjoy and hopefully till the next update!!!

maandag, juni 01, 2009

Just one month to go!!!

Hi there!
Well today exactly, just one month to go and we'll have our little girl, well that is if she cooperates ofcourse! It's my due date then to be more exact! She's still comfortable in there and I don't mind, I feel great, and take time for myself when needed. I am still in cleaning mood but that's ok too, still don't hear my husband complain ;-) It's almost done though so then the real holiday and rest can start! (or I probably think of some other stuff to do!)
Yesterday I made a pic from behind, as you can see, you couldn't tell I am pregnant from that rear end view ;-) I even still have a waist! I am sooooo happy with that! I will make some new bellyshots tomorrow as my belly really has grown over the past 2 weeks! This Friday I'll have my check up again.

And then we are expecting the kittens as well ofcourse!! Last sunday (not yesterday) we could go over there again to visit our little new loves! This picture is of the male Eros, we made it last sunday. He's such a pretty boy!
This one is taken last friday by the catteries owner Cristina, here Eros is exactly 10 weeks old and just had a bath!This is my sweet husband holding the little girl Eos, she will probably be called Shiva but we are not certain just yet.
And this is the pic Cristina took again after her bath at exactly 10 weeks old!Doesn't she look pretty and like a real princess? And look at their bellies, they are soooo cute and round!!! Love them already! Sunday June 21st they'll be brought over by Cris en Ben to live here with our other cats, can't wait!!!!
Well this is it for now, I am tired after all the cleaning and stuff, I am going to take a shower and then probably crash on the sofa or on the bed (airco is on as it it HOT out here!!!). Tomorrow another day, back to normal after a very long weekend together due to bank holidays! I will miss my husband like crazy again tomorrow, I so love having him around!
Bye for now!