zondag, april 19, 2009

Baby update

Well this is now a bit of a babyblog as I don't do much scrapping at the moment, wel I am working on something but it's not done just yet! I have been making the birth announcements and they are almost done, but I don't want to show them yet ofcourse! So to keep the blog up to date I decided to do a babypost! This first picture was taken last wednesday in our garden, the weather was awesome and I was just relaxing while our little girl was kicking me!!

This was taken by DH this afternoon when I was just staring into our garden, so tired after working our vegpatch (can you tell?) I somehow like this pic a lot as I look dreamy and hardly noticed he was taking pics op me!
This was last wednesday as well as I couldn't help myself anymore and just HAD to wash all the babystuff! These are only clothes, the diapers and bedsheets and all were upstairs drying as I didn't have enough space! Now the last bit is drying and then it's done! It was a whole lot of work, especially the ironing-bit!
Doesn't it look cheerful to you? I love these tiny little clothes and colors! I just found out when I put everything together in right order/size that I really don't have a whole lot besides onecies so I will try and go down town this week to buy some more tiny little clothes! (Yes DH knows and approved!!! ;-))
This is a pic of all the onecies I have, that's not that much right and they are in different sizes as well so I really " need" to buy some more ;-) Last friday I had my check up again, no more every 4 weeks but every 3 weeks now, so I am counting down! Just 73 days!! Everything was ok, lucky me! Our little girl also turned the right way as she was bottom first all the time but now she's head down! Love it, thanks little sweetie for doing that! She's growing well and I hardly gained weight yet, just 2,5 kilos (or about 5 pounds that is). So I am doing great! They checked my blood too for the iron and that was perfect for a pregnant woman, my bloodpressure as well so I don't have to worry about anything so far! May 8th I need to go again and May 14th there's an information-gathering of 1,5 hours about the delivery, just to be sure and well informed. So we'll go there ofcourse.

And last but not least I found out about this great site Rainbow Babies where you can order onecies and t-shirt and pretty much everything in all the colors of the rainbow and you can also print something on it. So I had this litte one made with a crown (as she is our princess ofcourse) and the word "Miss" and her full name underneath it but I don't want to spoil that yet so here's a partial picture. I also got a free little cap with it in the same color! Love it!
Well this is it for now,

donderdag, april 09, 2009

Loving it

Ok I am scrapping but I haven't finished it by far! So nothing to show at that front but... I do have these cute fabric to share! I am totally in LOVE with Pip Designs but I also think it is really expensive so I looked for fabric to make my own stuff! This is what I found so far!

I will make sheets and blanket for the babies bed from it. I think I can make 2 different ones and I will start with them later on today!
This monday we will go to Ikea again and buy the bigger bed that looks like this:
We'll also buy the matrass, sheets and blankets so it's all complete! I can start cleaning the babies room and wash her clothes and prepare! May 6th we will get the check up at home so everything needs to be ready then! Now I still am able to do so and have enough energy to do so!! Loving it when it all comes together! Hope to be able to make the bed as well then!
In the evening we will eat at my parents so we don't need to cook either! Tuesday I'll be totally broken ;-)
Have a great Easter you all!

maandag, april 06, 2009

My birthday!!

Well that was yesterday but today I will give you an update!
It all started saturday actually when Markus came over with a great bouquet of sunflowers and yellow roses and lilies and a great book about photography and compositions! Then Adam came in and brought me these yummy chocolates from a Belgium brand called Leonidas. Both stayed a little while which I really enjoyed.

Then my actual birthday, it started early as Igor and I woke up wayyyy too early. He sang to me, cuddles and kissed me and got out of bed to make me a most delicious breakfast (which I forgot to make a picture of). After breakfast it was "me-time" and I could only take a shower and put a mask on, make up etc as Igor didn't allow me to do anything at all! He vacuumcleaned, mopped the floor, cleaned the catbins etc. When he was done he took me to P&P in Doorn the new store which was opened! I loved it there, the shop is gorgeous and it's very bad for the wallet. It's not only scrapstuff but also home deco aaarrrghhh but I behaved!!! I only took this!

Today I told myself not to do anything as I am still tired, and so I didn't all morning but in the afternoon I got inspired to make a mini-book about "me at 30" but it turned out to be a "maxi-book" so far! The book is ready, the inside too and now it can be filled which will take me serveral days I guess! So I am off scrapping for a change!!!

Not that bad right? At 2 my parents, sister and hubby came over and later on my father in law too! I got spoiled with money and babystuff like socks and kind of like a sleepingbag with sleeves for the winter (trappelzak in Dutch). We had a nice afternoon, with lovely snacks but in the end when everybody left, I was totally worn out! I made pancakes for dinner and did the dishes and that was when the light went out! I slept really early and woke up at 9.25 am this morning!!

donderdag, april 02, 2009

Finally an update again!!

It has been a while I know! But I had nothing much to share but babystuff, and still no other news! Ok we did a lot in the house and garden! Our cat's "cage" is ready so now we can leave the backdoor open and sit outside without worrying about cats escaping! Love it! I am making it cosy, fun and cheerful by hanging up baskets with plants and flowers and it looks like spring now!!!
The weather has been been awesome too this last week! Tomorrow it will be a lovely summery day so they say!! Can't wait!

Then a baby-update:
On March 25th we had an ultrasound with 26 weeks, it was a 3d/4d one so we have a dvd where we can actually see her move! She was so cute but oh so stubborn! She kept helding her hand above her face, but we got 3 fun shots anyway, here's one! She looks like her dad (nose, chin and lips!).

This is the lamp we ordered that came in today and I hung it up but Igor has to do better as you can see! It matches the blue and pink in the room perfectly! I also bought some fabric like this to make blankets, which I will do soon!

This is how the crib looks now! I made this pink blanket the other day! It's white on the other side and pink on top. (made the bed a little crooked I know). The purple elephant is one I got when I was little and the sweater I knitted myself when I was like 12 or so! Still kept this one as I loved it soooo much!
This is a lovely set of clothes that I bought last Tuesday, I love it so much! Blue, no pink this time! I also bought her a pair of tiny jeans ánd a pair of trousers that match a dress I bought earlier. Still can't help but resist the temptation of buying these cute little clothes!!
This was made yesterday (I was just up for 30 minutes, can you tell?) at 27 weeks or 6 months exactly in the babys room ofcourse

And a real naked one! But I love it anyway so I will show it to you anyhow, all woman right? No particular parts so I am ok with it! On May 1st we will have a real photoshoot, I am 7 months pregnant then and I am so looking forward to it, it is even in our own home!
I am feeling fine now, no painfull belly in the morning when I get up, I take my breaks in the afternoon and often lay down for a while which helps a lot! I am doing fun stuff, no more pressure, I do what I want and if there's something left, well so be it, there's always tomorrow and that seems to help. Also Igor pitches in a bit more and that is soooo much better! That the weather improved and we have more sunshine and outdoors time helps a lot too! We worked the veggie garden last sunday for a while (bought these cooooool sweet cute rubber boots btw) and I slept like a baby that night after 2 hours of fresh air!
I love how everything seems to come together right now, the stuff we wanted to buy...we bought, the things we wanted to finish..... we finished. Everything we need for the baby is in (except for diapers) and I am feeling better finally after 6 months. We found our names for the little girl too, anouncements are ready as well, * sigh* I love it!
This sunday I will turn 30! The big three Oh!! And you know what... I love it! I really don't mind! Looking forward to a fun day with friends and family! Will be a lot of babytalk I think LOL and again I don't mind!!!
Big hugs