zondag, maart 25, 2007

No I haven't been scrapbooking! I have been creative though! I have been making Deck of Me cards. I just found out about them and "they" are already at card #11 so I have some work to do! I finished 3 already, I will scan them later on. I really hope the new FP paper is at Chantals soon this week! I have a HUGE order because I am almost out of paper. Anyway I had a great time making these cards!

This morning we went to the forest for a long walk and we loved it! It felt like spring, the sun was shining, the air smelling sooooo great! We listened to the birds, the wind in the treetops and the pinecones popping open due to the warmth of the sun, it was so lovely to be in nature again! We decided to go again next week if the weather allows us to! This is one of my favorite photo's I took today. You can click on it to enlarge.

Now I am off painting again! Oh I also made my own stamps with a plastic box, rubberband and mounting spray, I love to create! It only makes me more enthousiastic to make more and more! So off I go as my fingers are itching again!

donderdag, maart 22, 2007

Spring in the air

Today the weather has been so kind on us here but I didn't really enjoyed it much. I've been in the garden for about 20 minutes tops and then I went inside again. I was in a scrapping mood so had to take advantage of it ofcourse! I had some nice ideas but some I couldn't do due to insufficient scrapping materials. Too bad, another reason to order more new stuff!!!! I am running out of paper (well almost that is) so I made a LO with left overs which I really like how it turned out!
The LO I talked about yesterday, for the contest... well had some left-overs as well so used them to make another page similar to the on in the contest, now you may guess which LO I lifted?! (the person who made the original probably will know!)

dinsdag, maart 20, 2007

finally scrapping again!

After 9 days! Why? Well I was redecorating! I painted the stairs, did the ceiling and walls in our hallway/entrance and also some wood needed a fresh paint so I did that the past 9 days, also had to clean up a lot as there wasn't much time and energy to do that after all the work! Sunday Igors sister+husband came to visit us which was great! She started scrapbooking as well!
Well this is a LO I made today. A picture of Valentinesday this year, so sweet!
The other one I can't show just yet as it is my entry for a competition on scrapfever. We had to scraplift a lo from a DT-member. It was difficult to make a choice but finally I did and the LO was finished before I knew it! I enjoyed making it anyway!

zaterdag, maart 10, 2007

my favorite photo

Elsie asked what everyone's favorite photo was/is. I have a whole lot to be honost! It inspired me to make a mini album about my most valueble and favorites photo's.
This lo I made today. It's one of my favorite photo's that I took of my sweetie (also long hair Elsie!!!) click to enlarge!

The second one I made a few days ago, still using up old paper! It's going very well actually! I am all set (well almost) for the great new lines!

dinsdag, maart 06, 2007

I'm in the mood!

Or should I say mode? Scrapping mode, both I guess, anyway I finished 3 lo's again! You might think I do nothing else but scrapping.... well you are wrong! They just come rolling out! Only the pic on the bottom took me a whole afternoon, not the pic ofcourse but the lo. I loved how they turned out! This one I just finished!

This one is just soooo sweet, the big pic, the way he looks at me is sooo adorable but he is way up high on the pole so I couldn't cuddle him!

Last but not least a nice winter-ish lo! Love it, took me a lot of time to get it the way I wanted it and this is the result I am very happy with!

zaterdag, maart 03, 2007

again 2 lo's

Today was my lazy scrapday! I slept in today until 9.15 am! After that I had breakfast and cleaned the bathroom and mopped the hallways and stairs, quite boring I know! But when that was finished it was ME-time! I made 2 lo's. The first one is not as I wanted it to be.

The second one is great, well, I think so myself! What do you think? A great way to work with lots of photo's or a photoserie!

Well I am totally in scrappingmode so I will go one for a while since my sweetie will not be home within 2 hours!
bye now!

vrijdag, maart 02, 2007

Valentines mailbox

This was my entry for a Valentinescontest of a scrapstore, I really like how it worked out!

I also finished another Heritage page about my grandma, title: Lady in Red. It's quite hard I found to make heritagepages, thank god for 2p and it's examples!

Now this is all done I can concentrate on some new fun pictures! The new contest/challenge is to lift a lo from a DT member. There are so many great lo's so that will be a hard choice! But I am sure I will be able to make it work!! Still waiting for the new Fancy Pants paper to be in shop here!!! Hopefully it won't take all that long now!
Off scrapping now!
Have a great weekend all!