zaterdag, mei 31, 2008

Enchanted *must see*

Hi girls
just a little post about a movie! If you haven't seen this movie yet you really have to! It's such a sweet, funny, romantic, feel good movie! We watched it last night and we both loved it a whole lot!!! GO SEE!!!

vrijdag, mei 30, 2008

Big post!

Hi girls (and guys?)
This is going to be a big post, got lots to tell ya!
First of all I have been making cards over the past few days instead of lo's. I wanted to prepare for a DT call again but decided not to enter after all so here they are!

a christmascard already!

a different style for a change

A normal one without stamps

Pretty in pink/purple

This one was initially made with tattered angels templates to spray with glimmer mist, so I chose a butterfly to start experimenting with.

This is a lovely package I got from Inge! I sooooo love it, thanks girl!!! It's such a huge package! I love love love the floweralbum and the paper too! And and well everything!

Then yesterday we had a wedding of my uncle and his (now) wife! It was a great wedding and we enjoyed it a whole lot, saw some family/relatives again we hadn't seen in a very long time, talked, ate great great food, laughed a whole lot. They both looked so pretty but I haven't made pics as there were so many people with camera's. We'll probably get some by mail soon I hope! He had his marine costume on (white) and she had this amazing pretty dress with little flowers on it. Pretty couple! Now I am dead tired after such a long day but it was definately worth it!

I so want to share 2 more things with you all but I can't as I am not sure my mom and dad will read this blog or not, it's a surprise for the both of them, and something they will be surprised about when they find out! (no I am not pregnant!) So I will probably share that with you monday June 9 th!

Oh and next wednesday we will get our new computer! This one is old and very slow at this point and we really needed a faster one to work with adobe photoshop cs. I am taking so many pics at the moment due to my class that it's a system overload LOL!

I ordered Elsie's new book/recipe box today and some other cute stuff from AMM and hope they will arrive soon!

Well Ok I need to sign off as I really need to buy stamps now, I have a lot to send off and only 2 stamps left, that won't get me far so bye for today! have a great weekend, talk to you later


vrijdag, mei 23, 2008


Here are cards I made for a DT call. I love these vintage prints and then spraying them with glimmer mist! I made a whole bunch of these cards after these 2 as I like them so much, just my thing I guess!

donderdag, mei 22, 2008

New LO's

Here are pics of lo's I made for the DT call. I am sad I didn't make it ofcouse but I love how these lo's turned out though!

woensdag, mei 21, 2008


Ok here are some pics of an altered teabox I recently made. Actually I made this for a DT call, they were supposed to publish the results May 19th but haven't heared from them and there's nothing on their blog either so I think I am not a new DT member LOL So now I can show these things! This is the first one!

Yesterday I went down town with my mom to buy fabric for a dress that I want to make, It's such a lovely color but I don't know the exact English name, I think it is teal, we call it seagreen. It's a doublesided fabric which means I can use it both ways. One side is shiny like silk and the other is matt. I will make the top and straps shiny, the rest matt. I will ofcourse use my hotfix on it too!!!
I'll show you when it is finished ofcourse!

donderdag, mei 15, 2008

Baby bunny pics!!!

Here's a slideshow with my baby bunnies! I made pics just 2 days ago. Today they are 4 weeks exactly, which means I am halfway :-( in about 4 weeks I need to say goodbye to them. Maybe I will keep one!!!

dinsdag, mei 13, 2008

Shopping update

So here are the clothes I bought for summer. I also have 2 white leggings and 1 white pants but they aren't on the pic. To see full size, click on them as this slideshow isn't the best quality due to size of pics. I am so ready for summer now! I got enough clothes now! Just want some shoes and a jacket now and I'm done!

vrijdag, mei 09, 2008

Derek Ogilvie

Hi girls,
Well as some of you might know, I believe there's more to life than we see or know. I believe in spirits, gardian angels, guides or whatever you like to call it. There's a medium called Derek Ogilvie who has had a show here in Holland called "the baby whisperer" and now he has a show called "the ghostwhisperer" and you know what? I am going to go and see him June 15 th!!! I am so excited! Can't wait for that day to arrive!

Then there's some other scraprelated stuff too! I finally finished the new BOM that I am making with AMM's course! I love it, but mainly love what's IN it! Here are is the front cover inside and out.

I am working on day 2 and 3 right now! I really hope to catch up tomorrow! Maybe even post some pics!!!


donderdag, mei 08, 2008

Try something new for a change

And that's exactly what I will be doing! My sister is getting married in september, and I have been looking for a great dress but haven't found one yet, but I am not in a hurry!! Then I decided I wanted to make one of my own as I saw great fabrics the other day! I went to a site where they sell patterns and looked up a dress I loved. And I found several!!! I chose this one as it is easy to make (says the pattern information). I ordered it and it came in today. I think with help from my mom I can do this! This monday I will take the pattern over to her when we are having dinner there nd she'll help a bit. Then the week after we will go down town to buy the fabric! I think this will turn out just fine! This is what it is supposed to look like! Ofcourse I will add rhinestones here and there with my hotfix!!!

woensdag, mei 07, 2008

So this is

what every day life feels like! I finally have the feeling of "being all back" after being out for so long! I went down town Amersfoort today, on my own, without meds or anything. It went so great! I forgot one thing so I'll go back tomorrow morning to get it!
I went to the local craft store to buy a present for mothersday, and I bought some paper for myself. I am taking an online course on AMM to make a B.O.M. I love to make one every year so this is fun again! It's mainly abou the story behind the pics so lots and lots of journaling and I happen love that a lot! So I chose to use Black/White paper with turqouise and lime. I came home with the lovely MM papers 5th avenue! So I'll get started in a few!

I am also working on a mixed media painting. That's a new thing to me but I am doing good I think! It's not finished yet but I love it a lot already! I think it's hard just because I don't know what to do exactly yet so I ordered 2 books at and I hope they'll be in soon!

Just 4 to 5 more weeks before the new couch comes! Can't wait!!! I am now going to have this one:

maandag, mei 05, 2008

ok update!!

I promised to do that this weekend but I was too busy scrapping! I made a whole lot!!! But I loved doing so and I can say I pretty much scrapped all weekend besides some things we had to do. We had 2 great bbq's this weekend, the firsts of this year! Great food, great fun, great company.
Unfortunately Igors break is over again and he's back at work again boohoo!!! I miss him! I so love having him around! We've been creative together and had great fun doing so!
Well here's what I made!!!
This is for the flower challenge

I made this all for the AMM NSD weekend and it has been great fun, thnx ladies!!
xxxThis is for the "vintage" challenge from Hilde with my own prints
This card is for the "sketch" challenge tooThis is the "let it all hang out" challenge
This is the "color" challenge
This is a sketch challenge, I made a spread out of it!
This is the "food" challenge
This is the "scraplift" challenge from Hilde
This is the "imperfect photo" challenge

zaterdag, mei 03, 2008

Scrapbooking Day!!! Happy scrapping

Happy scrapping to you all!
I got up early and did all I had to do and DH helped me so I could scrap all day! DH is out at least halfway through the afternoon so I can do what I want! I'll be checking the AMM board/blog all day for challenges, contests and a nice chat!
I will also try and update this log throughout the day with pics of what I made so far, well if I can get anything done that is! I want to wish you all a happy scrappingday!!!

donderdag, mei 01, 2008

OLW: Grow + all the pieces...

This is my entry, it's about our new baby bunnies and my wish for them to grow up to be as cute as mom and dad! So they'll find good houses and a warm family to live in!

Today we worked the vegpatch again! It's all finished and we sew everything too! We bought some small veggieplants as well and put them in, and it looks great! We will probably go again this weekend. After that we visited Igors parents and just had to cuddle some of the big birds they have. Then we went home, I put new strawberry plants in the baskets and cleaned out the veggieyard here too. Now I am all done! Tomorrow we will go shopping (mainly grocery) and do something fun, no clue what yet! We'll see!

This is a clear album I made with the scrapfever scrapkit of this month! It's my first clear album! I made it because Igor and I are together for 5 years this year!
The title is: all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place when we are together!