vrijdag, augustus 28, 2009

scrapping and dresses and love love love

Yeah I scrapped some!!! I made challenge # 4 from the "scrapbooking from the inside out" messageboard. Something that made me feel vulnerable and I had to use a pic of something delicate, well what's more delicate than a baby? I processed the pic in Photoshop and paint shop and I love how it turned out!

I finished the little dress I made Pixie, they said it's size 56/newborn but that's Pixies size and this dress is too big! Doesn't matter, now I can also make little pants for under the dress so she can wear it later on when the weather is getting colder as well, onesie with longsleeves and all done! I think it looks so cute on her! I so love her little chubby white legs and arms!!! and ofcourse her chubby cheeks!!! Love to kiss them silly!!! Ok this blog is about to drip with drewl LOL!!!

Have a great weekend all!

donderdag, augustus 27, 2009

Dresses and sadness

Well I found me something interesting besides scrapping! Making babydresses!!!
I got this pattern of a cute little dress and had some fabric left of the blankets I made for Pixie. I tried making it with those leftovers before buying expensive fabric. This is how it turned out:
A bit too big and fluffy and I just HAD to try it on her! Doesn't she look cute? So I decided that with little adjustments I could make it work so I bought these fabrics. The 2 on te right are for the dress which is already halfway done!!! The pink on the left is for sweatshirts and pants so I will probably make pants of it and maybe a little skirt. The purple one with the dots... I have no clue yet!!!

Then we had some visitors again last week, one of them, Igors colleague bought us this cute little winter outfit!! She's spoiled again this week! This sunday we will visit friends of us, who already spoiled her, but couldn't help but do it again so they bought a load of pressies again! So cute and sweet! Gets me all shy!
Then there's the little girl ofcourse who is doing so great!!! I am so enjoying being a mommy!! I really should have started sooner ;-) Yesterday I had my final check up at the gyn/obs which made me a little sad, because the whole periode of being pregnant/delivery/new mommy is over now. No more check ups, back to normal life as it is :-( A very special period has come to an end and it's tough on me I noticed to close that up and go on. I felt so special, wonderful, like a real woman (I still do but ok...), shining and now I feel like that has to stop as well, can't really put into words how I feel right now.
The doctor noticed that I was still shining and in love with my baby and he said; your still glowing, I am SURE we will see each other again someday soon!
I hope he's right!!! I can't get pregnant for another 4 months at least because of the c-section and the wound so not that soon mister LOL!!!! He's a very nice and sweet and patient man, so no worries for the future for me! Hopefully we will be blessed to have another one someday. But for now I am sooooo happy and thoroughly enjoying our little Pixie-baby!!!

maandag, augustus 24, 2009

Little Update

Oh no we can't get enough of each other! I just nursed her and we had this great little moment where she stares at me for a long time and I love those moments, she has the most beautiful blue eyes!! Yes I am in love with my own daughter !!!

And this is the smile you get when you open your eyes in the morning! A very wide smile and shiny eyes!!! She looks well fed I know ;-)

And dear daughter/mommy moments, look at me being tired!!! It was a long long long, very long (did I mention long?) night that night!! I still love her anyways!
I so love being a mommy, it comes natural to me, I think I am a born mother and I would LOVE to have another baby someday (soon). We ofcourse are now enjoying Pixie to the fullest and want to enjoy each and every minute of her, and I can, I still don't have to work up until April next year! So she'll be 9 months old by then! So fortunate to be in this position with her!!

She is still suffering from cramps, that's so sad. "They" say it will take up until 3 months before it's over and it's at it's worst at 5 to 7 weeks so we are in the worst part of it right now, and hopefully things will get better soon for her.

My friend Silvia came over yesterday, we picked her up at the station and she stayed with us for a while, this was the only "normal" picture we took!! We've known each other for a while now (over a year now, july 2008) and this was the first time we actually met! She came to see Pixie too ofcourse ;-)
Then some scraprelated stuff... this is the lo I made for a challenge, from scrapbooking from the inside out. The challenge was to scrap about something that kept you safe or give you that feeling when you were little, designtwist was to use the velvet paper from the kit, I made flowers with that. So this is my take on the challenge!!
This is it again for now, I am going to get Pixie out of her bed as she is still crying and doesn't want to go to sleep! So I think I'll put her in my own bed and lay next to her for a while, mommy could use a nap too!
Last but not least my friend Marije, gave birth to a dear baby girl yesterday!!! I am so happy for her as it took her so long, I am so proud!!! She send me a text message about half an hour after she was born and I was jumping up and down with tears in my eyes!!!! So again Marije congrats!!!

donderdag, augustus 20, 2009


Well I finally worked on my kit from "scrapbooking from the inside out". As I mentioned before the theme is SAFETY so I used the word SAFE to make this lo about Pixie and me, I typed a letter for her to read when she gets older and pasted it onto the back of the lo And this is proud dad playing with his little baby girl and he LOVES it!

It's like really hot out here, too hot to do anything so now that I put Pixie to bed (finally as she suffers from the heat as well poor thing) I will scrap again with the kit to do a challenge that has to do with "what kept me safe as a little girl". Love that idea. I have been working on it already, just needs a finishing touch!
Last but not least some pics of Pix! Here Pix is sharing her carrier with Eos our Sphinx, she loves being around Pixie at all times!!! When I nurse Pixie, Eos is lying on my lap watching the whole thing ;-)

zondag, augustus 16, 2009

Pixie 6 weeks old

First of all, Pixie had a very long long night!!! She slept at 11 after a bumpy start of the night! But she was soooo tired that she slept until 6!! Loved that! Then I fed her and we slept again til 9.15!! Yeah so energy enough today!!!
At 12 we went to my sister as she had a huge bag of clothing for our little girl that we got from her friends!!! Ofcourse we had to take pics with Pix and auntie Sabrina.

This is the pile of clothes on our livingroom floor, ready to be sorted out! Eos already started!

Pixie is 6 weeks old today which officially ends a period we call "kraamtijd", so now it's back to the real world and get off that pink cloud 9!!! Too bad though! I loved being there ;-) Anyhow, we are still being spoiled rotten for our little babygirl! Everyone is bringing us presents, and can't resist buying those minisocks or shirts or whatever they find and it's all adorable!!! I never thought this would happen and I knew we had some close friends and relatives but I never imagined this much! I am so grateful for it all!! Makes me feel warm, loved and all emotional (still blaming it on the hormones though!)

As I said Pixie is 6 weeks now, she is learning and developing new skills so fast!!! She's already rolling over from her back onto her side and to her belly, today she even tried to roll back but she hasn't got the hang that just yet. (fast isn't she?). She is smiling a lot but I haven't managed to get that on camera just yet, here is a smurk though hehe.

I have been scrapping as well with a wonderful kit I mentioned earlier, from scrapbooking from the inside out. The theme is "safety" and I made 2 lo's already, 1 for fun and 1 is a challenge from the messageboard. I will make pics tomorrow. I am also expecting another package tomorrow with scrapgoodies, I ordered another load of Basic Grey Lemonade you see, I couldn't resist! I love it so much! It inspires me big time!

Well enough for now, it's past 10 pm now and I think my little one wants to be nursed again in a little bit, and I really want to take a shower before that, it's been hot again today and this upcoming week, it will even be hotter!!! Poor little Miss Pixie :-(

woensdag, augustus 12, 2009

What I do at night....

when Pixie is asleep? Well this!! The first one I made 2 nights ago, and the other 2 I made last night! They are scraplifts in some kind of way. I love how they turned out but ok I am in love with my own daughter so everything with her on it is pretty ;-)

I love working with the Lemonade line from Basic Grey but I am almost through so I ordered some new papers today and I hope they'll come in soon! They just work for me and Pixie ofcourse. I love dressing her in pink, and her room is turqouise and lime and those are the main colors of this Lemonade line! I will switch to purple tonight as I will start working on the scrapkit from scrapbookingfromtheinsideout!!! Thanks for looking!

maandag, augustus 10, 2009

Another lo!!

Really people ask me how do I manage to have some time left to scrap with a 5 week old baby and 2 kittens! Well just plan well! I think it is important to have some "ME-time" as well on a day, so when she takes her afternoon nap, I take that time for myself, during the morningnap I do some household and late afternoon nap again some household. In the evenings I have all the time for our little family and if DH goes out to do something for himself and our little lady is in bed, I have some time left again to do some laundry or scrap!!!

This is a scraplift from a lo I saw on 2 peas, forgot her name, sorry!!! I made it my own ofcourse and I love it again! I am already working on a new one again!

There are some days that babies just wont stop crying or are not satisfied with anything you do, this morning was one of them so I tried pretty much everything. Some pics of today:
Pixie in her carryer on my belly asleep within minutes!

In her own chairs, she likes it but her belly doesn't, she threw up in this chair twice! Look at her big round belly after dinner!
Her playthingy, she didn't like it just yet!
Love how it looks ;-) feels fine to me!!!

donderdag, augustus 06, 2009

3 lo's!!!

Ok so I wrote that a rainy day was perfect to get some scrapping done, well.. so is hot weather as it is too hot to be outside in the sun! So I scrapped some lo's the past 3 days! Here they are, all about Pixie ofcourse! I lifted ideas from other peoples lo's to be honest but I like them anyway, a whole lot actually!!! The middle one was actually originally a digital lo but I chose to lift it in a paper version! Yesterday she was 1 month old already by the way, time flies so fast!!! (click on images for bigger version so you can read the journaling)

My little cutie with her sun hat on! She didn't like it at all!!!

zondag, augustus 02, 2009

What to do on a terribly rainy day?

well... BLOG!!!
Ofcourse about our little fairy, scrapping and baking cupcakes and our holiday! Lots to talk about that is! So I guess this will be a long post with lots of pics.
First some scrapping I have done! This is a lo I showed before but it wasn't finished back then. Now I added a picture, and date of birth and can show the name now ;-) I love how it turned out! This picture is actually taken 2 hours after birth!

Yesterday I got in my breastpomp and I tried it, and it worked! I could get some out and this was the first time "daddy" could feed her. She took the bottle without hestitation and finished it without a problem! Then she wanted more!Isn't she the cutest ever? I love you too little girl!!! Loads and loads and loads!! The thing she's wearing was meant to be her first outfit, just right after she was born in hospital but it was way too big, now it's just perfect! She looks so adorable and cute in it.

She makes funny faces every day and I could finally capture one on camera, it's hard but I managed, it's not her funniest face but it's one of them! Don't you just love the little hat on her? She doesn't have to wear it though but I wanted to show it on pic!

This pic was taken yesterday right after her bath. I putted her on her belly as I wanted to put lotion on her back, she looked so smart that I had to take this pic! I love her little naked body and bum!! It's so tiny!

And last but not least I have been baking some mini cupcakes cardemom/orange ones yummy! I decorated with buttercream (pink) with edable glitter!! And just simple pink sugar icing with glitter too! I love them and they taste so great! Loved doing this again after such a long time! Next time I will probably bake a pretty cake with decoration like Wilton does! Or at least I will try!
Enough for now, I am going to clean my desk and start working on Pixies lo's if she lets me as it is close to "feeding time"! Have a great sunday!

Ps this great kit is on it's way to finding my house! I ordered it atscrapbooking from the inside out
. The theme is SAFETY and the color of the kit is purple, my favorite color together with pink! Can't wait to get my hands on it and work with it!I made this album as the title says for my pregnancy bom. I used wallpaper from Pixies room to make the outside of it, just because I love it so much and had loads left and as a reminder for the future that that was what her room looked like. I filled it with the lo's I made so far but it's full and stuffed already! I still have some pics left I want to scrap so I guess I have to make a second album for this!This is a new album for Pixies lo´s, it´s an 8x8 size as I love this size to scrap in/on and I already have loads of ideas for her little journal! I just started writing down some of the ideas that I had and soon it were 2 pages filled with titles/ideas/sketches etc! So enough work for me to do ;-) This is made with the wallpaper from the other wall in her room, actually the same print but different colors!