dinsdag, juli 31, 2007

This morning....

is all about household. Yaiks not my favorite thing but well it needs to be done every now and then. I did some groceryshopping, made some indonesian food already for tonight and washed the windows, now I am going to try to clean out my scraproom!!! Well it is already tidied up (for as long as it takes) and I will actually go and do the cleaning now, but I will leave you with something I made last night....

Another spread, this time about an ordinary day in my life. I am so in love with this paper, I really didn't expect me loving this BG infuse! I wanted to try a new scrapstyle, vintage and romantic and it worked out well I think. I am almost through this great paper now.

maandag, juli 30, 2007

Vintage/Romantic BOM

Hi there!
Yesterdayevening and this morning I finished 3 vintage kinda lo's. I lifted a lo from Hilde as I think she makes great lo's in vintage kinda style with lace and all and I love those but I thought it was rather difficult to make one so I decided to lift one. I loved it so much I wanted to make a spread so I pasted the papers in opposite directions but glued the lace at the wrong end on the second lo :-( Well I love them anyway! I loved it so much that today I wanted to make one all on my own so no examples and I am sooooo happy with it! (It's the third pic.)
The first 2 are about romantic memories I have from our dating period, I love them so much I really had to scrap them. One of them is that we ate strawberries for breakfast at 6.30 am in the backyard in bikini/shorts as the weather was so terrific! I was house-sitting at that time and we enjoyed that period so much! The other memories are on tags behind the pic of roses.

This third lo is about our wish to get married but due to circomstances we can't just yet and I sometimes wonder if we ever will...

I am already working on a new lo again for my BOM and I love working on it and really enjoy it as well! Scrapping works theraputic, it really does! Relaxing, exciting and all different emotions mixed together!

zaterdag, juli 28, 2007

Envelopeswap and bom

I entered an envelopeswap on a messageboard that Annemiek started and we got some cute and great stuff to work with that we all HAD to use on 1 lo. A real challenge to me but enjoyed it all the way! So Annemiek, here's my entry!

I also finished another lo for my BOM, it's about Angels, in person or in spirit and how I believe in them. I used a photo of a Guardian Angels Pin I got from Nic (another angel) and behind the photo is a little booklet that tells my story.

Last but not least, we bought new flowerpots and all the same! Igor surprised me (again!!!) by buying some more pots and beautiful orchids in them, lookie at this:

Today was a great day! I got up at 7 am! Did some laundry, sandpapered some furniture, cleaned out the entire kitchen, bought more paint, painted furniture, took care of the animals and cleaned out the birdhouse, rabbithouse, catbins, and worked the garden some more!! Now I am tired and haven't done much for the last one and a half hours! Still planning to scrap some! So off again trying
have a great weekend!

vrijdag, juli 27, 2007

Lookie what I got!!!

Just arrived from the states!!! The new Elsiestuff I am loving it!!!
Thnx girls!!!

dinsdag, juli 24, 2007

Emotionally loaded

hello this beautiful day!
No the weather sucks but still it's a beautiful day! Why? Well I made some pretty and emotional and spiritually loaded lo's for my BOM. I really wanted to go a bit deeper than just what my favorite color of food is and so I did. I had a little help from a document I found on internet and just started writing and writing. And started scrapping. Most journaling is hidden as it is so personal but I can tell you a little about it though.

This first one is about our first kiss, what I thought, what I felt, and much more as it wasn't just a kiss but a beginning of a whole new time for me.

This one is about what I learned from you, like stand up for myself and watch my boundries, I am alllowed to say NO and many more things, it's all hidden behind the tag which you can open up like a little book.

And last but surely not least is what you mean to me. This might not be the most beautiful lo I ever made, but the feeling is sooooo true en deep and sincere and pure that in a way it IS the most beautiful one.

I really love this little travel through my feelings! I ofcourse will make some lo's that are about my favorites and all but those are the more obvious subjects that you might tell anyone if you know what I mean. So I am scrapping my butt off again and loving it!!
Oh and yesterday I went on a little shoppingspree again! I really have to practise to feel at ease even outside my own home and outside my "safe radius" and it's really really hard but I am getting there. Yesterday I had a great day and made great progress and hope to keep it up! Today I had "a day off" as the weather is crap, but tomorrow it will be dry all day (they say) so I will try again to go somewhere! Will keep you posted.

zaterdag, juli 21, 2007

Holidays and gifts

Well today I had an amazingly great day! I was feeling ok, went out and actually shopped and enjoyed it! Yesterday school holiday started, so no screaming kids in front of my door! sigh! Across the street there's a school for kids between 4 and 12 years and every hour it's a lot of noise and I usually don't mind, but now that it's going to be silent for a couple of weeks....
Anyway my sweetheart bought me this gift so it wouldn't be all silent anymore! Crazy him. You know what he bought? Lookieeee at this, aint it freakin' cute?

So this morning I went shopping for a game for this pretty girl and succeeded ofcourse. After that I bought a present for Nic's daughter Amaya, just 2 more to go and all kids will be a bit spoiled August 5th! I also bought some new clothes, espadrilles, flipflops, a black t-shirt Igor will airbrush for Nic's son Sammy, Lazy pants, lotion, and I visited a supermarket that recently opened it's doors here. Well it was there already but they expanded and rebuild all etc and it was my first time to go there and MAN am I in love! This mondaymorning I will go again and do my groceryshopping over there totally calm no stress and observe what's there! Looking forward to it!
Have a great weekend all!

vrijdag, juli 20, 2007

2 times simple

and 1 time LOVE!!! Ok let me explain. I made 2 simple lo's, not really my style but loved it anyway! I wanted to try something different.
1 time love is a lo I made for my BOM about my big love Igor!!!
Behind his picture there's a huge journalling about why I love him!

Wanna see an inspiring and colorful blog? Check out Marieke's weblog! It was so freakin' inspiring to me today!!! I am surely will make something that colorful in near future! Now I am busy working on my BOM, thinking about ideas, how to process them, Actually my mind is overflowing with ideas and inspiration so I am gonna get myself a pen and paper and make a little place in the cornor of my couch and write them all down with a cup of red tea/rooibos! Bye bye for now!

dinsdag, juli 17, 2007

Another 3!!!

New layouts! Yesterday I finished the first one which was almost done to begin with, so just a finishing touch, the second one I made yesterday evening and the third one this morning at 6 am! I started cutting out the letters yesterday but it almost gave me blisters!
It was soooo hot and humid that I hardly slept last night. I went in at 11 pm and slept at about 12, woke up at 4 am and couldn't sleep after that, Igor had to get up half an hour later and when he went off to work I got up as well. So I am tired, sleepy and all but apparently it's great for my scrapMOJO!!! So I won't stop untill my eyes drop!

maandag, juli 16, 2007

Recipe swap

After days/weeks of painting and all, I decided I was going to do none of that today! I decided to scrap all day! And so I did. I started making the recipe cards for a recipeswap I am hosting on Scrapfever and they are almost finished! I used some Bo Bunny Marakesh/Paris paper but didn't have enough of that so I have to order again! (ohw boohoo what a nasty thing... NOT)
Here are my 3 recipes!

dinsdag, juli 10, 2007

Visiting Nic

Well last sunday we finally went over to see my scrapfriend Nicole We initially planned it a week before but due to my flu we couldn't. I say "finally" because it has been 1,5 months ago!!
Unfortunately I didn't take any pics (what kind of scrapper am I?) but she did! She made some cute pics of me and my sweetie. It was a great day and had great fun. She has some cute cute cats and a surprise as she didn't tell me she got this adorable new kitten called miepie. We gave her and the kids a new baby rabbit that she called "Angie" after Igor and me, crazy woman!

We ate yummy Indonesian Lemper which I never had before but determened to make them myself soon! And I got this cute present! We decided we would make one another a scrapalbum and send each other 1 lo per month and I had send her mine a few weeks ago but I got hers sunday and she already made me one lo about Miepie (she reminds me of a kitten I once had, she looks like him in so many ways!) and she made me a green necklace which I totaly love. She made the beads herself with fimoclay, really amazing and haven't figured it all out yet how she did that! Love it anyway. She made to match my new shirt!!!! Here are the pics.

donderdag, juli 05, 2007


hi there,
Well I am still not all better but well enough to get some scrapping done! I made this lo about strawberries which again is a lift as I loved the original one so much. I also made the first lo of the Book of Me.

Do you like? I also tried to catch up on the Deck of Me and I did! Well not there yet but just a few more cards to go! Will put them in my 2P album soon