woensdag, maart 18, 2009

pretty stuff + baby-update ofcourse!

A new post from me again! This time about stuff I bought at 2peas! I can't believe I ordered it, and 5 days later it was here, there was even a weekend in those 5 days!
This first pic is some gorgeous vintage paper from K&Company that I couldn't resist! So pretty, the 2 papers on the upperleft side even have a great pearl shimmer to it and the 3rd glitters!

This is almost everything for the Basic Grey Porseline collection that I really love! I am already working with it now!

These are some sheets of My Minds Eye that I wanted to complete a project I am working on, a scraplift from a lo I am totally in LOVE with!

2 little books that I am working on with the BG papers, it will be a present for our parents, grandparents to be!

And ofcourse I couldn't resist these very pretty beautiful, vintage and romantic flowers from the new Prima Marketing line! There are more that I ordered but haven't arrived just yet.

Scrapping is not easy at this point, my brain is like snot (sorry for the word) and it just doesn't seem to work properly, but it all seems to be due to the pregnancy so I decided I do want to scrap! So I will look for great examples and lift some of it. I hope in 15 weeks things will work again! (well maybe a bit later than that, my girl first ofcourse!).

***baby- update***
I can't believe it's just 15 more weeks now! This friday we'll have another checkup, next wednesday another ultrasound in 3d/4d which we are so looking forward to! Then we will have to wait 14 more weeks to see "the real deal". Oh patience is such a hard thing! We both can't wait to hold and see our little treasure! Her room is almost finished now, tomorrow shades will come in, and a planchet for her little stuff, I need a little carpet and some stuff to decorate the wall, and a lamp and we are totally finished! Then I can start cleaning the room and wash clothes!!!
She's really alive and kicking and the last few days she's keeping that for the night when I am trying to sleep but she's doing well. I finally started to gain a little weight by now! Just half a kilo :-) not much right! Well I am off scrapping again!!

zaterdag, maart 07, 2009

another new lo!

Here's another lo for my pregnancy BOM. "Wonder" is dutch for "miracle". On the back is my journaling saying how much I love the kicking and moving that she does! This is lifted by the way and made it my own.

Today I am really tired, I even slept a little over an hour this afternoon as I couldn't stay awake! Now it's 4 pm and I need to put the chicken in the oven! Love that yummy! The day went by fast after all which I am really happy about. I think I'll be in bed early tonight! Have a great weekend all!

donderdag, maart 05, 2009

Rak winner! + scrapwork

Hi Girls,
Finally I am here again, and will announce the winner of a lovely RAK, which has been delayed a bit, sorry!!!
But first let me start with my new lo's! I am happy with them!

This is a lo I had on my desk for quit some time and couldn't finish it but I finally did, it's not my best but I like it anyway.

This one I finished today, it's a pic of our 20-week ultrasound when we found out we are having a babygirl! Ofcourse it had to be in PINK!

This is a lo I made yesterday, about the first 3 months of pregnancy, which weren't all that fun! But I survived!!

And last but not least I drew a name at random and it's Natacha!!! So please mail me your address so I can send you the RAK as soon as possible!

** Baby-update**
So we got the carseat yesterday! I love it, it's also in pink ofcourse! I also bought some more clothes but not all that much! I bought pink pj's and 1 lovely set of clothes for fall this year, but haven't made pics yet of them. They are cute, believe me! ;-)
I am doing great too, my sleep it rather funny as it differs every night so it seems, one night I only sleep 4 hours and last night I slept from 11 pm till 8.15 am!
The little girl is growing fast and is really alive ánd kicking! The last 2 days she's awake more and kicks my belly all the way around, so much fun! I am 23 weeks and 1 day today! Just 2 weeks and 6 days until our next (and last) ultrasound!