zaterdag, december 30, 2006

new lo's

hi there!
Yesterday Igor took me to paper and pictures to buy some scrapbooksupplies and I really enjoyed it again! I bought some christmaspaper to make a christmas mini-album, 2 packs of embellishments, some stickers and labels and a grey pritt ofcourse.
Igor bought me this great album with 25 refills! As a late christmaspresent!
It's great isn't it?

When we got home we had a quick supper as Igor and Adam had to bring the car to the garage to get it painted!!! Finally!!! I'll show the results when it's back!
Igor left and I went to my scraproom to work with my new stuff ofcourse. I finished 4 lo's! Ok most of it was ready but it was the finishing touch. One I can't show just yet as it is for a competition but I will show it as soon as the results are in.
This is my favorite:

This one is about my friend Kelly who lives in southern France now, this picture is us back in 1988 or 1989 I am not sure. It's also an Elsie Challenge #1

And this is an Elsie Challenge #2

I am off now; working on my christmasalbum!!!
(btw this is my 50th post!)

woensdag, december 27, 2006

I've been tagged by Fauve

A - Available or single: Neither
B - Best Friend: Can't name just one
C - Cake or Pie:Pie
D - Drink of choice: Crystal Clear Lemon
E - Essential Item you use everyday: Computer
F - Favorite color: Purple
G - Gummy Bears or worms: Gummy Bears
H - Hometown: Amersfoort
I - Indulgence: Chocolate and scrapbookmaterials!!!
J - January or February: February
K - Kids & Names: none
L - Life is Incomplete Without:Love and pets
M - Marriage Date: Not married
N - Number of Siblings: 1 sister
O - Oranges or Apples: Oranges as I am allergic to Apples
P - Phobias or Fears: Spiders and fear itself
Q - Fav Quote: Shit happens. I don't fail, I learn
R - Reason to Smile: Waking up next to my sweetie to start with
S - Season: Summer
T - Tag 3 or 4 people: Harrie, Sterre and Sheila
U - Unknown Fact about Me: I am shy
V- Vegetable You Don't Like: white cavage
W - Worst Habit: bad temper in the morning
X - Xrays: none
Y - Your Fave Food: Anything Italian or Japanese SUSHI!!!
Z - Zodiac Sign: Aries

Thanks Fauve, love this!!!

dinsdag, december 26, 2006

Merry Christmas to you all!!!

Since this is the season of giving thanks I really feel I should mention people. First of all Igor, my sweetie who has been terribly patient and kind af caring over the last year. I love him soooo much *big SMOOCH* to you dear.

Then I would really like to thank all the people I met this year who inspired me in any kind of way, and I really hope you all will continue doing this in 2007! (you know who you are!) I really hope you all will have a wonderfull christmas with love, family, good food and present and please think about someone who might need it too!!!!
Love and hugs

dinsdag, december 19, 2006

Christmascard/star minibook

This year I decided to do it a little bit different! I learned how to scrap this last few months so I decided to make a star mini album instead of a card, but just only for our parents!!! They loved it. So here are a few pics, the rest is here in my 2P album. Take a look!!!

zondag, december 10, 2006

Strange weather

hi all,
The weather here is totally upset! Yesterday I was complaining about the fact that it wasn't really winter yet, it looks like fall and even the temperatures are way too high! But today my complaints have been heard as it is so cold outside now! I won't complain (try again tomorrow morning at 7 am!) I did take some great pics yesterday and 2 of them are really scrapable and really wanted to share them.

Today I have been writing my christmascard and preparing a surprise for Igor, which is so hard as I really don't know what to surprise him with in the first place as it is his birthday this thursday ánd it is christmas 11 days later! So it is an expensive month for us, double expensive! But I have an idea now that I will start working on tomorrow afternoon!

zaterdag, december 09, 2006

Back again!

The computer is fixed again! Igor asked his co-worker if he knew what was wrong and he did. It was fixed in an instant so I am very happy. I hope I can buy the cd thing next month so I can save a back up on a cd rom. I was a bit worried as I don't have a back up of all my stuff, which includes a whole lot of pics!
Well; not having a computer has it's advantages; I made more LO's then when I do have a computer! So here are a few photo's. I completed 5 and am working on 2 still.
Love the new paper I got last week!

The rest of them are in my 2peas album

donderdag, december 07, 2006

pc broke down!

hi there,
just a short message from me. I am sitting in the library right now typing this message as my computer at home broke down! I hope it will be fixed soon, or that I will be able to buy a new one, so it will be a bit quiet around me here, sorry!\Hope to see you soon again!

dinsdag, december 05, 2006

And again...

A new LO that I finished last night but it was too dark to take a good picture so I think the colors aren't exactly as they should be. But ok enough to give you an impression. I scraplifted this one so it's a mutiple Elsie Challenge but I decided to make it a # 9 challenge: doodle on photographs so here it is! (By the way I used Basic Grey color me silly paper and all the purple embelishments I got in a swap)

maandag, december 04, 2006

Flowers So Romantic!

Hi there,
Here's a 12x12 Lo again, it has been at least 2 weeks since I last made such a LO! I am pretty satisfied with it. I used the new cosmo cricket paper (frontside and back). I just made that picture of lovely flowers I bought 2 days earlier and now they were all opened. I just ***LOVE*** flowers!

Tonight I will spend the night scanning some old pics that I took with my analoge camera. I didn't have a lot of fun pictures to scrap (how did that happen?) so I decided to go through some old photo albums and found tons! I will scan them tonight and order them so I will have them wednesday I guess and after that I will spend the night scrapping I guess. Igor has to go to school and tomorrow I really don't have to do anything so I can scrap away again!

zondag, december 03, 2006

Last 3 pages

Hi hi,
I finally finished my last 3 pages of my Elsie Culture Study! check out here! It's not very special although I do like the last page! I added some ribons to the rings and all done!

Yesterday I got my package at 4.30 pm can you believe it, all day waiting!!!! But it was worth it big time as the paper is soooo pretty. I ordered the Blush from Basic Grey and Mulberry and Claire de Lune from Fancy Pants and they are *sooo* pretty!
The new contest for this month is "winterwonderland" We have to make a 12x12 LO with a winter theme and use at least 2 winter brads/eyelets. I don't have a single one so I will have to order them, very smart Chantal!!

zaterdag, december 02, 2006


It's almost the end of another year, a time to give thanks, a time to look back, a time to set new goals for the next year, a time to reflect. That's exactly what I did the other day. Here are my results. What are your goals for 2007? I achieved at least one goals of 2006 and that was to quit smoking! I also put some other LO's in my 2p album here

vrijdag, december 01, 2006

Not all that

Hi there!
Today the result came of the contest, I didn't win so now I can show my lo's here. I didn't think that much of it, wasn't satisfied with both of them but I had to make a choice. So I send in the red one. Here they are, judge for yourself!
The other LO I made is in another contest which will hopefully end next week!
I am really looking forward to tomorrow as my order comes in again! I ordered this great paper of chatterbox, the blush line of Basic Grey and Claire de Luna and Mulberry of Fancy Pants. Great great great (did I mention great?) looking paper! Oh and ofcourse the bling bling Bazzill! Couldn't resist!
Have a great weekend y'all!