dinsdag, oktober 31, 2006

Dolphins on my birthday

hi hi,
Well I finally was able to make a LO about our visit to the dolfinarium on my birthday on april 5th this year. Why did it take me that long? Well I couldn't find the right paper but I finally did! It is Basic Grey's Oh Baby!
Today I didn't scrapbook, I started making Christmascards! I finished 4 , 19 to go! I don't send a lot of Christmascards so 23 in total is still a lot for me!
Well anyway this is the LO I finished yesterday .

maandag, oktober 30, 2006

LO # 60 and 1 album done

Hi there, how's life?
Today I finished LO #60 and it was my 20th LO on 12x12 so my first album is done! I bought some refills so I can make another 20 LO's now, but don't think it will fit actually, so that's a nice excuse to buy a new album soon!
This is the LO I finished today. Saturday I got these great chipboard letters of Heidi Swap, I love them! What to do now? I guess I will start a new LO again, with brown Cherry Arte paper I also got in this saturday!
Got any nice LO ideas? Or subject ideas? Why? Well this sunday we didn't go to the forest as I hoped and I am almost out of pics! Can you imagine?

zaterdag, oktober 28, 2006

New photo's

I really need to take new pictures. I am almoste done! I only have a few photo's left to do and can't figure out what paper to use!
So I decided to take my camera and made some new pics of me, or at least I tried. Now I hope that Igor has some time left for me in his busy existance to go to the woods with me tomorrow morning for a nice walk and take some pics. (I am hoping that for several weeks now!)
My cats are sick and tired of that flash you see;) They are hiding as soon as I apear with the camera LOL!!

Anyway I am also waiting for a package to arrive from scrapfever with some nice stuff. I really hope it will arrive soon! Maybe it will give me some new inspiration. I can start a new mini-album on each of my cats but I don't have kittenpictures of Silver and Tim as they weren't with me as a kitten and Igor didn't take any pictures unfortunately.

Well you all have a nice weekend!

donderdag, oktober 26, 2006

Misty again

Hi there!
Yesterdayevening I started a LO on Misty again, I love this cat! He's just so photogenic! I enlarged a part of a picture, just the eyes and nose. I wanted to write a lot about him on that LO so I chose to do a hidden journal and this is my result. What do you think about this LO?
*sorry took it out because I entered a contest with this LO. It will be back soon*

woensdag, oktober 25, 2006

heart shaped mini-book

Yesterday I started a heart shaped mini book about Igor and I. I saw that idea in the magazine Scrapbook and decided to make one of my own. It looks great! It's not done yet because I need more pics of us together. Here's a peak!

If you want to see more, please check here

zaterdag, oktober 21, 2006


What is finished? Our photoswap, it's all done. Hilde is on a Holiday to England now so I will send hers when she gets back, the other ones I mailed yesterday together with a nice homemade rak. I hope they like them.
I also got all of my photo's back and they turned out so well!! I love them, so thank you ladies a whole big lot!!!
Here are 3 of the 10 that I got!

dinsdag, oktober 17, 2006

new LO's

Hi there,
How are you all? The last few days I've been busy completing the lo's I made for the photoswap and they are all done! I will send them off today. I also enclosed a little RAK, handmade, not bought so girls watch your mailbox!
I also ordered some new stuff today at an online scrapstore. Some paper, chalks, chipboard and UTEE. I saw this great chipboard figures like flowers, paisleys and buttons and I just had to order them!! So I did!
Oh don't forget to go and see the new blog of Sheila. She just aired it!
Here are some pics of the LO's I made for the girls!

woensdag, oktober 04, 2006


hi there!!!
Today I finished the first photoswap I ever did! I got pictures from 3 different, funny, lovely woman. I finished the pics of one of them. I can't show it here just yet, as it will not be a surprise to her! But as soon as I mail them I will put them in my gallery! Now I can start for one of the other woman. I really like doing this!
Today I also went budget shopping and I bought this lovely 8x8 inch album for just € 3,00!! I also bought some lovely flowers made of strass stones(€1,29) and some fuchsia purple little metal flowers(€0,69). I love them!
Bye for now!
Oh just a sneak