dinsdag, december 04, 2007

Day 6 of Christmas

Day 6: When do you put up your decorations?
Here in Holland we've got this holiday called "Sinterklaar" which is like Santa, but after this man has left (6 december) most of the people put up their decorations as am I! I started yesterday to be honest! I love this time of year so I just couldn't wait anymore! I know I said I would be back with pics of our tree but it's ugly and empty so I really hope Igor and I will visit the gardencentre this afternoon which has a huge christmasdeco show! Oh I already hear my wallet scream!

What else? Well I have tons of ideas for scrapping but non of them seem to get out of my hands so I will leave my computer alone today, and do some scrapping! I already finished half of my "thank you" gifts for the wedding. Now I am short of ribbon so I will have to go to the market again next tuesday. Yay again 1 step closer!!!

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