maandag, september 28, 2009

fun weekend

How are you girls? We are doing great! Well still anemic and all but I am feeling a bit better, we had a lovely but busy weekend and I enjoyed the lovely after summer weather!
We did a lot, like this friday I made this cute pic of Pixie as my father in law's birtday was coming up and he wanted a framed pic of her, so this is the pic, and we bought a lovely frame for it as well. He really liked it and will be put up on the wall!

Then last friday you got your first fruitsnack/bite and you loved it! You didn't even make funny faces over it! As she finished her spoon she looked at it like she wanted more and more and more!!

Then yesterday we went to 2 birthdays, first in the morning to Igors dad and in the afternoon to my parents as my uncle celebrated his 50th birthday there! Pixies nephew Jordi was there too and he really wanted to hold her. He was so proud that he could!!!

This is the birthdayboy (well not a boy anymore hehe) and he never, in his entire 50 years, held a baby before! Can you tell? LOL!!!
This is his wife who has lots of sisters with kids and she loved holding Pixie, cuddling her, telling her things (in Spanish) and she rocked her asleep! Thnx Aljadis!!! I need that!!! Don't they look lovely together all in red?

I scrapped them a small little gift as well, a minibook, very very simple (as he doesn't like "thingys") so it was a fast one! Here it is, warning, totally NOT my thing at all but he it's a gift and their wishes! I decided to use big rings as I can send them updates every now and then to add to the booklet as they live in Curaçao and probably won't see Pixie very soon again, she can walk by the time they will see her again!

Oh and you know what... she laughed out loud last week, luckily I have a little film of that on my mobile!!! It makes me laugh every time I look at it! Emily had a title for her blogupdate that said "Love is an understatement" well that applies so much to how I feel about Pixie! I could just eat her and want to cuddle her all day!!! Still on cloud 9 I guess ;-) I intend to stay!!!

vrijdag, september 25, 2009

some scrapping done!

So I have been scrapping! Ok I started both things several days ago but somehow couldn't finish them but today I did. This is a Lo I lifted, clean and simple, journaling is alongside the edges of the paper in Dutch. It's about Igor holding Pixie for the first time, he held her before me and how he instantly became a daddy and fell in love!
This is a little giftbox that fits the mailbox here. It's for one of my neighbours who is pregnant! So I decided to do this Pink or Blue thing and put pink and blue minisocks in it. I will put it in their mailbox later on today. I hope she will like it!
Today I made some funny pictures of Pixie again as it's my father in law's birthday this sunday and he wanted a pic of Pixie in a frame. I chose this great pretty frame that matches their interior, well the colors, and I also put pixie in the right color of clothing (slightly adjusted in photoshop), If he doesn't like it.. I surely do!!!

I will also start a minibook today for my uncle and aunt who live in Curaçao and are here for 2 weeks to celebrate their birhtdays. I don't know what else to give them. I am also planning on making their b-day cake and ordered some stuff but I am afraid it won't be in, in time :-(
Tuesday 29th September, we will have a photoshoot with Pixie, so looking forward to it!!! I can't seem to make a pretty portrait of the 3 of us so now I asked the photographer to do it! I can't wait to see the results ofcourse!!! I will enlarge the pic and frame it to put on our livingroom wall!!

Oh and I almost forgot, my friend Nicky came over last wednesday with her son Milan, Pixies friend we already said they are going to get married some day ;-) He's exactly 11 weeks older than Pixie, don't they look cute together?

dinsdag, september 15, 2009

First Present for Pixie

Ok my daughter is being spoiled rotten but that's what other people do ;-) I only bought her clothes and all that kind of stuff, that she actually needs! Today I bought her her first real present from mommy and daddy! I even had it wrapped up!

This is what was in the little black box, a sweet lovely little bracelet with her name on it, I think it is soooo cute!!!

And this is it on her wrist, it looks so sweet and she was laughing a whole lot when I put it on, so perhaps she knows and loves jewelery just as much as her mommy (as if).

Nothing more to tell besides that I need to scrap a lot because I can't buy any new stuff until my paperstack is reduced by half! It is not all that much cause I am picky when it comes to paper but the thing is... I don't scrap that much or fast and there's so much coming up that I really want to have!!! So I am going to leave you here and scrapppppp!!!!
Bye for now!

maandag, september 14, 2009

Finally I scrapped again

Well a day of not feeling all that well results in a lo! I had a rough night so I decided to take it really easy today. Pixie is actually sleeping since 12.30 this afternoon so I took some "ME- time" to scrap! I still want to scrap so badly, and make pretty lo's telling her story so she'll have a great book when she grows up! I made quite a few lo's already but I can't catch up LOL!

This lo I made a few days back, it's a scraplift but I like how it turned out, especially the cluster on the right of the photo, but bright and busy papers are not really my thing, I proved it again to myself ;-)

Detail of the cluster

This is the Lo I started the other day but finished today!
another detail

And ofcourse... couldn't leave her out of this... look at my little princess in het pj's looking all smart and cute!!! punky hair!

10 weeks already my little darling baby girl, she's growing so fast, she's doing so well and she changes by the day and learns more and more how to controle her little body! I am so happy I can still nurse her and she's doing well on it! I was a little afraid I might not cope but I do and I am so enjoying it!! Even in the middle of the night (still twice per night)! I am really tired though and go to bed early and sleep in as well if I can. This morning we slept in until 9.30 am!

Her smiles are getting bigger and bigger and she is even trying to make sounds with that too! She's "talking" in her own sweet way making those sweet, soft and funny noises! Oh I could just eat her! My pride and joy! Ok I am still on cloud 9 but I am also being real, it's hard, really hard at times when she can't be comforted, doesn't want to sleep even though she's really tired, wants to eat allllll night long or doesn't want to be put down on her back. But smiles and giggles make everything all right, I am so lucky to have her in my life!
My health isn't all that unfortunately, I am severe anemic and have meds for that, little "mistake" the hospital made, oh well, we'll get over that as well. I just have to take things really slowly, eat well, rest well and really listen to my body. I have regular check ups now (bp and heartrate etc). Due to the meds I feel sick all day long, especially at night yuck, it even makes me throw up! And my panic attacks are worse due to the nausea as well so I am thrown back a little but I won't let it get me down, I can't! For my little girls sake! It might take a while but I'll be back on my feet soon again.

woensdag, september 09, 2009

On a walk

That's what we did yesterday, we went for a walk, a long one as we decided to walk down to our vegpatch! It was a lovely day and it's a very pretty piece of nature we had to walk through so we didn't mind at all.

1) baby duck that we saw in the pond next to our house 2) a view from the vegpatch 3) a pineapple-melon 4) berry 5) a butterfly 6) lettace 7) raspberry 8) fish 9) igor

Then on our way back home we made some pics with our little cutie!!! She loved the walk by the way but we forgot her umbrella so she couldn't see all that much due to the sun.

He so loves his little girly!!

Then there's this funny thing... When I was a baby my mom got this cute little DRESS for me, made out of a hankerchief! I got it when Pixie was born but forgot to make pics of it when she wore them. Today I tried it on again to see if I could make a picture and it did fit but it isn't a dress anymore but a shirt LOL!!! She still looks cute in it anyways!!!

And... I am scrapping!!!! So as soon as Pixie will go to sleep again, I will finish a lo, finally!!

zaterdag, september 05, 2009

Pixie 2 months loads of pics!!!

I can't believe my little Pixie-baby-girl is already 2 months old today!! This is how she looks right now (just took this pic a few minutes ago) and this is a rare view at the moment as she really doesn't want to sleep during the day! She had her first shots last tuesday and she wasn't all that bad about it, she slept all day long, had a very long night but wednesday it all started, she sleeps 1,5 hours during the day and that's way too short for a little girl like this. But today I managed to get her asleep after I nursed her! So for 2 hours now I have time to do whatever I want! I think this will come to an end any moment now! So I am enjoying the peace and quiet now and then I will enjoy nursing her again and cuddling etc.

Pixie asleep today
Last wednesday I had my eyes checked down town and I found 2 pairs of glasses and 1 pair of sunglasses. They are ready next wednesday so we'll go down town again! And ofcourse I had to visit that cute babystore called Prénatal because I wanted to buy some pants for Pixie as we got loads of shirts and dresses but not much to wear underneath. Well we went into the store and guess what I did? Pretty much nothing as her daddy and my DH was picking out loads of clothing!!! I got to choose something too he said ;-) lol funny honey of mine!!! I picked out a oncie with a fairy on it as you can see on the pick as Pixie means little fairy. This is just part of what we bought as the rest is still in the laundry!
Cute little clothes

Detail of her oncie

This is one of my favorite moments... her falling asleep on my chest, I love it as she snuggles up to my neck and I love to cuddle her silly like this. She doens't mind at all!!!

I love this little girl!!!

She loves to laugh and makes such funny faces sometimes, look at her little dimple!!!
She already fits her hello kitty outfit that we bought here which seems like forever ago!!! It a little bit too big still but it looks so darn cute on her!
Just being adorable

Her neck is very strong too they said when she had her check up, well she loves to be on her belly exploring the world!
Can you tell I love this?

She's really having fun!!
And then there's scraprelated "news" as well. I bought some stuff a while ago in pre-order and yesterday this arrived! A lovely Prima Marketing package, I am so inspired! I hope I can use this stuff very soon!!!

Well a very long and visual update this time! I am tired but I am doing fine, I need to eat more and take a little more "me" time (that's why I blogged ;-) ) but I am enjoying motherhood a whole lot! Pixie isn't always an easy baby, but cuddles and snuggles always do the trick with her! She's a healthy and happy baby with load of people around her that love her silly! (and spoil her just the same!) Still at least visitors twice a week and that's so much fun! She enjoys being around people and loves to go outside aswell. She really has to laugh when raindrops hit her face! Silly girl! Oh and yesterday we visited a friend in hospital who had her baby boy last Tuesday (also C-section), this boy was so tiny I can't even imagine pixie was this little just 2 months ago!!