maandag, maart 31, 2008


I really *LOVE* them!!! Having a book with all different styles of scrapping, with my own pics, great! So that's why I asked for a swap on B.O.M. and today is the day to mail them all off! I made a lo for Marjan and here is my entry

I'm really happy with the outcome and almost don't want to send it off lol! Luckily there was some of this paper left (MME) and am making a similar one for myself now! It's almost finished!
I made a list of stuff that I am receiving this week and the only thing missing is a load of chipboard (shapes) and thickers (alphabet) and I am all done! I will be fully exuipt by then so I'll search for those later on, or maybe be patient till saturday when we might visit a convention or go to Paper and Pictures!!!
Tomorrow I'll visit the marketplace to buy some new lace too and I am done, wallet in the safe and forget the combination I guess LOL!
Have a great day all

zondag, maart 30, 2008


for this week? Well we have "datenight" this week! We're going to see this musical on wednesday! I am so excited and nervous at the same time. A big crowd still frightens me a little but I know I'll manage!

Then it's "dateDAY" again on Saturday, as it is my birthday and we always go and do something fun. We plan on going to the "Apenheul" but it depends on the weather. I haven't thought of plan B yet just in case it might rain or so. Any tips?
Sunday I will "celebrate" my birthday for our parents/sisters but that's it. I've had 2 exciting days then, I really would like to have a day off on sunday.
This week I am expecting 3 packages (yes 3!!)2 of scrapstuff (one from the states and one from scrapfever) and 1 of art supplies. So next week I'll be creative a lot (I hope) I also ordered a bottle of MOJO so I hope it's in stock ;-)

What else? Oh the bunnies are doing soooo great and growing so fast. Just 2 more weeks of enjoying them and then it's over :-( After they will move to their new house, we will start redoing that room. That will be the new scraproom/airbrushroom. It's lighter there, more space (this room has a partially roof so no straight wall on 1 side) more options so looking forwards to doing that! I'm in charge so I can choose all colors and materials! Yeah! Any ideas? Please leave a pic of your scraproom!
That's it, I'm going to find some left-over mojo and scrap for a photoswap!

zaterdag, maart 22, 2008

My husband

is the best ever! Did I tell you that already? Why? Well he works his butt off at times and what did he do yesterday? Spoil me rotten!!! Ok I lost over 12 lbs (5,5 kilo's) so I needed a little new clothing, I needed new shoes as my old boots broke at the zipper, and my sportshoes are all done! So he bought me a pair of new boots ánd sporty shoes! Then I sorted out my make up and I could throw away a lot as it was not good anymore. Like lipsticks etc. What did Igor do? Bought me new make up! And the right colors and everything! Ain't he the cutest thing ever?

We also went to the art supply store in Amersfoort and he bought me Gesso, brushes, watercolors and pencils! (ok he bought himself some stuff too, but hé he can ofcourse spoil himself too after such hard work!). We visited the healthfoodstore too which is just across the street there. We bought rice dream and honey and stuff. (after that be went buying the clothes and make up and stuff here in our village).
Then it was easter time! So I bought these things! I just HAD to buy these colorful eastereggs!

Present for my Mother in Law

Present for my mom

Little deco in our home LOL. Still didn't put away the wedding stuff!

So now I am trying to paint! I made another fairy, which even looks better that the first one but still too difficult for what I want. Anyway I am painting it right now with the new watercolors. I used a book of Linda Ravenschoft to try and draw them, just as a guidline to explore my own figure.

The next pics are especially for Sue!!


donderdag, maart 20, 2008

no scrapping but ...

I did a lot of drawing though! How come? Well on Bag of Memories messageboard someone left a link to this wonderfull suziblutube and I watched all of here vlogs in just 2 days! I loved it sooo much! For those who don't know; she's an artist using mixed media and very lovely characters and she makes hilarious, funny, creative, inspiring video's. So she also got me started on this! So I wanted to give it a try, but first I wanted to come up with a character myself. I love fairies and angels so I thought let's get started with drawing and sketching and all. So I got my spiral notebook and started sketching and this is what I came up with: Ok it's far from perfect but it's a start! I used many different kinds of products like normal pencils, karisma pencils, pigment powders and perfect pearls but you can't see those on this scan though. So I am happy with this so far. I will draw and try to perfect this even more!

Oh Igor has 4 days off now! LoVe it! We're going shopping for a new couch tomorrow!
Today I shopped as well, got new pants and shirt, bought some easter presents, and some yummy food for the next couple of days! Hopefully tomorrow we'll have time left to visit the art supplies store too. Can't wait to get my hands on some good stuff! Well bye for now!
Happy easter!

dinsdag, maart 18, 2008

OLW: Find

This is my entry for the OLW challenge FIND this time. The picture of this LO isn't all that good as you can hardly see the details unless you click on the pic to enlarge.
I embossed all edges with copper, I stamped all corners in matching ink, I placed rhinestones and pearls along the edges and tried to keep it simple this time as I actually like the pic this time! Hope you'll like it, I am satisfied with it! Oh and they are the new papers of My Minds Eye!

zaterdag, maart 15, 2008

lookie what I got this time!!!

I got my package from the states today, a present. The newest My mind's eye 29th street market and a few aspergues. Some cards, overlays etc. I love it! The paper is so strong! I know I can make fun stuff with that!

Today I also found out my LO was used in an add for a Dutch scrap "convention". I was surprised as I really didn't know it was being used for that! Still waiting for the mag to come out though, I haven't seen it in shops here so maybe I've missed it? I mailed the woman from the mag already. So curious!

We also became uncle and aunt this week! Igors sister gave birth to a little baby boy named Casper, so cute! She's doing fine and hopefully we'll visit them soon.
No other news at this point. Have a great weekend all!

vrijdag, maart 14, 2008

Feeling like a million $$$

Well here I am again with a pic-overload! Don't you just love those? Well I do! So here we go!

These are lo's I made in the past few days about the wedding (ofcourse). I also started a new workshop I really like! I haven't finished it yet but when I do I will show it ofcourse! I am so looking forward to actually getting started, I am preparring now which is a lot of work, well I am making it a lot of work LOL.

These are pics of the content of a package I got from my lovely friend Amanda. She made me necklaces...

Send me a whole bunch of fun scrapstuff, a lot of wedding embellies which ofcourse I can use! Pink ribbons and a lovely pack of paper to make a minialbum!

And a cookbook! I love cooking and asked here for typical American Recipes and maybe some texmex food well here you go! Haven't used it yet but I will this weekend! Ginger chicken is on the menu!

Here a pic of last night. Igor and I went shopping and in the end I felt like Julia Robberts in pretty woman, love that feeling! We were both walking around with pretty bag and all. We bought this amongst other things! Oh and we found out our favorite Italian IceCream placed opened again so we just HAD to buy a big big cup of icecream to take home (1 liter) yummmmmm!!!

All in all we had a great few days, did a lot of fun stuff and hopefully it will stay this way! I am still enjoying the company of those little bunny's although they are not that little anymore! We enlarged their livingspace by placing a little fence in the room so they can also get out of the huge cage and papabunny can't reach them or mommy bunny! (don't want her to get pregnant again straight away ofcourse!)

Well I am off cooking for now, and enjoying a nice and quiet evening on the couch watching TV for a change! Have a great weekend


zaterdag, maart 08, 2008


hi girls/guys,

An update on the bunny; he died fridaynight :-( It was my first baby pet ever so it was difficult for me so I burried him in our garden, I am such a sob! Maybe because more stuff happened that made me feel a bit sad so it all came together.

Then I had to go on with the rest of the weekend and tried to make the best out of it. Yesterdaymorning I shopped for presents for amanda. She send me this great package from the states that I will show later on.
I played with my hotfix on a shirt for myself and love how that turned out! I scrapped some (no pics yet as it is not finished in my opinion) I worked the garden as well! I loved it and I missed it so much. So this morning I got up and the weather was great again. I did some groceryshopping as my parents are coming over for dinner tomorrow and then went outside again. A big part of the garden now is "weedfree". Just the right side but that's not such a big part and around the pond as well. Then it is all ok again! Don't know if I'll manage to do it all today but hé it's a start!
Tomorrow the weather will be bad so can't continue then.

This is about my weekend, hope you have a great one!

donderdag, maart 06, 2008

Just a message

saying hi.
I am a bit sad. One of the baby bunnys isn't feeling well. He's staying behind in growth. He was the tinest one of all when they were born and I am a bit afraid he might not make it. :-(
Now I noticed how much I got attached to them and how much I love them, so it will be very hard if he dies, and I don't even want to think about how I would feel when they leave in a few weeks. So I am off trying to get my mind on other things right now.
Big hugs

dinsdag, maart 04, 2008

it has been

a few days... but here I am again! I finished 2 more weddinglo's for our own album, and I finished the 2 gifts for our parents. Today I will start on a new one again, got a whole stack of photo's so I wont be bored! I just hope my packages from the states will arrive soon!

Here are the lo's! On the first one I used an overlay of Fancy Pants. I made the swirls myself from cardstock and then embossed them with silver. A lot of work but it's worth it.
This one is done with lace paper from KI Memories, I really regret not buying more as I so love this paper! I also used my new.... HOTFIX on this one, as a try out. I need a little more practise! The pin I used (right bottom) is a pin from my wedding bouquet.

Then there's another dentist appointment today! yuck! Again a bit nervous but today will be the last time for this 1 tooth! Tonight I will have a pretty and whole and healthy tooth again! And then the other appointments will start for little cavities.

I am doing great without the meds although it is still very heavy and I need to get used to things again. I'm really tired of it as well, it costs me so much energy! But when I succeed doing something I am so proud that it gives me energy as well. I also lost 9 lbs by now (4 kilo's) so that's going really great! I already fit 1 size down!

We also got new neighbours that I met today. They have a little son that loved all of our animals and was totally in love with 1 of the baby bunnys I took downstairs (so was his mom lol).

Well that's it for now, I am going to make a shirt with the hotfix now! And then scrap on as my sis and BIL will come next tuesday so I can show them lots and loads!! (they want me to make their weddingalbum in september!)
bye for now and please leave a message, I would love that!