donderdag, februari 28, 2008


Ok I scrapped a lot the past 2 days to get the first pics done, as my fingers were itching to get started. I couldn't wait for the pics to arrive that I ordered online so I printed a few myself. Now I am done with the first 3 lo's and my pics aren't in yet. I think I might print 1 more pic to scrap. I think the others will be in tomorrow.
This is the frontpage for our weddingalbum, the pic was taken in the car

The actual spread!
Page 2 from the spread

This is page 1 from a spread

woensdag, februari 27, 2008

Photo's are in!!!

Yay I am happy now! Our wedding pics are in and guess what I did? Ordered lots of them and printed some of them and now I am scrapping my b*tt off! So happy with that!

Also still enjoying the little babys as they are way too cute! I feel great!

This is a pic I took at the Zoo in Amsterdam by the way that I seriously LOVE!

And I wanted to share some of the "deck of me" cards that I made the past few days, so here they are:

My cards have 2 sides. A front like this is, and then on the back I write something personel about this topic. On the back of the second card it says that I can be so Impatient sometimes, how I love to feel balanced and more calm as I always feel in a rush. This is one of my pretties cards I think (at this moment)

Well I am off again, still in doubt what to do as the weather is fabulous as well and I could use the sunlight too! Maybe take a walk to the postoffice to mail off some stuff!

maandag, februari 25, 2008

Just some

random photosharing! I made this cute mozaik of our baby bunnies. The photo's were taken yesterday so they were 1 week old exactly! Here they are, aren't they cute? The light ones have small ears like mom, and the darker ones have bigger ears like dad! (click to enlarge) Then I did some scrapping! I finished both my lo's for the magazine that I can't show ofcourse and I made 2 cards. Here they are:

I still have no wedding pics but I am sure I will have them this week! Can't wait! I am really excited to do some serious scrapping now! If all goes well I will get a package from the states this week too! Kind of like a present! And today I have to go back to the dentist again to finish the root canal that was done 3 weeks ago. Now I will get my actual filling. I know it doesn't hurt or is as serious as the root canal but I am still a bit nervous! I don't even know why!
What else? Well I have been working on the deck of me again. I finished 14 cards but then for some reason I didn't continue so I picked it up again! Hope to have them all finished this year! Then I will make another one but more like the One little word thing. You'll see that soon too! Oh and my "confessions" are still going on but in a book now and wanted to show you when it is all finished so no pics yet sorry!
Gotta get goin'!

vrijdag, februari 22, 2008

yay 200 posts!

hi girls
Well this is my 200th post! Wow that's a whole lot! Still am enjoying it though!
Here are some more pics of a cute baby bunny! He/she just layed on my hand and slept on, the cutest thing! See for yourself! This is the biggest one of them all and he was on top of all of the others so it's easier to this little one. LUF LUF LUF

donderdag, februari 21, 2008

More baby bunny's

Hi girls,
here are a few pics of our baby bunnies today! aren't they cute? I am in love! Can't keep my eyes off of them! Mommy is so sweet still! She doesn't mind at all that I am constantly looking and hangs her head out of the big cage for some cuddles as well.

They already have some hair! 2 of them are light brown like mom and dad and 1 is white and 1 is grey. How did that happen? Don't mind I love it!

Health update: I quit taking all medication/pills on February 15th. I am doing well but my stomach hurts with acid but I was told it might happen. I still have to find a way to cope with it all but it's not disappointing over all. I am finally heading upwards again or should I say "still" moving upwards. I am so happy about that too. The only things are that I keep forgetting everything and my concentration is a gazillion lightyears away I believe!

That's is for this post, maybe another post with weddingpics soon!

woensdag, februari 20, 2008

Bunny's and assignments

Sorry no pics of us yet but they'll be here soon. I do have a picture of the bunny nest and you can see some pink thingys. Those are the baby's! I so love this! Just a few more days and we can actually see them. I leave them alone as much as I can because I really want them to have a stress-free start. I think that's very important. Mommy bunny is doing great, eats like a horse and is soooo sweet! She lets me go near her baby's, clean the cage out a bit, feed her from my hand etc and she's such a doll! I love her to pieces! There are at least 4 bunny's in there as far as I can see and I can't wait to be in the middle of my 6 bunny's then! Can you tell I love animals? LOL

Well I am off scrapping on an assignment I got from a Dutch magazine, it's so hard as they want me to make something with a product I never use! But it's a true challenge for me and it's working out pretty well. The mag I am printed in will be in stores this week I think so I'll be heading for the store every day by now ;-) I will show you when I've got a copy!
Bye for now, the happy bride!

maandag, februari 18, 2008

wedding's over/the day after...

Well ok a few days after! I am sorry to say I can't share pics yet of us as we don't have any yet. I hope to get them tonight from family and friends but here are some pics we shot ourselves.

This was my bouquet! White big roses with golden hearts

This is the bouquet for our car, a classic citroen traction.

The day was wonderful, and we were spoiled rotten by everyone! Thank you guys and girls all soooo much! We really enjoyed having you all and our wedding was truely complete as it was!

The funny thing is that I thought I would be soooo nervous but I wasn't at all! Just a slight bit when we had to cut the cake and actually eating it! Strange moment he? I tried to enjoy everything and really get things to the core of my soul, printed in my memory for ever and ever. It was a day to never forget, and we will never forget! See you all soon again. Big hugs and kisses and loads of love!


vrijdag, februari 15, 2008

our wedding

is about to get started! So excited. Just a few moments for ourselves now, relax a little before it all goes mad!

These are our rings by the way! Everyone have a great day, I'm sure we will have a blast! Big hugs
Igor and Angela

vrijdag, februari 08, 2008

new lo

hi girls!
Wow can't believe it is just 1 week to go! Then I will be his wife! After 24 years! Unbelievable!

Ok in short: I have known Igor ever since he was 6 and we were little kids but there was an instant click from both sides that never left us. So after 24 years we are finally officially each others! Really LOVE this idea! So it's going to be an emotional, memorable, thoughtfull, exciting and crazy but such a great week for us! So I'm not sure I will be here a lot, but ofcourse afterwards I will be! (or not; I might be scrapping my big butt of with our weddingpics LOL)

Here's a LO I did the other day! It's not what I expected but I think it's ok enough. Well I am off scrapping again to finish some stuff to show later on!

maandag, februari 04, 2008


It has been a great while since I last blogged! Can't believe it! I have been extremely busy so that's why I didn't blog!
Ofcourse with our upcoming wedding; scrapping for.... well can't tell you yet! Having to visit several doctors but don't worry I am ok! (and no not pregnant!), and taking care of some other stuff, but I'll keep that private if you don't mind. All good things though.

As I said I have been scrapping like crazy too! Assignments, for different things, and presents, a journal just for myself and preparing some other stuff!
As a present for our parents I made an accordion album (or zig zag album) in an envelope that again I saw on 2peas. Here you can find all pics of it, it's worth looking at! I love it sooo much (by the way, sisters, if you see this please don't tell moms and dads!) Here are a few of them:

Ain't they cute? I almost don't want to give it away. Oh and IRL the colors are prettier and I made this from the scrapkit of scrapfever by the way!

Then I made this lo about my sweetie, I love how soft and yet manly it became; see for your self

I love the pic; how he is enjoying the sun and halfway to dreamland!
Our bunny hasn't got any babies yet, I think she wasn't pregnant at all, but our other bunny made her pregnant and she started nesting right after that. But we'll see what happens. It might be she just was pregnant when we got her, then she'll have her babies within a week, otherwise it will be around February 17th! So looking forward to that! Love bunnies a whole lot!

When you think the weather is improving, it started to snow saturday! Enjoyed it but the snow was gone as quickly as it came, too bad!

And then I have to go to the dentist this Thursday! I am a bit nervous about that but I know I will be ok (as I keep telling myself that lol). A friend of mine once said: "If I can do it, I am sure you can do it too." I know where that is coming from so I keep that in mind as well.

Well that's it for today before I keep on rambling about! Have a great day/evening oh and Amanda thanks loads dear! You know what for! xxx