zaterdag, december 22, 2007

update list!

Ok so I made a "28-things-to-do-before-I-turn-29"list, and I still have a little over 3 months to go. I thought it was time to recoup a little (as it is that time of the year again!) so here's my list, all red things are done, all blue things I am working on.

28. Have someone over for dinner
27. Spend more quality time with Igor
26. Start working out and keep it up!
25. Send at least 2 postcards a month (this was the easy part with all the christmascards and invitations!)
24. Set money aside for x-mas
23. Finish my current BOM and start a new one
22. Find a new penpall
21. Eat right!
20. Make more cards
19. Make a painting
18. Improve my photography skills
17. Decrease debt
16. Decrease Wehkamp to 0
15. Visit the sauna
14. Get ready to start my own practise
13. Get at least 3 certificates for bachs (I got 2 out of 3 now)
12. Finish a current certificate so I can do my exams
11. Try out more new cupcake recipes
10. Take more responsability for my own happiness
09. Continue to improve/ get better from illness
08. Meditate and yoga more often
07. Get things straightened out in my head
06. Have a crop with Majootje!
05. Make 3 new mandala's for our hallway
04. Write in my journal more often
03. Get out more often on surprising trips (to find pic-ops!)
02. Take more walks
01. Start saving for an Ikea wardrobe closet!

Well all in all it's not bad! Not there yet but I am getting there! Wow I am a bit surprised to be honest! How are your lists doing?

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Gillian zei

Seems like you've accomplished a lot, you should be proud :)

This is a neat idea, maybe I'll work on 26 things to do before I turn 26, i have almost a year, so i should get started! hehe