zaterdag, januari 26, 2008

confession #4

as said yesterday, here's #4! I am not very happy how it turned out but ok too bad!
I saw this great idea on 2 peas today which I will work on for next week(s).

2 peas in a big source of inspiration to me at the moment! Love to look at what others make, read what kind of workshops there are and also see what the people made from it and get my own ideas from thereon.
Today I picked up my fixed weddingdress and it looks even better now than it did before! Just 2 more weeks and 6 days! Love the idea of that! It's getting so close now! Everything is going sooooo well! All appointments are good, arrangements are made and confirmed etc. I found a beauticien who will do my make up (thanks cindy) and the hairdresser (thanks Nienke) are arranged as well! This tuesday we will pick up the rings (as we were supposed to last thursday) and do the last little things! So excited and not really nervous! Actually we are both looking forward to it a whole lot and we seem to be more in love than before! Spending a lot of quality time together at the moment and enjoying every minute of it.
I am so happy ty has turned for us! It has been a difficult time for us for some time but luck is on our side again! We decided to forget the past, and everybody in it, who made out life somewhat difficult and start all over again (the secret) a new life, a new year; a new beginning and it feels soooooo good! Some will be missed some not at all, some are good memories others are erased! We are truly happy at this point. A whole lot will change too this year, only for the better. We are both getting a lot of good opportunities for our future and we will take them with both hands. Still can't tell too much about this yet, but believe me it is GOOD!!!! So you probably can tell we are still in the "positive mode" and we probably will be for the rest of this year!
Hugs and love (to all who need it)

vrijdag, januari 25, 2008

update friday (lots of pics)

Hiya girls,
O promised some pics so here I go! First of all I forgot to show week 3 of my 52 confessions! Nr 4 is on it's way. I think I will show it tomorrow. So here are the front and back of nr 3. On the front I am putting my confession and on the back what I did right, so I can keep up the good work on my resolutions.


This is a lo I made at an online crop at Bag of Memories! At first I thought it was a little bold so I added the extra journaling and a stamp!

This is a lo I made for the One little Word challenge. It's my second time and I really love this! It really makes me think things through! This is about me and my constant stream of thoughts and how I wish it was still or silent sometimes. Sorry for the crappy pic, I know I should do better.

Then there's my new bunny Roos/Rose that we got pregnant. We don't mind though as we know for certain they all will have warm and cozy places to go to. We think it's starting now. She is nesting since yesterday morning. These are the pics I took today. She's so adorably cute and soft and cuddly!

And then last but not least; Igor and I are going to take a photography class together! We really wanted to do this ever since we started photography in may 2005 but we first wanted to have a better camera. We did in May 2006 and now we really got to know the camera better and want to grow more into photography. We were also looking for something fun to do together as a hobby so we filled out the form and we will have a place in this class! It's 6 nights for course A. And then we can also take course B which is 6 nights as well. It's not a beginners class as the photographer said we knew enough already to skip that one! So it's a few months of waiting and then we will be able to make really good pics!

Oh and for those who are counting with us... just 3 more weeks!!!!


maandag, januari 21, 2008


... an update again! I've been lacking of inspiration to block these past few days. Been busy with some other stuff. Ok I did scrap some! I made a few christmascards already (I love magnolia prints!) and I made 1 lo (no photo yet) and I made a guestbook for our wedding (nope, also no pic yet). I worked on a minibook I can't show yet and that's about it! I've been looking at 2 peas a whole lot! I had some great inspiration from that!

Yesterday we visited my sister and B-I-L which was nice. They have a lovely little home for themselves that we hadn't visited before so now we did (now don't complain no more little sis;-) )

Oh today I made some new cupcakes (well for me they are new) choc 'n cherry (oh I am so horrible, no pics either) as we have the man from city hall over who's getting us married! This week I will also make appointments with the beauticien, thursday we have to visit the notary to pass the whole contract. And hopefully this week or next we will be picking up our rings! My dress is ready this saturday and I will buy lingerie then too. And then? We are finished! Love it!

Hope to show you some pics soon of what I made but here are some of my x-mas cards that I made so far, well it's just 1 card but 4 pages!

vrijdag, januari 18, 2008

lil update

here I am again behind my pc on a rainy and lazy afternoon. Got tons of things I want to do but no energy to do them! That's because I had to go through a lot yesterday, did a lot as well and it wore me out! So this morning I decided to do only the necesairy householdchoirs and then nothing! I wanted to scrap but even to tired to do that! So instead I'm reading blogs and messageboards. Oh and for those who know what I had to do yesterday; it all turned out good! I am relieved!

What's next? I finished my thank-you cards for the wedding, I took my dress to a tailor as it had to be taken in and a new zipper as I wasn't happy with the original one, I went to the beauticien to get some info and I will call her tomorrow or next week for an appointment for a treatment and a trial make up! Letters are send, bills have been payed so only 4 more weeks to go from today and I can call myself a "wife" how odd. I am a little nervous about it all but at the same time I am really looking forward to it.

What do we need to do? Well I am working on a reception-book, flowers, igor will go there next week to talk about them and pick them, a necklace, still haven't found the right one yet, music (i need to make a cd) and that's about it! We're pretty much done!
That's all I have to tell, no showing stuff this time! have a great day and weekend!
love angela

zondag, januari 13, 2008

yummy shares!

Ok I wanted to share today! As everyone loves to see pics and lo's and all so I will today!
This is the 2nd confession of 52 I made yesterday. on the front it says that I LOVE bedslippers, bedsocks, PJ's and robes.

On the back it says what I did right this week so I will keep up with my resolutions as I am determend to do so all year!

These are some pics of yummy cupcakes I baked over the last 2 weeks, don't they look delicious?

carrot/walnut cupcake with orange frosting

Raspberry chocolate cupcake with ganache on top

I made this up on my own, it's a chocolate/orange cupcake with cardemom

and cinnamon

What else to tell? Well this month has been about thinking, rearranging and getting things in order which made a big difference in my life already. I changed a lot of things, made some big decisions and what do you now, I made them with the right intensions and they worked out just as I hoped they would. I met some pretty interesting new people who all seem to be in the same place as I am (not geographically) so we can learn from each other here! Love it!

This week is going to an exciting one for me, some stuff will happen that I really don't want to talk about right now as they get me nervous but it has a lot to do with our future and it even depends on it for a big deal so please keep your fingers crossed for us! It's out of my hands so I'll just have to have faith that all will turn out as it should.

Big hugs


zaterdag, januari 12, 2008


again! I made a lo about my sweet little daisy!
Don't you just love this cute little face and she's so naughty!

I will make my confession of this week after this post. Already have a ton of ideas of what to confes! I will also update my 365 in a few minutes.

What's up here? Well not much yet. Still doing my thing, being busy with my resolutions and it's going sooooo well! I already lost 2 kilo's! I moved more (walked every day) ate better and threw out a diet I got a while ago, it didn't work, it only made me gain weight, so I am doing great!
This monday the man who's getting us married will stop by for a talk, I just have to make a few more cards, call the beauticien and that's about it! Just relax, only 1 month! (ok and a few days) Oh and this is what I got from Igor last thursday:

Paper, glue and binders for the bind it all! 12 pieces so I will have enough for a while now!
have a great weekend

woensdag, januari 09, 2008

December ABC

I saw this in a Dutch magazine, someone made a minibook with every letter of the alphabeth so I thought I would do this about our decembermonth as I made tons of pics that month. Well here are a few pics, it was a lot of work and the rest can be found in my 2peas album, so take a look!

This one I took today for my 365 challenge and I love how it turned out!

dinsdag, januari 08, 2008


How's life in the new year so far?
Here it has been a rollercoaster of emotions the last days. Strange but I learned a lot already these past few days! yesterday my dad was admitted to hospital all of a sudden. Luckily it wasn't "serious" so he could go home again at about 10 pm. Now he needs examinations over the next couple of days.

Ok I have been reading this book for over a month now. I still can't concentrate very well and I don't think it's a book which is easy to read as well so I read a fewe pages and let them get to me.

Well I think I am a born pessimist and I am not proud of that and don't like it at all and I have been working on that for ages so this book is a good start but not doing it all for me (not enough) so I bought a Dutch "workbook" as well, maybe that will help even more. I will let you know ofcourse. What do you think of this book?

And then, getting to the title of this message, I entered the 365 challenge and I am still keeping up! I haven't uploaded my pic of yesterday yet and haven't made one today but I will!You can find my pics here
This is it for now, got loads to do for the wedding so I am off

zondag, januari 06, 2008

Confession #1

hi girls!!!
So this is the end of week 1 of 2008 already! I decided to make 52 confessions this year. A confession of what I did that week, or just something funny or weird. So I just finished my first confession and here it is:

I haven't been up to much this week due to headaches unfortunately but now I am doing ok. I decreased my dosage of meds again which is great ofcourse! I will get there this year! I am doing great with my newyears resolutions too! I walked 5 out of 7 days! Ate fruit every day etc! I am happy!

Oh I made some pics today of my pretty roses I got from Igor (sweetie!), I also got some great bathproducts! He's so sweet of buying me those things and makes me feel like a woman! And.... he got me a cute new bunny! Well she is 2 years now but she's cute and sweet and pretty and probably pregnant as well but I don't mind! My other bunny isn't so sure what to think of her. So she's seperated from him for a few weeks to see if she is or isn't having babys.

I almost finished my "december ABC" and hope to share that soon! Have a great day!
ps I am so happy Amanda got her paperbag album I send her!

dinsdag, januari 01, 2008

Happy new year!!!

Hi all!
Happy new year to you! May the new year have in store all that you are hoping for! I'm wishing you all the best with lots of creativity and inspiration!

Here are some pics of our new years eve, we spend at our friends after midnight, which was great! Most of the pics aren't that great so that's too bad. It was early this morning when we went to bed and I am a wreck right now! But that didn't stop me from writing this blog. I have slept just a few hours and I think i's naptime ;-)