woensdag, november 29, 2006

Christmascard action

Hi dear you all,
As some of you know, writing is one of my other hobby's. I have been writing with B. for over a year now. He's an inmate on Texas Jail. He's a very young man that made a stupid mistake but I can't tell you more about that. He's very lonely and has to stay in his cell for 24 hours a day! The only "good" moment of the day is when the mailman comes, but there isn't something in that bag for him everyday, I try hard to send him a lot but it's hard sometimes. Now I thought; maybe I can send him lots of christmascards, he will surely love it! But I need help to do so! That's where you might come in! I hope you will help me with this christmaspresent so he will receive a whole lot of christmas cards. I can't tell you his name or his address but you can send me an email and I will send you my address and you can send me a card. Then somewhere around 15 december I will send all cards to him. Will you please help me make his christmas an unforgettable one???
Thank you for reading!

maandag, november 27, 2006

Colourful me!

Hi there,
The last few days were all about colour for me! I bought great new stuff like clothing and accesories for my scraproom and everything is so colourful! I usually always go for black and white, maybe grey that's about it, but now I only bought 1 item that was grey, and my shoes were black but the rest was all in bright and lovely colours!
I bought 2 shirts, 1 Colbert jacket, 2 scarf which I am totally in love with! Some storage boxes for my scraproom, a "lazy" outfit of flanel pants with stripes and a t-shirt with a kitty on it! Here are some pictures

donderdag, november 23, 2006


No not in the courtroom! Just kidding. I placed a small order at an online scrapstore which came in today. 2 bags of Plain Janes chipboards, 1 package of glue dots (can't miss them anymore!), a sheet of BG's Wholy Cow rub-ons (already used one as you can see on the pic) and last but certainly not least: Paper salons tailored tins Dancy flourishes stamps! (pfff got that out right) and I love them. Some curious "Aagjes" wanted to see pics so here they are:

woensdag, november 22, 2006

Really scrapping on a wall!!

Both Igor and I have these crazy ideas about how to decorate your house, especially colors and figures, for instance our stairs are metallic purple, we have grey doors with pink squares on them (like a little window), our bedroom is like a 1001 night fairy tale, and my scraproom is all self build with self made closets, bookcases and huge desk with a strange figure. I also painted strange figures on the wall, only one of them is still visable.
The other day I spent some time figuring out how to make part of a picture in greyscale and other parts just colored, after a while I managed to do so. I worked on one pic I love of Igor and had it printed in a bigger size (20x28 cm). I pasted it on a heritage paper of 12x12" (30,5cmx30,5cm) and then I didn't know what to do with it! I was blocked, but I didn't put it aside, I just pasted it on the wall in that strange figure! And you know what.... I liked it!!! Today I painted some more on that wall and here is the result, not finished by a long shot but it's a start!

vrijdag, november 17, 2006

Lucky to...

be sharing my life with my sweetheart! I love him to death and it's so great we share so many same interests and features. We complete each other and are soulmates, no doubt about that. We felt this click ever since we met over 21 years ago and it hasn't disappeared!
When I was busy working on my culture study (Elsie thnx loads for you comment!)Igor was also being creative. He is all into airbrushing and was trying out some new masks but it didn't work out all ok and he got a little cranky because of that (it's so adorable it is hard not to laugh!). Just wanted to share this!!!

donderdag, november 16, 2006

Culture Study

Hi there!
Elsie visited holland a little while ago and gave this great workshop on a culture study. The day before yesterday I was sooo inspireless I didn't know what to do, but at 6pm I remembered the workshop and started working on my own culture study. I worked on it till 10 pm and yesterday all day! I used patterned papers that I once bought but didn't have a clue what to do with them, well now I did! Today I didn't have the inspiration to do so, so I just played housewife! My moms comming over for dinner you see:D
It was fun though working on it and I am sure I will finish it tomorrow or saturday perhaps. But just to get an idea visit my Gallery
Here are 2 peaks

woensdag, november 15, 2006

How much I love....

Paris!!! I almost forgot, but yesterday I looked through the pages of someone elses photobook. Or actually Elsies Photobook This is an absolute must see! When I saw this genious pictures I started to miss Paris! I've been there twice in my life, 96 hours in total to be exact, and slept 17 hours of them. I felt at home straight away, instantly fell in love so I was soooo glad Elsie shared her pics with all of us and exactly captured how I felt!!! You are a genious Els!!!
Elsie also Inspired me to make the Culture Study album, just for the fun of it, to crack myself up in 10 years when it comes out again! I started last night at 6 and still not finished! I spend all day scrapping today! So compliments to the ones that took her classes and finished it! And ofcourse Elsie for her brilliant idea. Enough kissing up for now (but I do mean every word of it!!!) I will sign off here for now as I have some serious scrapping to do!
Will place the pics of the album soon, I promise
Hugs and kisses

maandag, november 13, 2006

Don't you just love it...

when you get nice things in your mailbox, or when people leave lovely comments on your blog? Well I do, and I really really enjoy it! Today I got this mini frame album through a swap I entered and I really *love* what I did to it, because I put pictures in it of my loves!! (ok and one of myself to fill the book up!) Here you can find the results.
Oh and there are some curious people amongst us who really want to see the cat palace! Click here to find out what it looks like! Choose "cats". There are just a few pics there, not much but that will change in the near future.
Well I just baked some lovely cookies in our new oven."Kattentongen" is what they are called (cat's tongue), sounds horrible I know but they taste sooooo fine and sweet!
Well off to do some scrapping again!
Have a great evening and sleep tight, and don't let the bedbugs bite! :D

zaterdag, november 11, 2006


Hairdo!!!! Yesterday Nienke stopped by to give both Igor and I a new haircut. Finally as I haven't seen a hairdresser in ages. I promissed to put a picture here but taking selfportraits is not one of my best features. On this pic it looks like my hairdryer exploded but it's just the shadow of me on the wall. So look past that please!
I've been dreaming a lot last night. When I woke up this morning I could remember all 3 of them very vividly so I wrote them down and this afternoon I started to gave it a closer look and explain it, also by a dream dictionary. It is scary but beautiful to see how real those messages are, as dreams come in symbols most of the time. Loved doing that and got the message loud and clear, now I have something to work on this upcoming week!

This week was a week of gifts, lovely gifts but also neccesities. A new microwave oven as the old one died on me. A new scratching pole for our 4 cats, it looks like a palace to me! It is 1.94 meters high! I love it, as do the cats (lucky me otherwise it would have been a waste of money)
Today a lovely new book called Living out loud and I have been reading bits and parts already, I love it! Now it is 4 pm and time to season the chicken and put that baby into the oven!!! Have a great evening!!

vrijdag, november 10, 2006

Finally I....

got another LO finished. I haven't been doing much scrapbooking the last few days but I did finish one of Daisy. I love the pic of her snoozing on top of this great big pillow on our sofa. The other one is Duchess Daisy laying on my scrapbook table steeling my tape! She loves scrapbooking to, well at least the stuff I use, she loves to play with!
*** by the way I am finally getting a haircut today!!****

dinsdag, november 07, 2006

Love songs

Hi there,
A little while ago I started collecting songtexts of the song that are special to me, but I guess I lost my interest or forgot all about it or something. Anyway the lovely Elsie F. and Corinne D. inspired to pick it up again. I am making an album with LO's that have pieces of songs in them that tell a story.
This one is "Love songs" of Alison Moyet. But it's not really about the song, but more the subject. Igor and I couldn't see each other during the week, only on weekends and we wrote long love letters to each other (by email but hé...)I kept them all! I sometimes read them again and still get this warm feeling of it. Who would have thought that someone with such a rough and tough appearance could write those sweet and lovely letters?

zondag, november 05, 2006

pretty blue eyes

hi there,
Pretty blue eyes say everything, I don't need to spoil this LO with unnessesary journaling that's why I hid it behind those doors....

donderdag, november 02, 2006

It seems like

every day I get one LO done, and I love it!!!
Here's what I did today: I cut some of the flowers so the picture could go under it, as well as the chipboard letters. I painted the letters and used UTEE on them. Painted some on the paper, the feathers of the partridge and stamped some cats feet and butterflies on it, wrote some text on it with a golden pen we usually use on christmas card! And besides this rather complicated LO (lot of work actually) I also cleaned my whole kitchen, really everything in and around it!
**** this lo will be back on december 1st because I entered a competition with it****

woensdag, november 01, 2006

And again one finished!

This time it's an Elsie Challenge # 32 Play with photo proportions.
I made this LO with a huge photo of our garden which I really love. A true exibit of what an other angle can do to a photo! I kept it simple as I didn't want to make it a very busy LO as the photo is radient of rest and relaxation.
I hope you like it. There are more to come as the weather has turned really bad on us here in the Netherlands. No one can deny fall anymore!