maandag, augustus 25, 2008

5 new lo's and a card to share

Hello! I am back to show some more lo's!
This lo I made for a contest on a messageboard, I kinda like it as it was my first attempt with the great build a frame stamps of Prima marketing!

This is a LO I made for a DT call I didn't make, I also made the pic in blueshades to match the paper. I love this pic although it isn't perfect.

This one I made from a sketch by Hilde for the AMM messageboard. She made a whole bunch of sketches that are actually quite good, I can work with them which I can't most of the time with other sketches, they just don't work for me!
Another sketch by Hilde, quite simple, a bit of an other style than I usually use, not that happy with it.
And this one, another sketch but this time by Becca. I really want to tell something about this one. Igor and I watch Miami Ink and this man, Ami James, is the owner/co-owner of the shop. I don't know what it is about this guy but he intrigues me a whole lot, his eyes mainly. I like "bad-a$$" boys! And I love his bold pretty shiny head too! I drew the dragon myself on a transparancy sheet.
And last but not least a card I made with left-overs.

I really found a whole yar of mojo so I will keep on going untill it's down to the bottom! Will make some more sketches and hopefully finish my mini about yazz before next week as I have a huge assignment then, a bridal photoshoot ánd make their weddingalbum!


woensdag, augustus 20, 2008

2 lo's! I am on a role!

Here's the second Lo I made of Lily, a bit of a rough and tough one while it's such a little doll! Soon we will go again and do a real photoshoot, with her little hands and feet and all! Looking forward to that!
I also made a new lo of our wedding, just a few more pics are ok enough to make pretties with it

There's a great contest on the AMM boards that has to do with DT sketches and a great thicker-prize! I will try and find enough mojo to make a few!
Oh and today we'll go to Paper and Pictures so I can buy some new great stuff I am sure! Really enjoying that place every time! Will show my pretty things later on!

dinsdag, augustus 19, 2008

Fun stuff

Well ok I didn't make it to their DT but I did get to be Layout of the Week! That counts for something, well at least for me ;-) Thanks girls!

Ok so I have been grumbling about me and a lack of mojo, and being such an extreme slow scrapper, told Majootje I was bugged about it in the morning and wishing I could go faster and what do you know? I made 3 lo's in 1 day!!! 2 of Lily, I have 1 on pic so I'll show it later on in this post as I got permission to do that from the lovely parents! I made a second one that I haven't made a pic of, the third one was for a Swap that I.... forgot to take a pic of before putting in the mail! How silly could one get!?

I guess it was a one time deal I got, just the experience as I wanted to continue on that stream of mojo and tempo but I have spend all day working on 1 lo that's almost finished now!!!

Ok I finished my exam too so I will mail it off tomorrow, I hope I passed it and then I am done with this one!! Yay!!!

I will close off with Lily's pic now!

maandag, augustus 18, 2008


OK I can finally show my diaper cake that I made for our friends who just had a little girl (on 08-08-'08)!!! Here are the pics

I also took pics of Lily and even scrapped 1 lo this morning with it but I first have to get permission of them to show them so until then just believe me... she's beautiful and sweet, loved cuddling her (Thank you for letting me ;-)) and hope to see her and her parents ofcourse soon again!

This week is a busy week for me again, need to do loads of stuff, waiting for an anouncement of a DT call (exciting keep your fingers crossed for me please) and need to send out stuff a lot! I also have to make 1 exam this week and have it in the mail by friday but it's a lot of work so I am waisting precious minutes here ;-) but I'l do it anyway!
Need to edit/process 2 photoshoots and send them out as well (1 from Majootje and 1 from baby Lily) and do some serious shopping again (clothing, groceries and maybe even to Doorn to do some scrapshopping if Igors at home early this week!)
Well have a great day!

zondag, augustus 17, 2008

A new LO

of old paper! On the AMM board Hilde challenged to make a LO with the oldest paper you have, well here it is!

Yesterday my friend Majootje came over to scrap, well we didn't do that but we did make pics and shopped down town, ate lunch and talked talked and talked ;-) We had a great time and hope to do this again soon but then we actually WILL scrap!

I am off to try and do some more scrapping today before we leave for a visit!

vrijdag, augustus 15, 2008

kit en card

hi girls,

almost weekend! Not going to do a whole lot today although I planned to do so, but let's take it easy for a day! Just 2 more weeks and Igor will have his holiday too! I am so happy and looking forward to that, doing all the fun stuff we planned! Will be great!

Well all the girls got their kits now so I can show a pic of this great kit I got in and also bought for some other scrapfriends. I love it, the theme was... confidence! I love the papers and colors and I really want to get started on this one! First I need to finish some other stuff though! I also made a butterfly-card! Nicole J. It's coming your way! I know I said I had one ready but I made this one instead, I like it more! (it says: good luck, with love). It's a 4 layer card, the back is a pocket which hold a tag as well!

Well let's see what else? The weather is crazy, it's so cold this morning (for summer) that our heater went on by itself (it's programmed to heat up the place when roomtemp is under 15 degrees centigrade) and it was this morning! It's freakin' summer! Usually that doesn't happen until half of October! Weird!
My pets are all so great! They are in a cuddle mode right now, I don't mind ;-) Especially Daisy! And Yazz is also learning how to enjoy cuddles instead of thinking it's playtime and biting my nose LOL! Love that little creature!
Well all have a great weekend, I am sure I'll be back checking in again tomorrow!
ps Tomorrow my friend Majootje is coming over to scrap (en bep)! I hope you can make it girl!
pII Sunday we will go and visit the babygirl Lily if all is ok!!!

dinsdag, augustus 12, 2008

Summer Journal

Well our summer holiday still has to start, we will have the first 2 weeks of September as our summer holiday! We planned on a lot of day trips, we will not be going on an actual holiday, we will do that in February, to Paris and our summer holiday in Rome Italy next year!!! But... that doens't mean we can't do fun stuff this year! I made a summer journal to document those days! To ad pics and in between there are tags so I can write stuff down. The inside of the front- and backcover will have a plasic see-through envelop attached to it but I haven't got them in yet so there not on the pics. These are all the pages! Enjoy and please leave a message!


maandag, augustus 11, 2008

Monday again

Wow what a weekend we had! We cleaned up, sorted stuff out, replaced them in a good order and what do you know? We've got space left!! Ok we threw out 6 big bags of stuff and Igor took 2 boxes with him to the disposal point.
Then today I worked my b**t off in the garden which is looking pretty good so far! Half way there, now I need to buy new plants ;-) but we'll do that next spring. First we will buy new bulbs in octobre.

Our friends Tamara and Arne got a little baby girl this friday, Lily! We are so happy for them! We already set a date for August 17th (her duedate) to do a pregnancy shoot but it will be a babyshoot instead I guess LOL! I will make them a present (I already made them some stuff anyway but now I need to make babystuff;-))
Can't show pics ofcourse but I will this sunday!

I got a cute layout from debby/bieke, from a swap and I love it!

I put up week 4 of the online course for our BOM and this is my entry for it!Oh today I send in my entry for the DT call of AMM so excited so please keep your fingers crossed for me!!!


woensdag, augustus 06, 2008

online workshop

hi girls
it's been a few days as I have been working hard to finish assignments! They are all done now and I have time to scrap for myself for a change! Love it!
I also have been working on the online workshop I am giving at the moment and here are my lo's

I've done a ton of things but will write about that later on, there's just a lot going on and I am really busy doing fun stuff, will share soon I promise!