donderdag, december 20, 2007

Day 20 of Christmas

Do you remember a favorite gift?
Yes I do! When I was (just) a little girl..... I got my first walkman! A red kiddy walkman and I was sooooo happy and proud! Within 2 days the battery died! My parents bought rechargables and every other day we had to put them in the thingy because we used it all day every day!
And I don't know if it was the same year or not but we got a whole lot of barbiestuff then too! A studio, hair salon, camper etc! Sooooo happy again!
This year my biggest gift will be the bind-it-all (if it arrives in time that is!).
I baked some christmascookies the other day. Cinnamon-orange ones and they are yummy but I really just HAD to decorate them! Here they are

Yesterday I also made 2 lovely magnolia cards! Didn't use an example, just figured it out myself and I am so proud (again) of them, that I really don't want to send them out but ofcourse I will!
This is what I came up with!:

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Anoniem zei

The cookies look yummo! I am doing some more cookie baking today.

Mika zei

The cookies looking great and I was thinking about my first gift for x- mas was a big snow ball with a santa clauss and a pink panther. Hope to see you around. Mika (