dinsdag, december 04, 2007


Almost every week I do something I shouldn't actually do, like eating a lot of candy/chocolate, buy something I don't need, spoil myself with scrapstuff, so I decided to make little artjournal cards in this cute little case. I will make 1 every week with a confession! I think this will be great fun!

I also got this A4 tin which I decided to make an album in. I will scrap 1 day per month, so I will have an overview at the end of the year of what special things happened! Or just my most pretty pics! We'll see!

Now I am working on our "thank you" gifts for the wedding, what did I get myself into now again! What a lot of work to make all these little sacks/bags/boxes! But they are really pretty! I bought paper and ribbon today for that and I finished 5 boxes in total, 8 are cut and the rest is still only printed. But I love it anyway! (when it's done!)

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