maandag, juni 30, 2008

little something!

Hello and good monday to you all! I am still in this happy mood just in case you are wondering!!
Even happier now that I know everything is totally settled and done and over with! I have all proof here in my hands and that's enough!

I also got my Magnolia Stamps Summerkit 2008 in today. I ordered it May 3rd and was afraid it wouldn't get here anymore, mailed them like crazy and never got any answers but hé here it is!!!

Then I also looked at the pics of last week and this is what I found! It really made me laugh out loud! What a cute face! He's such an adorable dog but can be a menace like this morning! But then he turns into cuddle-mood and I'm ok!
I am scrapping, at least, I am trying, but I can't show it just yet as I am entering a contest again. But it's a lot of work! I need to make 2 lo's and at least 1 altered item. Well I am working on that! So much fun! Well I am off scrapping again!

zaterdag, juni 28, 2008

We're going random today!

No real scrapstories or anything like that to share, but that's ok every once in a great while!
Today I'' ll do some random stuff! Why? Well I just feel like it and was inspired by others just to tell a story about today!

First of all, I slept in, not just a little bit but a great big fat lot! (for me at least!) and I feel great, I've got loads of energy and did a whole lot of cleaning, laundry, pets etc. I feel so patient today! Even when Yazz makes mistakes! Am I growing up now that I am approaching 30? Am I just well rested, or did I learn my leason already? Which one is it? I don't even really mind (another lesson or sign). I just love the feeling and really want to stick to it!

I am also very productive. I read 2 lesson of my studybook (2 more to go!) and made the same amount of homework. Send it in and now waiting for my grades to come back! Love it! Just 2 more to go and I can fill out a form for an exam. July 14th I have an exam too, a very important one that is!

I walked Yazz today, in the rain! Again I didn't mind, I even liked it, to feel a small tiny bit of water cooling down your skin, it feels like it is gently touching the skin of my arms and face. Thank you for that! Now the sunshine is warming me up again and again I love it! It smells so great now outside that I opened every window to let the fresh air in so I can enjoy it even when I am here, upstairs behind my computer!

To make a long story short, I feel great today, loved, happy, peaceful, I think the stress of insecurity (the financial stuff I mentioned before) has left the building! Or in this case, my body!
I hope you can all feel like this too today and just simply enjoy every little, pretty, or simple thing!!! Have a great day today!!! SMILE!!!

donderdag, juni 26, 2008

some sharing to do!

First of all I got these great metal embellishments in today to try! I really love them as they are really vintagy! Except for the hearts they are really thin so I can really use them on my scrapbookpages! LOve love love!

Then I did 2 lo's for photoswaps and here they are, sorry for the bad pics as I just took them before they went in the mailbox!

I am working on a workshop, well it's almost finished now, it's so much fun. In the beginning of this year I gave some live workshops, but these are online workshops and never knew (and thought) I had so much fun making them! I hope I can do much more in future!

Yazz now sleeps in a bench downstairs in the hallway and that's wayyyy better! I can sleep again yeah! And our stressful stuff is all arranged and taken care of, we are free!!!! yeah!


maandag, juni 23, 2008

The veg patch

So these are pics of our veg-patch! A lot of the seeds didn't get up unfortunately but it's a bad year as I hear a lot of people complain about this problem, so we bought some plants and we sew indoors as well so now we got new plants.
The beans and eggplant did work out great and are really big already!
We did a lot of work yesterday and it looks great again! Can't wait to get my first veggies here!
Ok we do have veggies and fruits here at home too like strawberries (loads of them!) and raspberries (very sweet and juicy), lettice, herbs and carrots, raddishes and blackberries!

Then we went to my parents as my uncle and (new) aunt where there to say goodbye. They are moving to Curacao within a few days. This is the pic of their wedding on may 29th this year. Don´t they look cute together?

Tomorrow we will have to take Yazz to the vet to get his shot! So sad but need to do this ofcourse. He´s now being bench trained and he doesn´t really matter being in it. Just had the second night in the bench and he´s making noises when he has to go out! And that´s quite someting for a puppy of only 9 weeks! Well that´s my story for now, I am off scrapping again, working on my BOM! Love it! 4 pages are done already, many more to go ofcourse!


zaterdag, juni 21, 2008


Ok, I haven't got anyone nearby to put in front of my camera to try and practise new things I learned on our photographyclass so I decided to get in front of my own camera, I've done that several times now and I am tired of my own face LOL!!! So I am looking for a person who wants to help out, I think I will manage. Why am I doing this? Well my sister is getting married september 5th and she asked me to make the pics. And I really want to do it right! So I have to practise! Here are some testshots!

vrijdag, juni 20, 2008


It has been a great while since I last blogged! Why? Well as you know, we got a puppy! That should say it all, but if it doesn't... here we go!

I have to vacuumclean and mop the floors every day, sometimes twice, when he's asleep I can take care of the other pets and laundry and groceries. Sometimes I need time for ME as well. When he's awake... go hide! LOL! He's such a busy little creature! He's fun and he's learning fast! He listens to a few commands already like sit, come here, paw, down and I am working on "place" (for him to go to his big pillow) and "stay" (as he runs around like crazy when I vacuumclean or mop trying to catch the mop e.g.) Walking on a leash is going great, now that I decided I am the pack leader and he has to listen to me (thank you ceasar milan!).

Here he is laying in our yard playing with a branch

Here he is sleeping with his cat-friend Misty together so cosy!

Then there's also my study, working hard on that one! I finished half of the last module! July 14th I will have my exam of the previous module and I hope not long after that I'll have my last exam! So excited and wanting to get it over with! Some appointments going on to get me started and.... we've got something to celebrate!!!

Our debt issue is finally resolved!!! We've got a good deal (long story, won't bother you with it) and we can finally live and get a life and plan our future! We are so happy not to be stuck anymore! So we celebrated a little. This monday we will sign the contract and do all the paperwork and at the end of the week it will all be done and over with yeah!!!

Ok and then scraprelated stuff: I scrapped quite a lot! I have been asked to join a DT and I am really honored by that! I also have another call running so I really want to wait for that result too! It's a hard decission but it's one I'll have to make!

I made 2 mini-albums, well 1 true album with sheets in it and all, a new BOM actually about my feelings and emotions and doubts etc. And one minibook I started and hopefully can work on today! I can show you the album, here it is: (a few gluespots that didn't dry invisible too bad)

I made a few lo's in it as well but I am not sure wether I will show them or not, not just yet anyway! And now it's time to walk Yazz again so I will leave you with this and hope to show you more soon!


dinsdag, juni 10, 2008

I got...

A new scrapsubject! Ok scrapping will be hard now as I am so occupied with this...
Our new pyppy! It's a pug and he's called Yazz and he's such a cutie! We got him this Sunday after 2 long weeks of waiting. I didn't want to tell as I wanted my parents to be surprised when the came in yesterday for a bbq-party. And they were, and they were sold too!!!

More pics and stories on our pets are here:
I also just got my order from AMM in and I love it! It's say it in crystals big ones, paper from DaisyD's who's working hard to become one of my favorite brands ;-) Elsie's new book (ofcourse) and flowers and lace, Michelle thanks again!
I also got a new pc as the other one was sooo slow and couldn't keep up with my demands so we bought a new one and a new screen as well! A 20" flatscreen! Love it! Then I placed vinyl on the floor at the rabbitsroom as it is easier to clean, also for the future when we decide to have more bunny babies. We can put it on top of the hardwood floor then and all done!
What else? Oh tomorrow my order will come in of the animalwebshop, with toys and a cool leash and collar for Yazz, a big pillow and some other fun stuff, looking forward to his reaction, he's so enthousiastic when he discovers new stuff! Oh I love this little puppy, should have done that way sooner!