woensdag, juli 23, 2008

another bunch

Of paper! Yellow Bicycle this time, vita bella to be exact.I will make my summer journal with it! Well I already started it!
I also got my prize for winning the cardcontest! Thanx Nicole for this great book!

The weather is improving luckily as I really got bitten by the walking-bug! We've got beautiful parcs around our house that I am so enjoying! I always start the day with a big walk with Yazz and do 3 smaller ones after that spread over the whole day. Loving it!

Not much scrapping to show you, probably tomorrow when my "buddy" gets her presents and I can show them!

woensdag, juli 16, 2008


So this morning I decided to go down town and visit the local craft store. I found this amazing line called Chocolate from SEI! I just had to have it! It's all shimmery and shiny and glittery and so me!! I also bought a 7gypsies book and will combine the both of them to make a cute present!

And then tomorrow I'll be getting another package! From scrapaddiction/Nicole with the yellow bicycle line which I'll make my holiday/travel journal with! Then ofcourse this weekend is the BIG CHA convention and loads of new stuff will be out, can't wait to see it all and actually.... want a lot of it too!!!!

I am also busy with my workshop BOM on the scraptastisch messageboard. It's a 10 week course (in dutch) and lesson 1 is just up and I got some great response to that! So happy. And then the latest news... next season I'll be hosting 5 workshops here!!! Each workshop contains 2 or 3 afternoons/mornings of 3 hours each! So looking forward to that!

zondag, juli 13, 2008

post #250!!

Hello and good sunday to all!
Besides a headache and feeling tired I feel awesome and happy like mad! This morning I was cuddles awake by Igor and Daisy, what better way to start the day?! I have a restrainingorder when it comes to household today so I am not allowed to do any of that LOL (oh boy do I mind... NOT!) and we had a great morning of having breakfast together, going to the veg-patch, walk in the forrest with yazz and visit Igors parents. Then having lunch together and now... Now I will probably scrap some, but before I do I have to share these pics!
I got this incredible Kit yesterday, the best kit I've ever seen! I've had several kits but this beats them all by far! So excited to get started with it!

Then I always said my ragdoll male Misty is more like a dog, well... It does explain why him and Yazz are best buds! No really they are, look at these pics!

Misty is constantly looking for him and when Yazz is in his bench/crate, Misty sleeps on top of it to keep an eye on him! How weird is that? Not at night though as Misty sleeps at my feet. I love them so very much!

donderdag, juli 10, 2008

yard and stuff

Ok it has been a week but I have been so busy!!! I've been scrapping, chatting, painting like crazy, working, studying (exam this monday) having friends over on different days etc. Ofcourse there's the puppypug that needs a lot of attention, and a hubby too ;-) Oh and the garden ofcourse! I've been spending a whole lot of time in there too, re-arranging everything, cutting down stuff etc. Here's a peek of what I have done.

Now I am painting, the steps of the stairs needed to be done, and decided to do the doors and posts of them in the hallway too. So everything looks clean and fresh again. Tomorrow just the last bit and I am all done!

I got this!!! Stamps from Prima marketing, build a frame collection 1, love these!!!

It's almost CHA summer time! Just a few more days, I've seen some sneaks and it promisses a whole bunch of cool stuff again! I really need that as I am almost through paper again! I am waiting for 1 kit to arrive from a new board/store. And probably order the yellow bycicle stuff too as I want to make a new album.
But now I am going to finish (or at least try to) the booklet of our little Yazz, it's so totally not my usual style but I like it anyway! trying something new!

donderdag, juli 03, 2008


Last month I got this great RAK from Inge and I got started right away but never finished (as I often have with minibooks!) but I love it anyway! It's a chipboard minibook in the shape of a flower. On the leaves I wrote the names of our pets (front and back) and used the paper she added, everything and added a little of my own. Here it is, Inge thank you again for this wonderful RAK!!!

woensdag, juli 02, 2008

I won!!!

Ok I was just starting up the computer at the beginning of my day, just had breakfast and then I got the wonderful message from Nicole from scrapaddiction, I won a contest! I won this wonderful book!

The assignment was to make a card, that was 75% orange, so I gave it a shot, I didn't even think I had orange paper but I did! It was a lot of work and I am happy with the results, this is the card I made (sorry for the bad pics)

I am really happy with it ofcourse so as you can imagine I am having a great day!!!