donderdag, januari 29, 2009


Hi there!

A new message from me! I am doing good, so is the little one as he/she's kicking me now! Well he probably did before but now I can feel it pretty good, I love it! My belly still hurts but I'll take that for granted! Today I put the crib together and this is what it looks like, I couldn't get a good pic due to the light in that room but you'll get an idea now. It's a really old crib and I am so in love with it!

Today I also played with my camera some more, I am trying out some new stuff with lightning, background, flash, colors and all that, I love it! I am learning by doing it right now so this is one of my shots of today! It's also the pic I took for the #4 card from Emilys 52Q! The third is also in the making!
Bye for now, I am off scrapping!!

zondag, januari 25, 2009

Toot toot!

How are you all? I am doing great! I've got enough energy during the day (none at night btw) to do some stuff, and lately I have been shopping like crazy, babyshopping that is! I bought:
* a babybath
* a crib that we'll be picking up tomorrow
* some sheets
* Changing pillow
* feeding pillow (also to sleep better)
* playarea that we call a box
* nappy wrapper
* some shirts for myself

But I also bought some stuff not really baby-related like 2 new sheets for our own bed, a laptop and a router! We were so lucky to be able to afford all this, this month! I sold some stuff on a dutch ebay-like site as well so we could spend a lot! Loved it. Also Marije and I are really "bothering" or actually "infecting" one another with this baby-shopping virus, it's so much fun! She's also pregnant, 6 weeks behind me but we have the same little issues, complaints and aches! So we spend a lot of time talking on MSN, even at night when we are in bed, so you could say we have slumberparties lol!

I have a special baby blog but it is in Dutch so some of you might not be able to read the diary (dagboek) in the left menu but you can see pics in our photobook (fotoboek)!! click here to go to the babysite! I also placed some new bellyshots of me from today (17 weeks and 4 days). (buikjesparade).

And now back to scraprelated stuff and the toot!
My toot is.... I am Februarys Guest Designer for Royalty Scrapbooking !!! I am so honored Sheila asked me! I will receive a package soon to make pretty stuff for them and I am so looking forward to that! Thanks Sheila for asking me!

Then I scrapped this LO a great while back, it was for a secret scraplift and yesterday it ended so I can show it now :

And I made another lo for my pregnancy journal! This one is about how we told our parents or soon to be grandparents and how they reacted!

Well this is it again for now! Hope to be back soon with some more scrapwork!

vrijdag, januari 16, 2009

Just MY day

Sometimes there are days that are the best, no correct myself: THE BEST EVER!!! Friday was one of those days! Why? Well first of all I felt great, second of all my friend Kelly from France called. She's been living there for years now and I haven't seen here in a very long long time, I still miss here as it is just not so easy to go there (well for me it isn't). Now she called me saying she's coming back to the Netherlands, to stay!!!! I have been jumping up and down all day!! I was so happy and still am. She's not exactly sure when but she'll be back and she's also going to live close to me as well! I am soooooo happy, Kelly you made my day!!!

Then I also got a lot of posts on my blog, a great present from my friends as you could see in my previous post, a great order of baby stuff, I took a day off just for myself, I had the most amazing fruitsmoothie, and last but not least... I even scrapped!
There's also another thing I got asked for, scraprelated, that I am very happy about and honored as well but I can't tell you guys yet, but I will, soon!!!

donderdag, januari 15, 2009

Presents and cards

And another entry from me again!
Last wednesday I got a big surprise from my friends at the scraptastisch messageboard
They send me a recipebook made of panrags (right word?) with lovely spread with even lovelier recipes in them! Just to cheer me up because we had to replace our little cutie doggie which made me really really sad and because I was so sick of the pregnancy at first. I was soooo surprised and moved to tears by this! Thank you all girls! Here are the pics!

Then there's Emilys challenge and I finished one card. I really hope I can keep up this year, as I didn't finish the Deck of Me (still working on it!). Here it is:

And last but not least, here's page 3 of my pregnancy journal. I am not doing it in the right order but I will put them in the album in the right order eventually. This little one is about the day I told my DH we were expecting and the pic is a bouquet with a big bear in it that he gave me! The pin and wire (around the pic) were both in the bouquet by the way. Not really happy about how it turned out but it'll do! What do you think?

Pregnancy Journal

Hello again!
I think I am back, on track with blogging and scrapping! And that while I am also busy doing the babyroom/nursery and changingtable, what a job!!!

So I am participating in a challenge on a messageboard where we agreed we would all NOT buy any scrapstuff untill we finished 25 layouts with the stuff we have. Well I finished my sisters weddingalbum (scroll down) which seriously made the number go down like crazy! But still there's a lot of scrapstuff left! So I started a pregnancy journal. I haven't bought stuff to make the actual album (because I couldn't) but I did make 2 lo's and I am working on the 3rd already. Here they are:

I am also working on the 52Q challenge Emily Falconbride thought of for this year. I finished my first card, the second one is in the making but haven't made pics yet, will do so soon!

*** Baby update***
I am doing great, so is the baby, nausea is going away bit by bit, replacing it by hunger even in the middle of the night! My bladder is not working with me as I have to go pretty much every 30 minutes (at night about 3 times) and I think I felt the little one already! It started a few days ago! This monday I'll have a checkup again, can't believe it has been 16 weeks (and 1 day) already! Still tired though, and in bed early, but that's ok. Only the last few days I woke up really early and couldn't go back to sleep again, result: me being awake since 4.30 and up since 5.30!!.
Have a great day all!

vrijdag, januari 09, 2009

Cold walk in the snow

Hi there!
Well this morning I took a walk as the weather looked awesome, blue sky but cold. It has been a while since Yazzie left us and it was a bit emotional for me to walk the same route as I did when I walked him, I miss him!!! But I loved the walk though. I took my camera and here are some pics.
A not so scary spiderweb

some kind of plant that looks lovely like this

Even my shadow looks pregnant! There's no point in denying LOL!!!

woensdag, januari 07, 2009

Weddingalbum finished!!!

Wow finally the album is finished! They wanted a simple album, not really scrapped so that's hard for a scrapper! These are some of the 65 pages! So sis' cu soon!!!

Now I can start scrapping for ME again! I will start a pregnancy BOM first!