maandag, december 29, 2008


Hello!! How's life girls?
I haven't got any pics to show you yet or any scrapstuff to show as I didn't do anything!!! Well not scrapwise!
We had an active christmas, we redecorated 1 room, the new hobbyroom!!! it looks so great and we spend a lot of money on it, as we also bought a new wardrobe closet! I will show pics soon!
Then I started on the babyroom as Igor was busy finishing the other room and I didn't want to be in his way. So the woodwork is sandpapered, all of it! And I stripped 1 wall of wallpaper, the other one is almost finished as well but there were multiple layers of wallpaper we found out!
We also got a new fridge, a big 2 door luxurious americain fridge/freezer, we LOVE it! Will show that one too soon!
Just wanted to let you know I am still alive and the baby is doing great and growing like crazy! (which feels a bit soar!) And Igor has a 2 week break which is great too, we are sleeping in almost every day, cuddle a whole lot and spend lots of time together, I so love it when we are together! I am still madly in love with my hubby and think this will never go away!!! (hope you girls feel the same about your DH!)
Have a great week!

maandag, december 15, 2008


No, no scrap related topic this time but something that is interesting for woman too!!!
I got a package from Buzzer, a company that gives us the opportunity to test new products before they enter the market and give our opinion about it. Well this time it's the new DOVE deodorant which should reduce hairgrowth and make the hairs thinner so you won't have to shave as much! I would love that! So I got 10 deo's which I can also give away to people around me and I gave 4 packages away so far and they were enthousiastic about it! So am I by the way! Ok it's just the smell and the product itself now ofcourse, if it will really reduce the hairs or the feeling you want to shave... well I think only time will tell us!
This product will be in stores soon (January 2009 I think) and it's pretty much the same price as the other dove products and the quality as well!

donderdag, december 04, 2008

It has been a while+great news!!

Since I last blogged! I know... a whole month! Well I am back so I have a picture overload here!
Scraptastisch was doing a challenge where you had to do a lo with at least 50% journaling, I made that one but forgot to send it in, duh (I know I am blonde) so I will share it here! I loved the idea so much I actually made a spread!

Then I also participated in the Sintswap on scraptastisch, it's a Dutch thing that's like santa claus. We send each other presents, a poëm with hints and a selfmade present. This is what I got:

Some lovely flowers, stamps and hotfixstuff

A gorgeous Diary for these 9 months, cause..... I am pregnant!!!! Yeah!!!

This is the poem

The inside of the book, I love it!
The little book inside the book made of a canvas

It's made of wood I am correct and it has exactly 2 pages for each month

And last but not least the inside
I really love this stuff!!! I think it is Ria due to the hints she gave me, she said she loves coffee and we talked about that because I am a tea person, she loves her 2 man (dh and ds), she loves scrapping (sorry but DUH) and loves surprises hmmm that could be anybody but me!

I got sick a lot the last couple of weeks but I am getting better so it seems so I am here again, I even started scrapping again, well at least try to as my MOJO took a holiday I guess. Hope it's back soon as I still have to finish my sisters album (sorry sis!!!)