zaterdag, februari 21, 2009

Message #300!!! + rak giveaway

First of all, I was surprised to see I reached post # 300 already! So I decided to do a little Rak Giveaway. Please leave a comment on this post of you'd like to
have a shot at it! I'll do a random pick on monday!

Yesterday Igor and I went shopping for a stroller and this is the one we ordered! I love the colors, how big the grocery basket is underneath and everything about it actually!!

This morning I found out I only have onesies in the smallest size and no actual clothing so I went to the store to buy some and this is what I came home with, it's size 50/56 so she can wear them a little longer than just 1 or 2 weeks. She'll be born in summer so I bought these little cute dresses too!

This is what she'll be wearing when she's born! I so love this cute outfit!!!
And then there's a minibook I finished about our "love weekend" last weekend. I got THIS little chipboard booklet from Sheila in my Guest Designers package. And I decided to make a little lovely book with it as they are so cute! I used 2 sheets of Making Memories Paper from my own stash. Most of the materials are in Sheila's shop too!

Well this is it for now! Don't forget to leave a message! You might get lucky and win something fun!!!

zaterdag, februari 14, 2009

Update on yesterday!

Yesterday we had our ultrasound and everything was perfectly ok! We really enjoyed seeing our little one again, moving around, "waving" at the doptone etc. We also know the gender but wanted to keep it to ourselves for a little while but.... "daddy" was so happy he accidently made a slip of the tongue and told his parents we are having a..... GIRL!!
After the ultrasound we went down town and bought some cute clothes like this Hello Kitty set, DH chose this one!

This one he chose too as he wants her to look tough too! lol

This was my choice as I love to bake cupcakes!
This is a plaything we bought yesterday too, just in it's package but I will put it together soon!
Today it's Valentinesday and I love this holiday! I gave him a bottle of perfume yesterday and today he got a big bouquet of red roses and tomorrow... there will be another surprise as it is our wedding anniversary! I will place pics tomorrow! I feel so tired but so happy now!!

We went to the scrapstore in Doorn today as well to buy pink stuff to scrap with! This is what I bought, as you can see I behaved very well, I needed cardstock in sweet colors and white, and bought a little PP. I hope Basic Grey will be in stores soon!

vrijdag, februari 13, 2009

Some more stuff to share on Friday the 13th!!

Ok, this should be a day to be careful but we planned on doing a lot today!
First of all Igor is at home ALL weekend! I am soooo happy! It's a special and romantic weekend for us. First of all we're going to have our 20-week ultrasound, this is a medical one to see if everything is all right and if we are lucky we can see if it's a boy or girl!!!
This morning we picked up a big plaything for the baby which was really cheap but only today! So we got lucky, there was only 1 left! In about 30 minutes we will leave for the ultrasound and if everything is ok and I still feel ok, we'll go downtown to shop a little! I really need some shirts as my normal shirts start to be tight and too short now (or my belly big lol). And ofcourse we can start buying babyclothes now if we know the gender! Looking forward to that a whole lot too!

Tomorrow it's Valentines day and that's always romantic! I love that day! I always do something extra extra sweet, I just think it's a special day just like Christmas! I got 1 card already for Valentinesday (not from Igor but from my parents!). We will visit the scrapstore in Doorn tomorrow to buy some blue or pink paper for a minibook! (and probably some more stuff too hehehe).
Sunday is our first weddinganniversary! Special day too for us! Loving this whole weekend!!!

I scrapped some too for Royalty Scrapbooking Another spring-lo and after this I will start the minibook that Sheila also included! Much fun! I entered a photoswap on Royalty Scrapbooking too. Michelle made me this cute little lo about Yazzie.
And I made her this one, I will mail it of today so she'll have it tomorrow I hope!
Well I am off brushing my teeth, finding my purse, getting papers and then go off to see our little baby!!! Update will be there later on!!!

zondag, februari 08, 2009


Another item for Royalty Scrapbooking !
I thought the paper is really spring-ish, so that's why I wanted to make an altered item that fits the theme! I love hyacinths, and especially their scent and lovely colors. In our garden we have a whole lot of them! So I wanted to get spring inside already, maybe it helps a bit ;-) Here's the first spring-thing!

zaterdag, februari 07, 2009

Another LO

Ok here's another lo for Royalty Scrapbooking The girls said that it was such a colorful, bright, happy paper, so I wanted to show you, you can also make cute and soft layouts with this! I used a sketch from Pencillines for this one! All products used are from the shop, I only added a little lace and perfect pearls. Please click to enlarge to see details.

donderdag, februari 05, 2009

Guest Designer

As I told you before, I was asked to be February's Guest Designer for Royalty Scrapbooking by Sheila. A big honor for me and ofcourse I am really happy with it. Last Tuesday I received a great package with fun stuff! I got the Imaginisce Twitterpated line with stamp and matching cardstock and embellies! It is a true challenge for me to make fun stuff with it, but it's such a cheerful, playful, funny and fresh line, that shouldn't be a problem! I hope I can inspire you to buy this great paper as well!

First of all I made this card. Igors nephew and his wive became parents of a little fellow named Tobias Daniƫl so this is for them! I used papers, made the flower myself, used the cute fox stamp I got as well and the ribbon, hat pin etc.

This is a lo I made about my little Yazzie, also used all materials from the lovely kit that I got from sheila, so all items are for sale at her shop! I only added a chipboard swirl from my own collection! Go check out the stuff in her store, there's more of this you know! More cute stamps and embellies!! Go see!!