zaterdag, september 30, 2006

I made a lot of...

8x8 Lo's the last few days. My first album I bought was one of 8x8 and I love the cheerfull colors, but the size is a bit of a problem. My first LO I ever made was an 8x8 and I kind of liked it. Then I bought a bigger album 12x12 and I knew right there and then that that was my size! And I still do actually. Today I made an 8x8 again as I made it my cats album. I have a huge pile of cat pictures so I decided to do that first. As kind of like a practise. For what? Well I recently joined a few fine ladies in their photoswap and they decided to make each other a 8.4"x8.4" It is really hard! Well I had preprinted pictures at standard sizes so next time I will print smaller ones instead! Here's one I made yesterday, the rest you can find in my 2p.

dinsdag, september 26, 2006

Elsie challenge # 12

I saw this great LO and read a challenge about lifting one so I did! And this is what I came up with. What do you think?

maandag, september 25, 2006


to make a new LO, an Elsie challenge to be exact but it's ugly!!! It turned out ugly, messy, busy and what not! So I am not placing it here, only in my 2peas. Anyway today I had an appointment with a so called work specialist to judge my current situation and it was a positive conversation luckily. It felt like it lifted 10 kilo's off my shoulders. So I went home very happy and relieved and spent all afternoon scrapping or at least attempt to.
have a great evening

zondag, september 24, 2006

Elsie Challenge # 1 work those words

Hi everyone,
Elsie is visiting the Netherlands, it can't be missed but unfortunately I AM missing it!!!
Anyway, I decided to do an Elsie Challenge instead and this is how it turned out! I love it!

The text says: I love flowers, all kinds, all colorsbut my favorites are Roses and Passionflowers

zaterdag, september 23, 2006


Hi there!
It has been a while since I last posted but I am here to tell you that there are photo's in my gallery of my mega mini-album!
Here a preview

This is a pic I made yesterday in the garden, what a great weather it was! I spent all day outside working the garden, loved it!!!

Nice pic for a LO with the title: flowergirl. First I have to buy lots of flowers as I only have the lavender prima got flowers? (I just started scrapbooking with a very limited budget)
Have a great weekend
Love 'n hugs

woensdag, september 20, 2006

mega mini-album

hi there!
How's life on the other side of this line?
What I have been up to lately? Well I started a mini-album about myself. It starts at birth and then on till now, but it is starting to look like a mega-album! I already processed 15 pictures on 7 double pages (envelopes, so there's also a card in there giving the facts around the picture). I still have 5 pictures left and there are more to come! I have a huge gap between 1994 and 1998 and I have to start looking for pictures from 1998 till now. So as you can imagine it's getting a quite big album! Or at least a thick album, but it's great fun though!
As soon as I have pictures, I will show them ofcourse!

zaterdag, september 16, 2006

Stamp stamp stamp stamp

hi there!
Today I could finally start using the great stamps of Corinne Delis! I made loads of paperpiercings or embelishments or ????? anyway I stamped different stamps in different colors, used holografic embossingpowder and some of them colored in with pencils. They look great!
Tomorrow I will start scrappingbooking again. This week my cartridge was empty and had to buy a new one, which I finally did today!
Have a great night

vrijdag, september 15, 2006

What a job!!!

hi there!
Today I made "envelopes" for a home-made album. I bought 3 big sheets of paper and started messuring and cutting it, paste etc and finally it is ready but what a job! Sometimes I really think: and I think this is fun?
Anyway I will make my own small album with envelopes opened on the upperside so you can put cards or pictures in it. I have loads of ideas for mini-books so that's why I made so many of them but I am sure it's not enough.
I decided to do a mini album about me, from baby till now so today I scanned a lot of old pictures and it's so cute!

This is me, just a year old with my grandfather! I really love this photo. My grandfather died unfortunately.

woensdag, september 13, 2006


Hello again!
Today I finished 2 LO's! One about my sweetie and one about myself, both are in my 2peasgallery, here's the one about me (how selfish) that I really like because of the bling! Which to be honost hurts my eyes as I have a bad headache today but hey I won't compain after the job I did today!

dinsdag, september 12, 2006

Today I made...

A spread on our zoo visit mondag september 4th. The left page is still not totally done but it will be tomorrow, when my order comes in!!!
It was great to spend some time just scrapping and hardly do anything else, (can imagine you would want the same Fauve;-))
Anyway I enjoyed. These two are finished and there are 2 more on the way that I have started aswell.

Today I am....

Scrapping all day long!!! Ok it's already 2 pm but I've done a lot already and I won't stop for a very long time! Busy on a spread about our visit to the zoo and it's looking pretty nice! Pictures will follow soon!
Love 'n hugs

zondag, september 10, 2006

Butterflies part 2

Hi everyone,
Here's part 2 of the butterfly layout. At first it was just 1 LO but a few days ago we made some more pics of the butterflies in our garden so I decided to make it a spread! So here's part 2, not totally what I wanted but nice though.

vrijdag, september 08, 2006

hi everyone,
Today I went shopping again at Paper and Pictures in Doorn. Wow, I still didn't know what to pick! I bought the book of Elsie Flannigan "52 scrapbooking challenges" and I really love it! I've been reading and watching her LO's since I got home and have tons of inspiration!So Elsie THNX!!!

woensdag, september 06, 2006

A spread in 3 days!

Hi there!
I finished another LO, well actually 2 or a spread, it's just my 6th and 7th LO I ever made and it is starting to look like scrapbooking I think. What do you think?

zaterdag, september 02, 2006


Good morning!
I am really happy! Why? Well I finished a butterfly LO and I love it! What do you think?
Have a great weekend!

vrijdag, september 01, 2006

My first

Wow my fist posting on this blog! Why this blog? Well I recently started scrapbooking (March 2006) and am totally addicted to it! I haven't made a lot of LO's yet but I am learning!
Information and ideas come in loads but I am loving it.
Last week I visited a scrapbookstore not far from here and I went nuts! What a choice in papers and embelishments, in 20 minutes I spent about € 70,00 ├índ looked around, can you imagine! Anyway, now it's our holiday and hopefully next week the weather will be better so we can visit a zoo and some other things so we can make great pictures to scrap again!
This is an LO I made of my sweetheart and myself. I really don't like the picture of us 2 together but it's one of the few pics I got of us together!