zondag, februari 25, 2007

Rainy Days are Made for Scrapping!

Good sunday to all!
A good day? Today? While it's raining like crazy all day? My answer: YES IT IS!!!!
Why? Well I have been scrapping all day and made 2 lo's. One idea I came up with because it is so grey and sad outside while it should be sunny, and flowers should be blooming, it should be spring-ish! But I got a little bit of spring in my own house!

This one is an engagement photo of my grandparents. They are both not with us anymore unfortunately but I LOVE this photo and just had to scrap it once. It was the first time I used heritage pics but I liked it a lot though.

zaterdag, februari 24, 2007


I always love it when it's weekend! I don't know why that is but I just do.
I have no plans actually, just relax and probably scrap some. I finished 2 lo's again the last 2 days!
This one is an Elsie Challenge #7; artistic photo; I also posted it on The Pink Donut as a challenge of week 8; show a lo where you could really use a Cricut! Well practically all my lo's could use that! I always print them from word and cut the letters out by hand but it isn't nearly as pretty as it would be cut by such a great machine!

This one I finished yesterday. I am still using old paper, here's Rusty Pickle and Fancy pants mixed together. Dreaming of all fun new papers that are coming up like Elsie's line?

donderdag, februari 22, 2007

2 new ones

Well I tried making a LO while having a scrapblock, not a great succes because this is what I made of it

Now after 4 or 5 days yesterday I finally made a new LO that I lifted but love so much as it is so simple. It would be even more if I had a sewing machine, but now I did the stitching by hand!

My friend was happy with the mini album I made her for her birthday but I haven't asked her if she's ok with me posting it here so I will just leave it at this for now. I am very glad she liked it!

zondag, februari 18, 2007

scrappersblock again?

hi there,
well I've got this great new paper, cute pics and no inspiration, nothing fun comes out of my hands, well at least not in scrapping! Too bad! Just wait a couple of days and it will be back I'm sure. Instead I made loads of pictures, wrote a whole lot as well, and I tried to finish a LO that I was working on but I really don't like how it turned out. Well, can't have it all right?
Just some random stuff to share!
Here's a frame I bought for christmas, with and old picture of us

Here's a funky vase we bought a while ago

And last but not least my bazzill stash

donderdag, februari 15, 2007

Look what I got!

My order from the scrapstore came in today at 4.30 pm! I am so happy with all the new paper from Basic Grey and Crea Motion! Love it! I also ordered Bazzill and Dabbers, fibers and glue Oh and this cute stamp alphabet. I am happy!!!

I am sure that in the near future (I mean within 2 months) there will be a whole lot more! Which is ok because I saved money, It's my birhtday soon and I am almost out of paper and I wanted to clean it all up!
Off scrapping now!

woensdag, februari 14, 2007


First of all I want to wish everyone a very happy Valentinesday! A very lovely day to think extra about your lovedones, well that's my opinion! For the last 3 year I have been doing a lot for Valentinesday and Igor hasn't because we couldn't afford it or for whatever reason. He always felt a bit guilty about that. So this year I didn't do much about it because I didn't want him to feel awkward about anything. I really didn't expect him to even remember this Loving day! Well...... HE DID!!!!! This morning I found a lovely note on our table which I think was sooooo sweet! And then he came home with this:

Ok the picture isn''t all that good but it's dark already so tomorrow I will make new ones. I feel another LO comming up!

I just love multicolored roses! So he did a great job! It was so heavy, it must be 50 or more roses! So sweet! I was really emotional about it! Can you imagine?
Have a great night, sleep well!

maandag, februari 12, 2007

book is finished

hi girls,
My mini album about my cat Browny is finished. It has been a struggle at times and very emotional as well but I finished it and I am very pleased with most of the pages.
It would mean the world to me if you would take the time to walk through all of the pages here . I hope you like them as much as I do.
Here are a few peaks.

Some of the layouts are scraplifts from other layouts, some of them are my interpretation of some of Elsie's sketches and some are original (the ones I like least!)
My next project? Well I bought this cute little album in a box for cats of 16x21 cm. I will start making catlo's for that one now. I ordered some new paper from Creamotion and Basic Grey today and hope it will soon be delivered oh and a whole lot of Bazzill (especially bling bling!) and cute little alphabetic stamps. Really looking forward to that!

zondag, februari 11, 2007

new look

hi all,
had a nice weekend? I had a very quiet weekend with no obligations what so ever!
I scrapped a lot but also had a great time cleaning the house big time! It all smells so great now!

Today I wanted to try a new look on my blog, but it took me so much time! It's not what I had in mind but now at least I know how everything works! I choose an old Basic Grey paper as my button filler and I will make ones when the new lines are in!
I loved doing it though! So probably very soon my blog will change again!

I almost finished my mini album (see previous post) and it was a lot of work, as well as emotional, but it was a good thing! I love how it turned out. I will make some pics tomorrow as it is too dark now. I wish you all a very good night!
Love 'n hugs

woensdag, februari 07, 2007

New books

hi there! How are you?
I am full of inspiration and I am anxiously waiting for the new papers to arrive! So I can actually turn my ideas in an actual paper version! For Elsie's line I have to be patient the most as it will be shipped half of April so it should be in stores at the end of april.
Now I am working on a kind of emotional album. I've been through a rough peroid and I had to get my 3 loving cats in a new home as I had to go and live with my parents again (this was a few years ago)and I felt heartbroken.Then when I finally got a place to live again for my own (well together with my big love) I really wanted to have a cat of my own again. Igor had 2 pretty and sweet cats but I really wanted "my own" so when we met Browny for the first time it was love at first sight and I knew he was ment to be with us. After a few weeks we could finally pick him up and bring him home. I loved him to pieces but unfortunately he got very very ill and died within 24 hours. I was devistated and still feel sad whenever I see his pictures (which is in a very nice frame in our livingroom) but now I decided it was time to give it a good place in my heart and mind and decided to dedicate a book about him. I made this great piano hinge album and printed pictures. Here is a sneak peak, just finished the book there

zaterdag, februari 03, 2007

new lo's

Hi everyone,
it's weekend and I feel great! Finally had a very good night sleep and I feel reborn! Ok that's a bit much but you'll get what I mean right?
The last few days I have been scrapping again and made some very fun lo's, well at least I had fun making them. They are a bit revealing to me. I have been making some lo's that were soulsearching to me but I liked doing it and will continue doing it as well! What do you think of these lo's?

I love his funny laugh and his sweet face!!

There's a whole story behind this picture, hidden journalling about why I feel misunderstood.

This one is an old picture, I guess about 6 or 7 years ago!

This last one is such a dorky picture but I love it! So I really had to scrap it!
have a great weekend!