woensdag, november 28, 2007

Great news!

Well first of all I am soooooo happy! I made an album, it's very pretty, but I can't show it here! Why not? As it is being published!!! I am even getting a something nice for it! Wow this must be my lucky day!

Another thing was that we got a letter that we were charged too much for a bill and got over € 100,00 back! And we got a letter from our electricity company that we would get money back as well as we payed more than we used! So all this is great as for the upcoming wedding ofcourse!

Then a friend of mine showed up unexpectely and we scrapped together and had great fun and I finished 2 lo's! So now I am all caught up with my workshop again!

So my question? What's next today! I am looking forward to it!This "positive thinking" stuff really works great! I got all that I asked for today!

Here are my lo's:

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hilde zei

nou, dan wil ik wel een emailtje met waar jouw album gepubliceerd gaat worden!!!! spannend meid!!!
en je lo is super!