maandag, april 28, 2008

Great weekend

Hello there!
Wow what a lovely weekend it has been! The weather was awesome today and we really enjoyed every minute of it! In the morning we went to the vegpatch! We cleaned it out and all! Tomorrow we will go again to put cowdunk on it (sorry can't think of another word lol) and sow, water and it's all done! In the morning we will visit the garden centre to buy some seeds more and plants and we will have fresh veggies in a month or 2! Love it!
We also enjoyed our own garden in the afternoon, loads of tulips and other stuff in all sorts of colors! This pic is from a few days ago.

Then we have those 5 cute little bunnies and they are growing so fast! 1 of them has his/her eyes opened already! so cute!

Ofcourse I scrapped a lot but can't show it as it is for a DT call! I altered 1 item, made 2 lo's and 2 cards. I love them all and am eager to show you but just a little patience.

I also got the surprise that this month I WILL receive the scrapfever Scrapkit! So I am happy and curious! Can't wait to see it! They are always pretty great so...

Today is Igors last day and then he has a whole week off! Happy about that and we plan to do all sorts of fun stuff! Hope you all will have a great week too!

donderdag, april 24, 2008

loving you easy!! I made a new lo with the great new Fancy Pants line "about a boy" well... in this case about a man, MY man!!! He wanted me to make a bright colored lo so here it is honey!

I didn't make the DT as they "forgot" to mention that it was just for north americans in their call! How crazy is that? Well it's ok I made a few great projects anyway!
I am working on another DT call now that's due May 14th. My altered item, the card and 1 of the 2 lo's are finished so today I'll try and finish that today!
Oh and I finally got a pic of my new baby bunnies!

Aren't they cute? They are a week old now! We've got 3 brown ones like dad and 2 blonde ones like mom! They make funny sounds when you pic them up and they are so soft and warm! Mommy is doing great, eating like a horse! She's the sweetest thing and I think she actually is happy I help her out every now and then!

I'll be scrapping today as Igor has a day off tomorrow! We'll probably do some fun stuff, don't know what yet, well at least buy me a new pair of pants as I lost so much weight! And to the garden centre for tiles, a new passionflower, and some other stuff I can't remember! Have a great day

zaterdag, april 19, 2008

TDX#5 and new stuff

Well I finally finished something I can show again! This is my lo for the TDX #5! It seems very simple but it was a whole lot of work!! I'll explain! This is the total LO (sorry for the bad pic and lightning).
The haiku says: life is beautiful,
and generous to us all,

if we let it be!

Well that was about it for now, I am going to make another lo today I think!

yesterday I went down town to buy some stuff we needed and couldn't help myself. I just had to go inside the local craft store. I behaved! I did! See what I bought! The blue/black paper is with felt print! love it! It will be on the outside cover of an album I am making.

Oh and new baby bunnies were born last thursday afternoon! She had 6 but one was still-born. I am so looking forward to cuddling them again! Mommy showed them to me today! She's the cutest ever! Ok I made sure she can't escape from her space no more cuz I don't want her to have babies again so soon!
Bye for now!

I first of all mixed ranger perfect pearls with water in a minimister and sprayed the sheet with it (as you can see on this pic)
I sprayed the other sheets with glimmer mist (green and chocolate) and distressed them with ranger/tim holtz distress ink. I placed dots of tulip glitter on the edge of the journalingspot and made it look like it was torn out. I made the edge of the pic shimmer with stickles. I also stamped some doodles on the pic to fill up the empty spaces that I didn't like!
I placed flowers and made hearts with stickles too, distressed the card as well and made a border with hotfix and rhinestones. I stamped text (upper left) as a background and stamped the title "my first baby bunnys" and embossed them with glitter clear embossing powder.
Wow a lot of work he for a simple lo? I was surprised it took me that long to finish it!

donderdag, april 17, 2008


hi girls,

Wow yesterday we went to a photography class, the first of 6 and it was great, tough but fun. A lot of techniques and new things, how to use shutter, apperture, Iso etc. We got a lovely book to go along and there's homework! Ofcourse there is! Next week will be nr 2, then 2 week off due to holidays. I could really use that to get it all figured out, and that's just ME, then there's Igor as well! He needs to do stuff too! It was a bit hard as it was late and Igor had to get up real early but it's worth it! So I am gonna practise a lot! Hope I can share some pretty pics soon!

Then I submitted some work to a DT call, I really hope I make it as I love the things they make, their kits and ideas! I really want to be part of that DT! I had to make a sketch but at first I made the wrong one! This is what I made, so totally different from what I usually make! I can't show the one I submitted yet. Results will be in at the beginning of may so please keep your fingers crossed for me!

I finally started the 21 days challenge of Rhonna Farrer! I made a pretty little journal for it with her pretty pictures and I downloaded the papers as well and printed cards. No pics yet. The intention is to learn new things. They say it takes 21 days to learn a new habbit (or unlearn an old one). I haven't been doing yoga or meditation for a while (well off and on) and I really want it to be a part of my life again as it makes me feel relaxed and happier. I lost a lot of weight and can use the exercise as well to get back in shape! So I combine it with pilates. I've started 4 days ago and I already can feel it working! (besides the muscle aches!) I'll try to upload the pics later on today (or maybe tomorrow).

This is it for now, take care and enjoy the day

maandag, april 14, 2008

I got an award!

hello girls!
I was so honored to get an arte y pico award from Jackie!!

Here are the rules:

- Each award has to have the name of the author and also a link to her/his blog to be visited by everyone.
- Each award winner has to show the image of the award and put the name and blog link of the person that has given you the award.
- Award winner and the person that has given the award have to show the link of Arte Y Pico blog for everyone to know the origin of this award.
- Last but not least show these rules.Now I have to choose Five very talented ladies:

Fauve van Maanen is the first one as she is such a sparkling girl who makes lovely and colorful stuff
Elsie ofcourse! who else? She inspires me big time with her photography and also her colorfull personality.
Jan for her lovely conversations, funny mail and interesting links she sends me! Also because she makes pretty stuff which for me is "out of the box"
Suzi she breathes art! Her video's are fun and great to watch, her stories are so true and inspiring and gets you to think, and her mixed media artwork is sooooo lovely, pretty, colorful and meaningfull she deserves this award bigtime!
The fifth one is to ALL of you! Each and every one I know that makes any kind of art! Everyone should deserve recognision of their work, you make pretty things, things that are worth looking at, reading and thinking about! I just wanted to mention the 4 above a little extra!

Thank you Jackie again for your kind kind words!!! Hope you are doing well and wish you all the best dear!!! {{{ HUGS }}}

zaterdag, april 12, 2008

old and new

As far as the "old"part... our baby bunnies were OLD enough to go to a new home, this morning the last one left to a cute little girl. The other 2 are together and went to a little boy. So before they all left I had to take a pic with all my baby cuties! I will miss them soooo much, actually I already do! We'll have baby bunnies soon again I think.
Then there's the "NEW" part and that's our new couch! This is a pic of it! We ordered it yesterday. It's a bisque colored leather and it's so comfy! Unfortunately "patience" is the keyword again as it will take 8 to 12 weeks before it's in! Looking forward to it!

I've been scrapping a lot too and found a great messageboard with loads of inspiration too! So I am busy! I've been studying a lot too and I am waiting for my grades to come in of 2 chapters. Just 3 more to go! I will order the last part of my study soon too, then it's just 3 months and I got my degree! YAY!!!

The weather has been sooo kind on us since last sunday! Sunshine every day, blue skies etc. I worked the front yards a lot and they look cute again with flowers and all. Today it changes a lot! It started off great! now it's grey and clowdy! I think it will rain soon too! I am off playing with the great papers again and submitting some contests and DT calls. (Dutch proverb: niet geschoten is altijd mis!). Keep my fingers crossed!


maandag, april 07, 2008

my birthday was...

great! Well it was more kind of like a birth-weekend! Started on friday and lasted till last night!
So saturday was my actual birthday and we wanted to go somewhere fun like a zoo or something but it rained like crazy! So we first walked down town (with umbrella) as parking space is big trouble on saturday. We picked up pie and some other stuff and went back home.
After that we went to the garden centre (totally fell in love with a hamster and a pretty cage) and after that we visited a furniture shop in Hoogland. We are looking for a new couch and we found one but we had to think about it as it is a big pricetag hanging on it! So on the way back home we stopped at the garden centre again and look what I got from Igor!!!

just got out of his/her box at home
holding him/her close as it is a "walker"
in front of his new home
These are the flowers I got from Igor
And this is the Yummu GadoGado he made me that night!
My day was great! I spend a little time playing with my new hamster ánd new scrapstuff, at night we watched a movie and ate Gado.
Yesterday I celebrated my birthday and it was a great day again! Got spoiled rotten! Got money to buy scrapstuff (but I can't for 3 months as I promised Igor after I got the hamster LOL), tickets to the movies, 2 scrapalbums, loads of embellishments and a big box of celebrations chocolates!! I made lots of lovely snacks and thought I might have made too much but it was all gone!!! At 8 we had the house to ourselves again as Igor had to get up way early this morning, and you know what? After these fantastic few days together.... I really miss him now that he's not around :-(
Today I will go and get the new Dutch scrapmagazine and mail of a package and Chantals RAK and enjoy all of my new stuff and fuzzy new friend!!! This week our bunnies will go to their new homes too, will miss them too!!!

zaterdag, april 05, 2008

RAK winner!!!

Hi girls,
Thank you so much for all your mails, comments, messages, phonecalls and cards! I loved them all! We had a great great day today, but I will update on that later on with pics and all. I was spoiled again by Igor today with something tiny and cute and soft so....
I just wanted to tell you girls who the winner is of the RAK. This comment won:
Chantal said...
zo das nog eens een lekker dagje... en dan ben je morgen nog jarig ook!!! ben morgen de hele dag op stap dus doe ik het alvast even zoGEFELICITEERD!!!!groetjes Chantal

I let Igor pic a number and he chose this one so please mail me your address and your RAK will be send on monday! (

vrijdag, april 04, 2008

Spoiled (pre-birthday)+ RAK give-away

Ok so today Igor had a day off as a surprise for me! So we are going to have 2 days of great fun instead of 1!

Today we started by groceryshopping, shopping in the centre here and he bought me a new wallet and a big bouquet of roses! Love the colors but haven't got a pic yet.

Then we took it all home and he said: ok let's go to Doorn! I will not hestitate 1 moment! That's were the scrapbookstore is! Paper and Pictures! So we went over there and Igor helped me pick out these great new things Truike showed me! New stuff from tattered angels/glimmer mist, some grungeboard etc. Truike even remembered it was my birthday (as it is close to hers) and remembered that we went there last year on my b-day ánd that Igor bought me the cricut then! Don't you just love that?! She gave me a present for my b-day too! So sweet!

Well here's what I got!
some lovely goods!
thickers!!! new stuff from tattered angels!
this is what's inside the brown box from the pic above (in the middle)
And this is what's in the box next to it (top middle)

Don't you just love these things? I am so spoiled these past few days and it hasn't even been my b-day yet! So I decided to do a little give-away myself. So here's the deal. If you leave a comment on this post before april 5th (my actual birthday) you have a chance on winning a RAK. One of the items in it is a new glimmer screen, I placed a pink arrow to point out which one in the pic above. This is a stencil to use with glimmer mist. That's one of the things, the rest will be a surprise but it will be good!!!
More pics tomorrow!!!

donderdag, april 03, 2008

order order

in the house! Which means: I got 2 orders in LOL!!! 2 packages of creativity, here are the pics:

this is from Art Journey, me trying something new with wax paper, glossy paper,
distress ink etc, those things on the right are clear atc's
These are overlays and rubons of Fancy Pants
A glitter cut from Fancy pants, those are yummy!
Paper from Basic grey, love them
And a whole new range of Fancy Pants! New colors for me too!
Then there was the musical Evita yesterday. The first musical I've ever been to, Igors too by the way. It was great!!!!! We loved it soooo much and said to each other: "shall we go again tomorrow?" We got the complete original cast and it was terrific! It was amazing to see how fast they changed clothing, decor everything!
For the Dutch people: Stanley is magnificant, funny, great and Brigitte alsmost made me cry (just because I was biting my lip so hard, I didn't cry LOL). Anne and Marjolein both were in there too. Great night we had and we are sure we'll do it again soon!
Today I'll do some scrapping and trying my new stuff. The house is smelling great too! A mixture of fresh spring air (windows are open) and baked bread (my machine is doing all the work!) and I feel great tadadadada.
Have a great day!!!

woensdag, april 02, 2008

new pretty little book

Look at this!I love this little book! It's from a workshop from Meriam from Bag of Memories. It was my first attempt and I am surely going to make some more! Next tuesday I will go to the marketplace again to get some new fabric and buttons and knock myself out making new ones, better ones that this one.

Tonight we'll go to the musical and am looking forward to it but it makes me nervous as well. We'll get through though! It's our first night out in a very long time! Now I am going to make the cards that go with this cutie little book! bye!

dinsdag, april 01, 2008

2 new lo's! and softdrinks

hi girls!!!
Well I made 2 new lo's on 8x8" size. They both look like the swapthing as I loved it so much I made 1 like that for my own and then decided to make it a spread!

Today I went to the market to buy some lace and succeeded a lot! Then bought some stuff to complete a package for Amanda (yes girl it's on it's way!) I will mail it off tomorrow!!!

I also found a can of softdrink yesterday, It looks fun and it is soooo yummy, I will probably get some more tomorrow!!! Oh and tomorrow we'll go to Evita the musical!!!

I started making a new minibook that I saw on B.O.M. it's a lot of work but so much fun! I'll show you soon!

Have a great day today!!!