woensdag, november 28, 2007

Great news!

Well first of all I am soooooo happy! I made an album, it's very pretty, but I can't show it here! Why not? As it is being published!!! I am even getting a something nice for it! Wow this must be my lucky day!

Another thing was that we got a letter that we were charged too much for a bill and got over € 100,00 back! And we got a letter from our electricity company that we would get money back as well as we payed more than we used! So all this is great as for the upcoming wedding ofcourse!

Then a friend of mine showed up unexpectely and we scrapped together and had great fun and I finished 2 lo's! So now I am all caught up with my workshop again!

So my question? What's next today! I am looking forward to it!This "positive thinking" stuff really works great! I got all that I asked for today!

Here are my lo's:

woensdag, november 21, 2007

Finding you lo's

Here again 2 lo's for the "finding you" workshop, just 1 more to go and I am all caught up! I think I will do this tonight.
Today I went shopping at Pipoos (local craftstore) and bought some lovely 7 gypsies and K&Company paper so I can go on again for a short while!!! I also ordered some new paper at an online store but it will not be send untill December 1st so I have to be patient again! In the meanwhile I can finally finish our wedding invitations!!!

dinsdag, november 20, 2007

Cards and lo's

hi there!

I finished 2 lo's for the finding you workshop! Still 3 behind! But I am working on it!

I also made 3 more cards! 1 for christmas, 1 for someone who is having a hard time and one just in stock!

Our new "monster"

Meet Spikey! He's an agame, and so terribly cute!!! I really wanted a reptile for ages but my parents didn't want to have animals, my ex hated them and now after 22 years I finally got my first reptile! He's a baby still but he will be around 30 cm (his body) and in total from head to tale, around 60 cm! Love it! I just don't like what he eats! crickets and moths (worms) and all that kind of stuff and preferably alive! But hé I will get used to it eventually!

woensdag, november 14, 2007

*Love Elsie* paperbag mini-album

I finally finished this cute but bright and cheerful *love elsie* paperbag mini-album.
I made this for a (non-scrapping) friend who lives in Texas. She could use some cheer up right now so I hope she likes it and it will arrive safe and sound! To see all pics click here .

I also finished another lo for the finding you workshop! Just 4 more to go and I am up to date!

dinsdag, november 13, 2007

2 new lo's

as promised!!!
The first one is a lo I made for the workshop "finding you" from corinne delis! I am still way behind!
The second one is a scraplift from a lo I saw on the *Love Elsie* flickr group. I loved working on both of them!
And you know what? I am running out of paper!!! I am working on a paperbag minibook with the last bit of elsiepaper, then there's a minibook in process with jack and abby and after that I only had about 6 sheets left!!! And they all don't match! So I need new paper!!!! Anyone got tips to cute paper and internetshops?

Last night we visited our weddinglocation and talked about the food, our wishes, plans and all, we are so excited about this!!!

After that we went to visit Majootje and I asked her to be my "best man/woman" and she said yes!!!
This morning I had a conversation with our photographer and he can totally meet our wishes so that's arranged too!!! I am soooooo happy again!

zondag, november 11, 2007

Found my

MOJO again! yeaahhaaaa! I scrapped these cards below, today I finished 2 lo's and started a paperbag mini-album for a friend who can use a lot of support right now.
I haven't photographed the lo's yet but I will tomorrow I promise!

Weddingupdate: Last thursday Igor and I went over the the juweler's and chose these 2 perfect rings! They are so so so (did i mention "so") applicable to our situation, but I can't really explain it without pics so just a little more patience! We're still thinking about the inscription but I am sure we will find the appropriate words soon!

woensdag, november 07, 2007

Post # 150!!

Wow 150 messages already! And this one is all about fall! I made a minibook a while ago about why I love the fall so much, I send it in to a magazine but haven't heard from them so I decided to place it eventually! So here it is, well at least some of it! Here you can find all pictures! I am really happy with how it turned out! So take a look!!!

dinsdag, november 06, 2007

some christmas

Oh this year I am so into Christmas! In October I bought Christmas-scrapstuff already and started working on a christmasjournal and the christmaschallenge! Now I finished some christmascards that I found on a blog Ellen gave me a link to! It's from Cambria Turnbow and love the things she makes so I just had to lift some of the ideas and did! Here are my interpretations! The first one is a try-out with my new Cricut Cartridge.

Then I also made a little "X-mas"book by the idea of S@ndra which was a lot of work! But I love how it turned out! I made it with the scrapfever scrapkit of October.

I chose my dress, now I just have to order it and wait 5 weeks! Thursday we will go shopping for rings and crafts for making the invites. Monday we have an appointment at the party/weddinglocation to talk about the food an all! Loving it!!

zaterdag, november 03, 2007

We are getting married!!!

Isn't that great!? Ok it wasn't all that romantic because we kind of "have to" get married. No I am not pregnant but Igor will be co-owner of a big store starting februari first so legally stuff needed to be arranged so we decided to get married on prenoptual-agreement. The big day will be:

Friday Februari 15 th 2008