maandag, april 28, 2008

Great weekend

Hello there!
Wow what a lovely weekend it has been! The weather was awesome today and we really enjoyed every minute of it! In the morning we went to the vegpatch! We cleaned it out and all! Tomorrow we will go again to put cowdunk on it (sorry can't think of another word lol) and sow, water and it's all done! In the morning we will visit the garden centre to buy some seeds more and plants and we will have fresh veggies in a month or 2! Love it!
We also enjoyed our own garden in the afternoon, loads of tulips and other stuff in all sorts of colors! This pic is from a few days ago.

Then we have those 5 cute little bunnies and they are growing so fast! 1 of them has his/her eyes opened already! so cute!

Ofcourse I scrapped a lot but can't show it as it is for a DT call! I altered 1 item, made 2 lo's and 2 cards. I love them all and am eager to show you but just a little patience.

I also got the surprise that this month I WILL receive the scrapfever Scrapkit! So I am happy and curious! Can't wait to see it! They are always pretty great so...

Today is Igors last day and then he has a whole week off! Happy about that and we plan to do all sorts of fun stuff! Hope you all will have a great week too!

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