dinsdag, april 01, 2008

2 new lo's! and softdrinks

hi girls!!!
Well I made 2 new lo's on 8x8" size. They both look like the swapthing as I loved it so much I made 1 like that for my own and then decided to make it a spread!

Today I went to the market to buy some lace and succeeded a lot! Then bought some stuff to complete a package for Amanda (yes girl it's on it's way!) I will mail it off tomorrow!!!

I also found a can of softdrink yesterday, It looks fun and it is soooo yummy, I will probably get some more tomorrow!!! Oh and tomorrow we'll go to Evita the musical!!!

I started making a new minibook that I saw on B.O.M. it's a lot of work but so much fun! I'll show you soon!

Have a great day today!!!

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