maandag, april 07, 2008

my birthday was...

great! Well it was more kind of like a birth-weekend! Started on friday and lasted till last night!
So saturday was my actual birthday and we wanted to go somewhere fun like a zoo or something but it rained like crazy! So we first walked down town (with umbrella) as parking space is big trouble on saturday. We picked up pie and some other stuff and went back home.
After that we went to the garden centre (totally fell in love with a hamster and a pretty cage) and after that we visited a furniture shop in Hoogland. We are looking for a new couch and we found one but we had to think about it as it is a big pricetag hanging on it! So on the way back home we stopped at the garden centre again and look what I got from Igor!!!

just got out of his/her box at home
holding him/her close as it is a "walker"
in front of his new home
These are the flowers I got from Igor
And this is the Yummu GadoGado he made me that night!
My day was great! I spend a little time playing with my new hamster ánd new scrapstuff, at night we watched a movie and ate Gado.
Yesterday I celebrated my birthday and it was a great day again! Got spoiled rotten! Got money to buy scrapstuff (but I can't for 3 months as I promised Igor after I got the hamster LOL), tickets to the movies, 2 scrapalbums, loads of embellishments and a big box of celebrations chocolates!! I made lots of lovely snacks and thought I might have made too much but it was all gone!!! At 8 we had the house to ourselves again as Igor had to get up way early this morning, and you know what? After these fantastic few days together.... I really miss him now that he's not around :-(
Today I will go and get the new Dutch scrapmagazine and mail of a package and Chantals RAK and enjoy all of my new stuff and fuzzy new friend!!! This week our bunnies will go to their new homes too, will miss them too!!!

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Nicky zei

aahhhh wat een schatje die hamster! t is dat mijn man niet wilt, anders had ik er ook vast één (of twee, of drie...)
wat ben je verwend zeg, en wat ie voor je gebakken heeft ziet er wel errug lekker uit!

mommaof3 zei

nice blog i just came across it