donderdag, mei 01, 2008

OLW: Grow + all the pieces...

This is my entry, it's about our new baby bunnies and my wish for them to grow up to be as cute as mom and dad! So they'll find good houses and a warm family to live in!

Today we worked the vegpatch again! It's all finished and we sew everything too! We bought some small veggieplants as well and put them in, and it looks great! We will probably go again this weekend. After that we visited Igors parents and just had to cuddle some of the big birds they have. Then we went home, I put new strawberry plants in the baskets and cleaned out the veggieyard here too. Now I am all done! Tomorrow we will go shopping (mainly grocery) and do something fun, no clue what yet! We'll see!

This is a clear album I made with the scrapfever scrapkit of this month! It's my first clear album! I made it because Igor and I are together for 5 years this year!
The title is: all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place when we are together!

7 opmerkingen:

Lynn zei

Great layout!!!

Anoniem zei

Leuk gedaan die clearalbum en ook een hele leuke titel.

Ook je lay outs zijn weer erg leuk geworden.
Groetjes Marjolijn.

Sanderijn zei

leuk gedaan je clearalbummetje!

karin zei

wat een geweldige titel voor je album ! mooie resultaten hoor !

Jen zei

Those babies are just sooooo adorable. I want to pick them up and hold them!

Your clear album is absolutely stunning in every way - GORGEOUS!! Oh, and happy anniversary! :)

Eldi zei

Oooow to cute!!!!

Tessa Tegendraads zei


XX Tessa