zaterdag, april 12, 2008

old and new

As far as the "old"part... our baby bunnies were OLD enough to go to a new home, this morning the last one left to a cute little girl. The other 2 are together and went to a little boy. So before they all left I had to take a pic with all my baby cuties! I will miss them soooo much, actually I already do! We'll have baby bunnies soon again I think.
Then there's the "NEW" part and that's our new couch! This is a pic of it! We ordered it yesterday. It's a bisque colored leather and it's so comfy! Unfortunately "patience" is the keyword again as it will take 8 to 12 weeks before it's in! Looking forward to it!

I've been scrapping a lot too and found a great messageboard with loads of inspiration too! So I am busy! I've been studying a lot too and I am waiting for my grades to come in of 2 chapters. Just 3 more to go! I will order the last part of my study soon too, then it's just 3 months and I got my degree! YAY!!!

The weather has been sooo kind on us since last sunday! Sunshine every day, blue skies etc. I worked the front yards a lot and they look cute again with flowers and all. Today it changes a lot! It started off great! now it's grey and clowdy! I think it will rain soon too! I am off playing with the great papers again and submitting some contests and DT calls. (Dutch proverb: niet geschoten is altijd mis!). Keep my fingers crossed!


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jess zei

Awe, your bunnies are so cute! You must of been sad to see them go!
I love the couch you've ordered too!!
Xx Jess

Jackie zei

aaa, what a cuties..

Heb je een award gegeven...