woensdag, april 02, 2008

new pretty little book

Look at this!I love this little book! It's from a workshop from Meriam from Bag of Memories. It was my first attempt and I am surely going to make some more! Next tuesday I will go to the marketplace again to get some new fabric and buttons and knock myself out making new ones, better ones that this one.

Tonight we'll go to the musical and am looking forward to it but it makes me nervous as well. We'll get through though! It's our first night out in a very long time! Now I am going to make the cards that go with this cutie little book! bye!

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Jan C. zei

I have been catching up on your blog, and it sure looks like you have been super happy and creative lately. And with all of the new goodies you are getting, I am expecting to see lots of new work in the SIS gallery this month!