donderdag, april 03, 2008

order order

in the house! Which means: I got 2 orders in LOL!!! 2 packages of creativity, here are the pics:

this is from Art Journey, me trying something new with wax paper, glossy paper,
distress ink etc, those things on the right are clear atc's
These are overlays and rubons of Fancy Pants
A glitter cut from Fancy pants, those are yummy!
Paper from Basic grey, love them
And a whole new range of Fancy Pants! New colors for me too!
Then there was the musical Evita yesterday. The first musical I've ever been to, Igors too by the way. It was great!!!!! We loved it soooo much and said to each other: "shall we go again tomorrow?" We got the complete original cast and it was terrific! It was amazing to see how fast they changed clothing, decor everything!
For the Dutch people: Stanley is magnificant, funny, great and Brigitte alsmost made me cry (just because I was biting my lip so hard, I didn't cry LOL). Anne and Marjolein both were in there too. Great night we had and we are sure we'll do it again soon!
Today I'll do some scrapping and trying my new stuff. The house is smelling great too! A mixture of fresh spring air (windows are open) and baked bread (my machine is doing all the work!) and I feel great tadadadada.
Have a great day!!!

6 opmerkingen:

Jackie zei

Wat veel, en wat een leuke spulletjes....

Chantal zei

Super leuke spullen heb je gekocht zeg... heel benieuwd wat je er mee gaat doen....

Op de erste foto dat met zwart zijn dat stukjes sheet? ziet er spannend uit maar kan het niet goed zien.

pakosta zei

i just LOVE the new fancy pants! isn't it great?!

Anoniem zei

Wow- great paper. Too cute

Jules zei

Oh wow that looks like a ton of fun products - can't wait to see what you use them on!

Shalay zei

ooh I'm totally jealous of all those new products!