donderdag, april 17, 2008


hi girls,

Wow yesterday we went to a photography class, the first of 6 and it was great, tough but fun. A lot of techniques and new things, how to use shutter, apperture, Iso etc. We got a lovely book to go along and there's homework! Ofcourse there is! Next week will be nr 2, then 2 week off due to holidays. I could really use that to get it all figured out, and that's just ME, then there's Igor as well! He needs to do stuff too! It was a bit hard as it was late and Igor had to get up real early but it's worth it! So I am gonna practise a lot! Hope I can share some pretty pics soon!

Then I submitted some work to a DT call, I really hope I make it as I love the things they make, their kits and ideas! I really want to be part of that DT! I had to make a sketch but at first I made the wrong one! This is what I made, so totally different from what I usually make! I can't show the one I submitted yet. Results will be in at the beginning of may so please keep your fingers crossed for me!

I finally started the 21 days challenge of Rhonna Farrer! I made a pretty little journal for it with her pretty pictures and I downloaded the papers as well and printed cards. No pics yet. The intention is to learn new things. They say it takes 21 days to learn a new habbit (or unlearn an old one). I haven't been doing yoga or meditation for a while (well off and on) and I really want it to be a part of my life again as it makes me feel relaxed and happier. I lost a lot of weight and can use the exercise as well to get back in shape! So I combine it with pilates. I've started 4 days ago and I already can feel it working! (besides the muscle aches!) I'll try to upload the pics later on today (or maybe tomorrow).

This is it for now, take care and enjoy the day

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Jen zei

Good luck on your DT app. Unfortunately, I can't see your layout (red x) but I'm sure it's wonderful.

I've been meaning to do the 21 day challenge too. Have fun!

Jen Sue Wild zei

Good luck with The DT call.
The LO is very cute..

Hilde Janbroers zei

good luck on the DT!!! Hope you will pass through!

karin zei

succes hoor, zal voor je duimen

Joyce zei

Heel veel succes meis!!!
En je lootje is heel anders dan normaal maar wel erg mooi en lief :-)